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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]


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Good Doctor Episode 19 recap


Watching this drama is seriously bad for the faint hearted. I never thought that a medical drama will be as heart-stopping as a thriller and I am not just talking about the surgeries.

With one more episode to go, the show’s roller coaster ride never lets up. It lifts us up, feeling like on cloud nine, laughter and all, only to stare down the from the edge by the time the hour ends. With most issues resolved or put on the backburner, the show focuses on two main stories which we the viewers are most vested in.

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As we feared, In Hae surgery did not go well. But I do not think she will die. It is possible that the writer chooses to be realistic and not have all patients recover and be well. So far, only one patient has died during the entire span of the drama, hasn’t it? However, I do not think In Hae will make the body count. If her surgery was touched on earlier in the drama, I will think it’s possible but we are already down to the final episode and there is not enough time in one hour to deal with the aftermath of In Hae’s death considering that she plays an important character. It will also be a damper on the message of the drama which is one of hope, of children receiving the right care and love and growing well. Thus In Hae cannot die even if it is cliché or having to ignore statistics. What the writer has cleverly done is to build up the suspense with all the ominous signs like SO’s dream and In Hae’s letter. Many viewers fear for In Hae and has been praying that her character does not get killed off. So I think the writer has achieved his objective and hopefully, if I am right, tonight we will only heave a sigh of relief when the pediatric surgery team performs a miracle and In Hae wakes up from her surgery.

What I did not expect is YS and SO’s romance to hit a rough patch so soon. After all the heady romance, hugs and kiss, never mind that the kiss wasn’t real, I was fooled into thinking all will be plain sailing from now on. I was so ready to lap up all the sweet and cute moments of our new couple; little did I prepare myself for the heartache in store. Retrospectively, I give kudos to the writer for taking a very realistic approach to SO and YS’s romance. It was I who was too caught up with the couple falling in love and YS acknowledging and confessing her feelings that I forgot the nasty thing called reality. Along the same line, YS also realizes soon after her confession that loving SO is not as easy as a walk in the park. Not because it is hard to love the man but rather, there are a whole lot of issues like societal and parental disapproval.

I give two thumbs up to the scene where YS announces at the dinner table that she is dating SO. At first, everyone round the table were clapping and cheering when she declared her loss of singlehood. But when YS said the man was SO, the reactions were so telling. They range from shock to disbelief and worry. I cried when SO down his cup of soju. His heart must have been crushed. Years of endearing insults, bullying and humiliation could not shelter him this time from such hurt. Later on in one scene where he overhead two doctors gossiping about their romance, the pain was so evident in his face.  This time it hurt him more because it was not just him who got insulted, it was YS. This was something he could not bear. Usually, I will scream at noble idiocy but this time, I cannot fault SO. The issues they have to deal with are very real indeed.

YS is not unaffected either. Although she has been nothing short of awesome so far, she also has her doubts and fears. She has forgotten to take into account her mother’s opinion but I suspect that is not the only issue. I think she is afraid that she is not that perfect a person as SO thinks. Perhaps, she thinks that SO is incapable of seeing her flaws or in any other way than perfect. Or she might be thinking that being with her will subject SO to more ridicule. This time, I will say hell with that noble idiocy.

I think some of the issues that SO and YS face will not go away with time. Even if YS’s mother accepts SO and the people at the hospital get round to the fact that they are a couple, SO and YS will still get stares and looks of disapproval wherever they go. Bigots are everywhere. It will not be easy and I can understand why instead of feeling the hurt themselves, SO and YS are more worried for each other’s feelings. In order for their relationship to work, they must be honest about themselves to each other and stand together in face of all these challenges.

