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*exclusive dire preview*

Guest Sou

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2 original tracks-- 81-sake-for & CODA
my band dire is finally getting things done and released. ^^ Please listen to this exclusive preview~ We haven't released these anywhere yet, since we're waiting to get the minialbum done, but i thought it would be neat to show people what we were doing. ^^ I also used these tracks on my avex demo, along with a couple other things. ^^ sound.Click!! 81-sake-for written by Faith lyrics/vocal composition by sou. guitar by Jason lyrics ::
could you believe all the talk of my mass rebuke these waters i walk. me oh my look what washed in this time a heartbeat abridged with salt flavoured lies i'm finding it's difficult to believe in the things that you can't see or hear roadblocks steeped in abuse wind tunnel obtuse we see the rest of our needs glassbox fires will burn always out of turn to see the rest of our deeds could you believe all the talk of my mass rebuke these waters i walk. me oh my look what stepped up this time two young girls complete with blood in their eyes i'm finding i'm incapable of losing the things that you'd like me to steal commonly kept unkempt these soldiers will rest and see the fate of our needs crosswind battles occur always out of turn to feed the rest of our deeds could you believe all the talk of my mass rebuke these waters i walk. me oh my look what woke up this time fresh as day and sweet as sandpaper cries.
CODA Sketch/Guitars by Jason Composed by Dire Piano by Faith Lyrics/Vox by sou. Lyrics ::
Scene one. White shadows scraping up from the well that's been purported to have a standing water spell, rotting body smell that's over coming--. So what do you say? When water's overflowing into our cleared domain? So You look like someone in need Is there anything I can do for you that could repaint your wounds, molasses sticky with the kindness steeped in this here hand. Oh please oh please listen to me-- it is so hard to see with ink for blood and only half a tongue; if I could sacrifice, I would sacrifice-- not anymore. Red can rip apart and pool your tears an extricated mess; the vision of a stone-- a visceral immunity granted only on a limestone-- and green can kill a man with eighty cents to spare broken home repair, the housecall is free. The greatest poison known to man lets you fly on strings of envy. Scene two. Of course it seems transluscent at first, but from a backwards glance we can peel the skin away, save it for a day that's better suited to take acid rain into a silver cup and proclaim that night is day. [[the circumcision isn't here anymore the circumstances say we're closing the door without a way out we're just vacating richard simmons under the radar of a three sixty four]] So You look like someone in need Is there anything I can do for you that could replace your wounds, aglitter with the cruel amputation of both your hands? Oh please, oh please, listen to me-- I am clawing my way with shattered teeth and chained up broken feet but you can't hear me now because I am so lost. Oh! If you could sit still for this If you could dumb yourself up a bit and grit your teeth, a bit, I'll bet I'll lie, a bit, when I say "this'll hurt me more than you." Grey A solitary stop and go a vynil afterglow a silver radio abcessed with snow white noise and an overkilled backflow. And blue Can trip anonymously anywhere if you're home, beware, the house call is free. The finest fight we'll have to face makes a pass at thirteen and three. Scene three. Back when we all had nothing to see, we found ourselves rewarded with melting glass and a noted hankering for something quicker to lead us to this-- This underrated showing of principles in vain.
Please let us know what you think~! We hope you enjoy. ^^ dire's website can be found here. we'll also be getting a myspace, shortly. ^^
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Guest juki_love

i listened to CODA first~

i really liked the piano in this and i love the lyrics. i like it but i get this feeling that something is missing in this song. overall this song is good~

81-sake-for :

i like this too~~ but i also feel that something is missing in this song ><.. i like the lyrics coz they're simple but meaningful.~~

everything is great about these clips^^~ i hope to hear more++

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I'll edit later, can't wait to listen.


81-sake-for: The lyrics are cool but like some others said, I don't really feel the song. It sounds good but nothing like, "grabs" me...

CODA: I love the music. Actually I like this song. But there's still something missing but I dunno. The lyrics are good as well, but it's not my style.

Overall, it is great. If Avex doesn't accept you...they made a huge mistake -_-

I hope I hear more!

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hmmm i really love ur voice but the songs are.. weird?

i dont really get the feeling in the songs (eventho i listen to such songs >_< gomen). it kinda seems like if ur playing alot with ur vocal chords going up and down ~

>_< gomenaisaii T_T;

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