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Yeah, let's pray for Kumamoto. The RK cast went there before, remember the Kumamon bear?

Thank you for all the updates @hiranade

Takeru Sato's Style Interview for Arena Magazine
released in November 2012
(interview and photoshoot held during his visit to South Korea in Oct. 2012 while promoting "Rurouni Kenshin")
translated by Pechumori


When Takeru Sato was young, "Rurouni Kenshin" from the manga was his hero. Eventually, through the movie, he has given life to Himura Kenshin. Now, the hero is Takeru Sato. With his sharp gaze, he certainly resembles Kenshin.

Style Question 1


"You're an actor who attracts attention in Japan. Do you have a particular role that you would like to play?

I don't have anything particular in mind. However, there is an effort to maintain a sense of being Takeru Sato. If a role is given to me, I can change my appearance, somehow. I have been performing out roles which have different images so far. In acting, I try to do my best, without losing in fashion in every way.

Style Question 2


"What is Takeru Sato's own fashion sense?"

I hate uncomfortable clothes. I love to wear plenty of clothes, Ann Demeulemeester style, so to speak. Personally, it is my favorite brand. Calm colors with sufficient flowing lines. I like to wear layers of nice T-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, etc. During shooting or broadcasts, I leave everything completely to the stylist, but in private, I pursue comfort.

Style Question 3


"What is your oldest fashion item and what is the most recent thing that you bought?"

The leather boots are the oldest. I've been wearing it too long, it's old and worn out, but it feels good now. It is truly "mine". Recently, I bought a cardigan. As always, it should be very comfortable for me.

Style Question 4


"Is there a point in which Himura Kenshin and Takeru Sato are alike?"

In the movie, the story revolves around the assassin Himura Kenshin. But in the original manga, Kenshin is hiding behind the appearance of a cool-headed swordsman with a bright and cheerful image. He has a double character, so to speak. Even I usually show a lot of bright appearance to the fans, not like this sharp stare I have now. It's not just me, all people have a double face, so Himura Kenshin is similar to everyone.

credit: http://m.navercast.naver.com/mobile_magazine_contents.nhn?rid=1636&contents_id=17067

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