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[Variety] Win Win 승승장구

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Guest bitter SOOweet

oh jokwon <3

i love seeing 2pm / am together

hm, i hope the guest stars being 2pm with guest apperance with 2am will give more recognition to this show

ps.thanks for the upload's <3

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February 26, 2010

2AM Tells is all on 2PM Bro on Win Win!

The pop idol brother groups 2AM and 2PM appeared on a talk show together for the first time. On Kim Seung-wu's "Win Win," which aired Tuesday on KBS2TV, 2AM was the "secret guest" for the show's featured guest, 2PM.Of all members of the two groups, 2PM's Junsu was by far the most talked about-member.


2AM, who spent many training years with Junsu, divulged episodes of his mischieivous side.

Jo Kwon, who practiced with Junsu as buddies for four years, said that he once put a large doll under his bed covers and escaped the dorm to hang out outside. Also once, instead going to his home in Daegu, Junsu met up with friends late at night in downtown Abgujeong, during which he was sighted by Kwon.

2AM's Jinwoon also said he caught Junsu escaping through the underground parking lot of their dorm. Junsu told Jinwoon not to tell Jo Kwon he saw him, to which all the other members sprang up from their seats and laughed.

In their first appearance together, the brother groups showcased their tight bond and friendship. They talked about how they congratulated and encouraged each other when 2PM first rose to stardom and when 2AM topped the music rankings for the first time just recently. Their camaraderie teared up the fans and viewers.

Many fans asked about 2PM former leader Jaebeom's whereabouts in Win Win's corner "Let's Meet Now," but MC Kim again asked for understanding that questions on Jaebom were not allowed to be addressed.

One netizen with the ID "iil**2" wrote, "It was nice to see 2PM+2AM=One Day together. Hopefully next time Jaebeom can join."

In Let's Meet Now, 2PM's Wooyoung, who is Win Win's assistant MC, kept his promise with fans by performing a traditional fan dance in the heart of downtown Seoul.

Writer : Honorary reporter Kim In-hwa Copyright ⓒ KBS &KBSi - KBS Global

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March 5, 2010

Actress Shows off Taekwondo in Gwanghwamun

Actress Kim So-yeon, who shot the thrilling gun battle scene in downtown Gwanghwamun in the drama "IRIS," this time turned into a "taekwon girl" in the same location.


On the Tuesday episode of the talk show "Win Win" on KBS 2TV, Kim, in the show's corner "Very Special Promise-Let's Meet Now," had to fulfill a mission of showing off Taekwondo (Korean traditional martial arts) kicks in the middle of downtown, enduring the strange looks of passers-by as part of a promise with viewers.

Weeks ago, the question "If Kim So-yeon did taekwondo in Gwanghwamun, what would you do?" was posted online to invite viewer input. Some 3100 responses followed, of which several were delivered by fans such as mimicking Kim's gunfight scene, her red carpet walk, her much talked about award ceremony acceptance speech (which she delivered very quickly due to time restraint), etc.

One fan kept the promise of eating cereal drenched in fermented fish seasoning. Kim prepared candies for this fan.

The person who said he would reenact her quick-fire acceptance speech was no other than (very fittingly) rapper Outsider.

Kim is the first celebrity to take on the Let's Meet Now challenge and keep her promises.

On the talk show, she spoke about trials that followed her debut at an early age. People thought her sudden stardom was due to her family wealth or connections. She said she was ostracized, hurt and ended up shutting herself away.

Writer : Honorary reporter Kim Min-ha via KBS Global

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