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  1. So is JW is actually going crazy? Because: 1. Why would Zombie Cha not go after him while he is sleeping? Unless that's part of the rules of the game. It could actually make sense since RPGs tend to have rules like that where monsters can't cross certain barriers and will even wait patiently while you converse with your team (gamers will understand ). However... 2. It seemed as if he started to see Zombie Cha again once the medication had run out. Was the timing a coincidence? 3. But JW isn't actually getting hurt by Zombie Cha. In the hospital scene where he was running away, he was struck multiple times but those wounds disappeared once he "came out of AR world". Does this mean that he will literally die if he dies "in the game"? Or is it all in his head? Have the two worlds actually merged or is that just something we were lead to believe (but isn't true)? Now if he is going crazy, then do all who play the game end up that way? Has the game altered the mind? Did the same happen to CHS? Really, I am enjoying all these questions. I'll just be disappointed if I get to the end and the answer has a lot of conflicts. That scene of JW trapping himself in the shower stall and being curled up in the corner was terribly crushing. Because I saw it from a perspective of him being crazy, I ended up sympathizing with him without concern for "the game". I just wanted to give him a hug when he was on the phone with HJ, telling her that he was really fine (when he actually wasn't). To watch him slowly fall apart with panic/anxiety as it got later into the night... I thought it was acted out wonderfully. Pretty much, I enjoyed the selfless concern they showed for each other. The same for HJ staying by JW's side and not wanting to leave. I'm choosing to ignore anything and everything that has to do with medicine and gravity.
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