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Guest yellow roses

hey can anyone tell me what happened at the end of lovers' concerto? i could only watch half of it before i got called away... i watched till the part when the postman revealed he helped a girl liked post the letters to the male lead... so was it soo in (syj's character) that wrote them or was it here friend. and what happened to syj's character in the end? :)

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Maybe I’m one of the few that wasn’t shocked by the news?When I’m curious about actors’ relationship, I tend not to look at their interaction on screen because it’s acting. I focus more on their real

Hi everyone. Came here after watching CLOY and being blown away by SYJ's amazing acting!  She was so great at both the comedy (loved all the scenes with the North Koreans, the ajummas and the boys, as

hey can anyone tell me what happened at the end of lovers' concerto? i could only watch half of it before i got called away... i watched till the part when the postman revealed he helped a girl liked post the letters to the male lead... so was it soo in (syj's character) that wrote them or was it here friend. and what happened to syj's character in the end? :)

It was actually Lee Eun Joo (Kyung Hee) who wrote the letters.. Soo-In has already passed away then :'( Actually SYJ is called Kyung Hee and Lee Eun Joo is Soo-In but they switched names :/ Finish watching it mate.. its a good movie for me :P

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New pictures of Ye jin playing game with Hamil members

These are pictures of Hamil 3rd anniversary celebration which was sometimes Sept 2004. These pictures were only just released because no one has seen them before.





Ye jin in a talkshow called 徹子の部屋 which is one of the most prestigous talkshow in Japan.







From ShineActorYejin

Reposted from www.sonyejin.org



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Oe Chool(April Snow' DVD Premium Box Edition

Style posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.

Translated and posted by Joanne in the News Section of BYJ's Quilt



[Gonews]11/5/05 16:48

'Oe Chool(April Snow)' DVD Box, 'OX Quiz on Love' contains questions and answers

The video of 'OX Quiz on Love' appearing top Korean Current star BYJ is scheduled to be unveiled so that it is getting an explosive interests from his fans.

The Japanese media including Nikkan Sports reported that the DVD Premium Box of the 'Oe Chool(April Snow)' featuring BYJ & SYJ, slated to be released on coming December 29 will contain video of 'OX Quiz on Love' with special appearance of BYJ.

On that video, it is known that BYJ, after getting questions related to love affairs such 'Do you lead duriing dating?', "Do you confess if you like (the opposite person)?', "Are marriage and love affair is different?' would answer with OX.

This 'OX Quiz', known to include unexpected surprise question, is taking a form of BYJ special variety program. The local press reported that in this special video which was shot during his visit to Japan in the past August, BYJ also answered to questions like 'Would you like to live in Japan?' & 'Would you like to challenge Hollywood?'.

Hence the Japanese fans' interests in the answers from BYJ Japanese fans are at the peak . It is known that SYJ, who is co-featured in the film with BYJ also has participated in the 'OX Quiz on Love'.

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Syjfan, thanks for the news.

It's a "must have" DVD.


Reposted from BYJ quilt

A must-have 5 Discs set.

Very good commercial sense to squeeze every cent from the consumer....

('BYJ loving byjfan': photo posted by hyejun)

Contents in the newspaper

Posted by azuna

{To all people who have loved ones----.]

The most recent work, the best love story featuring BYJ

appears finally in DVD!

Begins reservation on 'April Snow' Premium Box!

Contains more than 5 hours of special video!

Full of treasured videos on backstages of production, BYJ off shots, and visit to Japan!

DISC 1: 「Main feature video」+「trailer in theater」+「collection of TV CM」+「special making film」

DISC2: Until the 'Spril Snow' was born

DISC3: Visual anthology

DISC4: To dear lovely family

DISK5:Prohibited video album

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An emotional moment in Summer Scent

Heart-breaking moment for Ye jin fans.

This was one of those scenes which was very emotional for me too. In this scene, Ye jin's character went to ask Ming Woo (SSH) to love her again. For a lady to do this, straight after a man asked for a break-up, showed how much Hae Won loved Ming Woo.



You asked me why I came?


Because I miss you


Because I miss you so much!


My heart keeps screaming for you


(How can anyone not want to comfort Ye jin crying like this....)

just curious, was ye jin nude during the film?

Hi hi torrent, interesting first post ~grin~

I think the Director wants you to think she was nude...but you won't see any vital parts.

You can see the outline of Ye jin's beautiful body and her chests in some other scenes...but it depends on your local censorship as well.

hey yall!! hav ani1 seen winter snow? wat is it about? i was wondering can some1 repost the dl link? thanx

Do you mean April Snow or Winter Sonata? Ye jin acted in April Snow...but was never in 'winter snow' or 'winter sonata'.

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Hey hi ems sis! Saw ye online. Welcome back to our family!!!

Haven't seen ya for ages. How have ye been huh? Am pretty sure yer quite "Whadda?!!!" for what came 'bout to da old thread ayt? Yeah we all started anew.

Hope to see ya 'round as much az ye did back to da ol' thread. Miszed yah really...