This show effectively exposes the prejudices the society hold against people like Si On. They judge him by his appearance, manner of speech and outward behavior.  They do not see him as a human being with feelings and emotions just like any other. Although when Si On demonstrates that he can do anything that a normal man can, viewers still want to dictate what he can do and not do. He can excel in all areas except romance. In days of old, people like Si On might be institutionalized or to put it bluntly placed in a home for the mentally ill and incapacitated. Thankfully, in our today’s world, we are more humane. We “allow” people like him to live amongst us. Places in school and jobs are becoming more open to people like Si On. But when it comes to romantic love, it is like the last frontier. At least, this thinking is prevalent in Asia.  A highly intelligent man like Si On knows it well. He was more confident of overcoming his obstacles to be a surgeon than to be in love. To love was the qualification he stopped short at giving himself. Can we blame him when our views point that he is right?

As much as we criticize the characters in the drama who looked at Si On differently and decided what he can do or not do, viewers too fall pretty much into the same mold. The pediatric surgery team including seniors like DH and Dr Lizzie has come to accept SO as one of their own. As much as they respect his abilities in the professional skills, they are still doubtful about him when it comes to matters of the heart. Like the nurse said “Can he love?” and DH may be worried that SO cannot take care of YS. A question was raised in this drama forums, if YS was your friend, sister or daughter, will you still advise her to stay in the relationship with SO? What this question infers is that while we might be outwardly more receptive to people with disability, we stop short when it presents itself nearer to home.

I will imagine if Yoon Seo is my friend, sister or daughter, I will  sit down and have a good chat with her. Let’s draw a list shall we? On the positives and negatives about Si On:

Negatives(depending on how you see it)

1. Childlike demeanor – voice tone and scamper like a child. If you can put up with people’s stares, it’s fine.

2. Simplistic way of looking at things – he sees and experience things differently like that of a child who is not colored by partiality or pressure to conform to a certain view. Not cynical.

3. Inability to read cues – you have to speak to him up straight. Can be frustrating or cute at times. However, it does not mean he cannot empathize with you or comfort you. You just have to tell him how you feel.

4. Takes things at face value – again it’s the way he reads and interprets things presented to him. Rather than see it as a weakness, society could do more with less beating round the bush and saying things we don’t mean.

5. Strange quirks, habits and interest – not too bothersome unless you find it terribly annoying. Leave him in the Gundam store while you go shopping. Best if you can’t cook, just feed him kimbap.

6. Child-like – there is a vast difference between childish and childlike. Si On’s childlike thinking makes his perspectives and insights refreshing and innocent as opposed to ignorant and gullible. In terms of taking care of himself, caring for others and thinking for others and self-awareness, Si On is more mature than many men out there.

Maturity does not always go with age and looks. Take for example 2 characters who might possibly face their last days – In Hae and Si On’s Dad. Who is more mature? To me, it’s In Hae hands down. She has the ability to think not just for herself but for others. Look at Si On’s Dad who has been an immature, selfish clout his entire life and remains the same even when he knows he is dying.


1. He is a good person

2. He is kind, gentle and caring.

3. He can make you laugh.

4. He has a respectable job with good stable income. He can definitely provide for his family.

5. He wants to do his job well and has ambitions.

6. He is independent and takes care of himself well.

7. He is someone you can respect and respects you.

8. He loves children

9. He is attractive to you and he finds you physically attractive.

10. He loves you.

At the end, I will let YS decide for herself. If she is willing to accept SO for all that he is, just as SO sees her as perfect even though she is not, then why should anything stop them? Autism notwithstanding.

It is not Peter Pan or Wendy who has to grow up, it is us who have to do so.

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yehhhhi gg to marathon rewatch all gd 20 epsthen later will  watch heirs as i like pshbut will not be like gd watch it live and will wait till weekend then watch 
and yeh new drama seem nice too but weekend then watchhk and tw dramas will start searching nice one can watch weekdays after workand may wait for maindarin or cantonese dubbed of master sun then watch as the subs are too fast i hope tw mandarin dub of gd will be out soonas i see i summon you gold already got dub
as i prefer tw mandarin dub so that i no need see sub and can concentrate on cutie face expressionas i understand mandarin
i watch the that winter wind blows with dubbed and i love it
bm also got but 23 ep s ,missingso sad cant get it complete
i can understand cantonese too
so waiting to see which web come out first i will dl all
but i still like pso cute voice i think it s hard to dub him
i will come here as usual like now to see goodies and post some lame comments lol
while waiting for cutie s next drama project
and his only you i am waiting too
cutie ahhhhh i willl wait patiently as i know you are gg to give us surprise again 

