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DvD Burning for Car Player

Jang Pilmo

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i have a JenSen VM9511...
and it is a DvD player...it reads all da files...like cd-r,cdrw,dvd-r,dvd-rw...avi files and mpeg...files and everything...

and i use dis program called..."Apollo DivX to Dvd Creator"...

i use dis and i burn a Dvd...using a DVD-R...and i burn a....".avi" file....
like dats say...if u guys are familiar with ClubBox..it was a file from Clubbox..it was X-Man..
where i burned it on da dvd...
now it worked on mi home Dvd player..but when i put it in mi car dvd player..
it said File Not Supported...or something like dat..

so i was wonderin...wat da problem is.......

it is an .avi.. file..but how come it doesnt find da file but works on home dvd players...
and i tryed burn dvds...and they work find...

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I don't think your Jensen actually supports avi files. I only saw one ebay auction and one store mention it supporting avi and mpeg-4 (divx, xvid etc)... nobody else mentions any support for AVI files. Jensen's own website only lists the VM9511TS model... and that one also does NOT support AVI files nor does it support divx or xvid. I've also seen a semi-closeup pic of the box for your player... and it doesn't mention supporting AVI or divx files either. So maybe your player simply doesn't support AVI files and the information you got is incorrect.

The fact your home DVD player plays the DVD just fine could mean either one of two things.

1) Your home DVD player supports divx files and the DVD you burned was burned in a compatible ISO data or UDF data format.


2) You converted the video into the DVD-Video compliant format... but when burning it, you used an ISO or UDF format that your home DVD player was able to read but your car DVD player wasn't able to handle.

Considering the fact you said the car DVD player gave you the "File Not Supported" error message... and DESPITE the fact you said you used Apollo DivX to DVD Creator... it sounds like you ended up doing option 1. Sounds like you probably have a divx compatible home DVD player, but your car DVD player is NOT divx compatible. And it sounds like you burned the DVD as data instead of converting it into DVD-Video compliant format (DVD-VR format). It's because you normally wouldn't see a "File Not Supported" message if you burned a disk into the DVD-Video compliant format like normal movies.

Does it take a long time (about an hour or more) for you to burn your DVD using Apollo DivX to DVD Creator? Or was it less than 15 mins? When you used Apollo, did you use the "Burn to DVD disc" option? Or did you just let it convert... take the finished files then burn it using another program like Nero or Apollo DVD Copy instead?

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Yeah it does sound like the program is trying to convert.

Try a different program to convert your AVI's into DVDs. And perhaps try a lower burn speed on your DVD-R as well. At this point, I'm only guessing the program isn't creating 100% correct DVD-Video compliant .IFO and .BUP files that your car player can understand. Trying a different program to convert with will tell us if it's because of the program or not.

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