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No. 6 is a nine-volume novel series written by Atsuko Asano and published by Kodansha between October 2003 and June 2011. A manga adaptation drawn by Hinoki Kino began serialization in the March 2011 issue of Kodansha's Aria magazine. A TV anime series adaptation by Bones began airing in Japan in July 2011.




The story takes place in an ideal city known as "No. 6". Shion, a boy  raised in the elite and privileged environment of his home, gives  shelter to another boy, who only gives his name as 'Nezumi', during the  former's 12th birthday. After spending a rainy night with his new  friend, Shion discovers the next morning that Nezumi has left and  disappeared without a trace. Four years later, Shion experiences a spate  of incidents around him in which a deadly infection by parasitic bees  leaves its victims to age rapidly. Shion's co-worker is one of the  victims and Shion is arrested on suspicion of murder. Whilst Shion is  being transported to the Correctional Institute, Nezumi appears and  rescues him. Shion begins to find out the hidden truth behind the Ideal  City No.6.


Volumes: 9 (Complete) https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=61926

Published by: Kodansha

Anime Episodes: 11



No. 6 began as a novel series written by Atsuko Asano. Nine tankobon volumes were published by Kodansha between October 10, 2003 and June 14, 2011. Kodansha began publishing bunkobon versions of the novels on October 13, 2006; as of August 12, 2009, five bunkobon volumes have been released.










Shion (紫苑) Voiced by: Yūki Kaji





Shion was an intelligent individual who was on his way to going into  the Special Curriculum for gifted students where he planned to  specialize in Ecology, until his fateful encounter with Nezumi on his  twelfth birthday. Although he knew Nezumi was a wanted fugitive he cared  for the bullet wound in his arm, fed him, and allowed him to stay  overnight in his room. After the following police investigation he and  his mother were forced to move away from Chronos to Lost Town. He was  stripped of his rights to the Special Curriculum because of his poor  judgment skills in taking in a known fugitive (Nezumi), and his status  in their caste-based society was lowered.







Four years later, Shion gets a job in a office for safety in a park  where he controls Waste Management Robots. The job pays for tuition for  his schooling, where he plans to go into the trades. A man dies of  suspicious causes in the park and later his coworker dies of the same  causes. Shion witnesses his coworker age rapidly and a bee emerge from  his neck. Shion is then arrested on suspicion of murder. Nezumi saves  him and he is forced to leave NO.6. Shion nearly dies himself when he is  infected with a killer-bee, but Nezumi saves him a second time, though  Shion is left with white hair and scars that look like a red snake  curling from his ankle to his neck. After this, Shion decides to try to  create a cure for people infected with the killer bees in NO.6, but is  hindered by lack of resources and Nezumi's reluctance. He is polite and  idealistic, and refuses to give up on saving the people of NO. 6.

He works for InuKashi cleaning her dogs, and is childhood friends with Safu.






Nezumi (ネズミ) Voiced by:

Yoshimasa Hosoya






Nezumi is a a young man, who lives outside of NO.6 in The West Block. As  a child he was followed by the police,wounded, and by chance ended up  staying at Shion's house where he is shocked that another human being  could extend a kind hand when knowing there is no reward. He runs off  the next morning. Four years later, he saves Shion from a police car and  takes him with him to his home because he feels indebted to Shion for  taking him in on their first meeting. He hates the City of NO.6 with an  intense passion and is trying to figure out a way to destroy it. He is  well known as an actor/actress under the nickname Eve and is very  talented in singing and acting, and dancing. His home is filled to the  brim with books most of which are classic literature and plays by  Shakespeare, but also books on religion and scientific journals. He  often quotes these books on the spot (specifically Hamlet and Faust). He  also knows how to deal with weapons and knows how to fight and has very  honed 'street smarts'. He is a cynical boy with a dark past. His hate  for NO.6 extends from his village being destroyed and him being one of  the sole survivors.





DogKeeper (イヌカシ InuKashi) Voiced by: Kei Shindō



One of the residents of the West Block outside of NO. 6. Inukashi (lit.  'DogKeeper') is a brash, and often dangerous individual who spends her  time either renting out her many dogs as heaters during the winter or  collecting items to sell from a contact within NO. 6's correctional  facility. She has a very violent, volatile relationship with Nezumi but  Nezumi still often goes to her to gather information - for a price. She  cares about her dogs very much as was raised by a dog who she called her  "mother" before it passed away. While InuKashi looks like a girl, there  are hints that she maybe in fact a boy but the series keep her real  gender ambiguous.




Rikiga (リキガ) Voiced by: Masaki Terasoma



One of the residents of West Block. He runs a prostitution service which  allows him a life of luxury in comparison to other residents. At one  point, he wrote articles regarding NO. 6. He really likes Eve, Nezumi's  stage persona yet is less charitable towards Nezumi himself, given  Nezumi's disdain shown to him. He tries to be a parental substitute to  Shion who he has a soft spot for given that he's still attached to his  Mother, Karan, a former love interest.




Episodes: 11


LOVING this. Really fascinating storyline! Nezumi~♥



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Ohh I hear this one's a good one~ I haven't started this yet...I should :D

whoohoo thanks for making a thread XD We need a Kamisama no Memochou thread too!~

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^totally agreed.

I love the bromance.


This is one of my top list anime for this season. It's entertaining to watch this show. I love Nezumi =)

i really love the plot of this story, its unique and different but i just want them to kiss already...and when it comes to nezumi you have no idea how much i wanna jump him. 8D

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