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I found some other articles on the webtoon "Fashion King" adaptation...Don't know if I understand correctly but it seems that it will be a movie, directed by Oh Ki Hwan (http://asianwiki.com/Oh_Ki-Hwan). His filmography: The Art of seduction, 5 senses of Eros etc. (I liked his movie 'The art of seduction' with Son Ye Jin and Song Il Kook ^^)
Joo-Won's name is only mentioned on this website http://www.filmkorea.or.kr/prcenter/?doc=online_list&searchtype (the screencap posted by Mei). However, there are several 'recent' articles about the adaptation in Korean (June 2013: complete script, ongoing casting ?) when searching for "패션왕 오기환" :)Here is one by Google translation

Chelsea 'Fashion King' confirmed filming dramas followed, ohgihwan director megaphone
  2013-06-13 10:26:59
More than 4,000,000 hits per record and Real Madrid in the popular 'Fashion King' is a movie followed by a dramatization. The original title of the film as is 'Fashion King' was determined. 'Fashion King' of the same class as the best in the world to become a good-looking girl and decided to become a great man is the story of a young boy. Honest work of high school students all over the undershirt and blends it with piping hot fashion trends, as well as 10 students making 20 or more fashion people are getting a lot of love.
Megaphones the 'Art of Seduction', 'gift' is japge director of the ohgihwan. Recent Korea-China joint film breakup agreement 'in the first week the opening of the box office in China, accounting for overseas skills recognized by ohgihwan' Fashion King 'reborn as any movie has drawn sikilji expectations.filmed chaseungjae PD for making a "'bit', 'maljukgeori janhoksa' genealogy of the production is to tie hakwonmul" said the big aspirations. Wrap Dress "'Fashion King' has been highlighted by the work of comedy elements, but bear in mind that all" great for the coveted 'dealt with serious growth is water. Sympathetic public will be able to enjoy the movie, "he hinted, and confidence. ohgihwan original director 'Fashion King' cartoon ever save enough fun to use CG effects actively announced plans. 
Original fans about this movie and how faithfully capture images naelji expectations are growing. Currently the movie 'Fashion King' is a completed work of the scenario, with the goal of opening in April next year, such as casting operation is in full swing. Some popular actors and a positive review of the scenario are known. (Photo provided wire wrap) [Newsen Engineering Chemistry News] Engineering Chemistry jeewonjeong @ News Report and Press newsen@newsen.comCopyright ⓒ Newsen. Unauthorized copying or redistribution prohibited &

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I'm gonna rewatch the entire series too.  This is the first time I've actually watched eps as they came out.  I'm not sure if it's better to marathon it or wait.  I missed out a lot on the political story line.
Anyways, I won't spoil anything, but I will express how I felt about it.  But in case someone doesn't even want to know feelings...
I did watch the finale and I'll say that it was very satisfying.  Probably one of the most meaningful endings in a kdrama that I've seen.  Or should I say...any show.  Is that too much of a stretch?  heh heh  I think it's because of what the drama was about.  I think the writer stuck to what he wanted to accomplish.  
I just wanted to write that before I read anyone else's review and I start rethinking my feelings.  lol
Oh and spoiler below.
ahhhhhhh  Shunji!!!!!!  I smiled so big when I heard Park Woong Ki.  hahahaha  Hilarious stuff.  And I cried so much when he was standing up front and everyone was clapping.  That's what I posted before that I wanted to see.  Everyone cheering for me...so I am happy with that.  And bromance between PSO and KDH.  Really, everything I wanted was there.  Shunji was just the icing on the cake...with cherries, strawberries, blueberries....  mmmmmmmm

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