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Guest yellow roses

syjfan, thanks for the reply! i have to watch lover's concerto then!!!! sounds really interesting..

p.s. thanks for the photos from summer scent tooo! i loved that scene too! :)

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Guest Hae_Won

November 06, 2005

Korean Weekly News - 11/6


Setting new records in Japan with her melodramas 외출 (April Snow) and 내 머리속의 지우개 (A Moment To Remember), Son Ye-Jin chose her next project on the small screen. It will be 연애시대 (The Age of Love), written by Park Young-Seon and directed by Han Ji-Seung. The Drama, expected to air early next year, will star Son as divorced swimmer in her 20s, with Gam Woo-Sung playing her ex-husband. The 16 Episodes Drama marks the TV Drama debut of director Han Ji-Seung, responsible for melodramas like 찜 (Tie a Yellow Ribbon) and 하루 (A Day). Production company Yellow Film announced the budget will be 3.5 Billion Won, and they plan to go into shooting next January, right after they complete casting some theater actors, for a March broadcast.


YAY!!! Ye-jin unni will be seen on the small screen again. B) Can't wait for this series to come out! :P

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Living the 'April Snow' Experience

By Han Eun-jung

Staff Reporter

Korea Times


It’s been months since actor Bae Yong-joon and the rest of the crew of the movie ``April Snow'' wrapped up and left Samchok, Kangwon Province, but the west shore city is still caught up in the tornado the star left behind.

Fans, with cameras hanging from wrists and maps clutched in hands, now roam the streets of Samchok today. Traveling from one locale to the next, they stop to examine the backdrops of scenes from “April Snow” starring Bae, known as ``Yonsama’’ to his many Japanese fans.

One popular stop is the hospital where In-su, the character played by Bae, and Seo-young, played by Son Ye-jin, rush to after being notified that their spouses had been victims of a near-fatal car accident, and eventually learn that they had both been deceived by their unconscious spouses.

The pharmacy where the sleep-deprived In-su and Seo-young go for pills and run into each other is also a popular scene with the tourists.

The Palace Seafood Restaurant, where Seo-young abruptly suggests that they too should begin an affair of their own and one of the places Bae is said to have dined during his stay in Samchok has added the Yonsama Sashimi Special to the menu after finding itself to have become a major tourist attraction.

``The Yonsama Sashimi Special is a sliced fish dish that was particularly enjoyed by Bae,’’ Jung Hye-won, Palace Seafood Restaurant says. ``Do I need to say _ fans of Bae are enjoying it as well.’’

Jung says while they enjoy the food they seem to have even more fun taking photos and talking about their favorite Hallyu star.

``It's not only the fact that this was the backdrop to the movie starring their favorite actor that fascinates them but the experience itself, doing what he did and going where he went,'' said Choi Bon, who heads Jam Tour, one of many travel agencies that has developed packages to take fans on a tour of the ``April Snow’’ locations.

This is perhaps why the Sae-eunhye Diner, a restaurant that never appears in the movie but was a place Bae frequently visited on his own for home-style cooking, is one of the most visited attractions.

The Sae-eunhye Diner has since February been offering the ``Bae Yong-joon Meal,’’ a special course meal made up of 22 of Bae’s favorite side dishes.

Owner Choi Mo-kyeon says the menu is something fans first coming to the diner all try but faithful fans, who become regulars, often opt for other dishes on following visits.

``I think their interest in a Korean actor leads them to have more of an interest in his culture,’’ Choi says.

``By looking at the scribbling on the walls, I’m almost sure of this. You see, more and more fans are leaving messages in Korean,’’ she adds.

The Samhung Motel, where In-su and Son Seo-young in the midst of dealing with their anger, sense their feelings escalate, is where Jam Tour arranges accommodation for its customers and ensures that they are able to visit the room where In-su stayed.

If you pass by the motel’s parking lot, you will witness fans trying to place the exact spot where Seo-young comes upon a frustrated In-su who is throwing snowballs.

Samchok City estimates that 210,000 tourists coming everywhere from Japan and China to the Southeastern Asian countries of Singapore and Malaysia have visited this year alone.

The city is expecting the number of inbound tourists to double by year's end since ``April Snow’’ recently opened. It was released in local theaters Sept. 9 and in seven other Asian countries, respectively.

Ryu Jae-ho, director of the city's tourism development division, says that the city has benefited in many ways from the movie.

``It has definitely helped boost the city's image,'' Ryu said. ``We're seeing the economic effect to be over 3 billion won and growing.''

And with winter soon to come, Ryu expects even more tourists to visit as the majority of the movie was filmed in the cold snowy season.

``In addition to the fact that the visitors would experience the same conditions the stars experienced, the backdrop would be the same as that of the movie. What more could you ask for to get you in the mood?’’ Ryu said.


syjfan, thanks for the reply! i have to watch lover's concerto then!!!! sounds really interesting..

p.s. thanks for the photos from summer scent tooo! i loved that scene too! :)

D'ya catch sight Lover's Concerto last 2 days ago? Accordin' to vincenthoe7 from iyejin, t waz aired in SG Channel U.

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AMTR still going strong in Japan box office

Japan Box Office 5 - 6 Nov 2005

1. ALWAYS -Sunset on Third Street- (Debut first week)


2. A Moment to Remember, (3rd week)


3. The Brothers Grimm (Debut first week)


4. Spring Snow (2nd week)


5. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (3rd week)

6. Charlie and the chocolate Factory (9th week)

7. Abudeka (3rd week)

8. Mobile Suit Z Gundam 2 -Lovers- (2nd week)

9. TAKESHIS’ (Debut first week)

10. Saw 2 (2nd week)

Japanese box office reports revealed that the box office of AMTR for weekend 5 - 6 Nov was very strong at 97% of the previous weekend of 31 Oct - 1 Nov.

Still staying higher than Corpse Bride and Spring Snow which debuted the same time or later ^_^ Staying higher than The Brothers Grimm even on debut ^_^.

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