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[drama 2010] The Reputable Family 명가

Guest C51236

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[KBS1] Cha In Pyo, Han Go Eun, Kim Sung Min

Myung Ka 명가 (名家)

The Reputable Family / The Great Family




Genre: Historical

Episodes: 16

Broadcast Network: KBS1

Broadcast Period: 2010-Jan-02 to 2010-Mar-21

Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:40 (9:40 Korean time)

Official site: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/myeongga/

KBS World: http://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/programs/program...mp;lang=e#pmenu

Daum: http://movie.daum.net/tv/detail/main.do?tvProgramId=55691

nate: http://search.nate.com/search/all.html?q=KBS+%B8%ED%B0%A1


Director: Lee Eung Bok (이응복), Jin Woo Sung (전우성)

Scriptwriter: Baek Young Sook (백영숙), Yoon Young Soo (윤영수)


At the time of war, in 1636, Choi Jin-lip donates his fortune to a crowd of refugees out of generosity when they flood into his quiet village. Choi Guk-sun is unhappy with his grandfather being too generous with poor people. Man-gap, one of the refugees, and Kim Man-bae, Jin-lip’s tenant, bear grudge against Guk-sun over his arrogance. When being appointed to a higher post in Gong-ju, Jin-lip sets his slaves free and lets them share his land. Before leaving for Gong-ju, Jin-lip leaves his grandson a word of great significance saying “People are the most valuable asset in the world...'

The whole world what Guk-sun believed to revolve around him seems to change. Man-bae’s father, Kim Ja-chun buys the land Choi Jin-lip gave to his slaves for free. A group of refugees led by Gil-man takes a commission from Ja-chun.

After witnessing all the changes, Guk-sun comes to realize what his grandfather tried to say. Guk-sun leaves for Hanyang to stand on his own feet once he learns the family’s decision to put him up for adoption to an affluent family.

Guk-sun happens to settle down at Jang Gil-taek’s place where he comes to realize the power of wealth. Aside from Jang’s ability to accumulate fortune, Guk-sun sees his cruel side when it comes to making money.

Guk-sun feels confused finding a proper answer to the question, “Would it be the right way to live caring only about one’s gain while neglecting the poor?”

Jang Gil-taek and Yu Hyeong-won order Guk-sun to reclaim barren land in Gyeong-ju province by giving him a book named “NongsaJiksul(The Agricultural Techniques)”. Guk-sun borrows seed money from the government office to start his reclamation work in Gyeong-ju.

He gathers villagers and introduces performance-related pay which results in a huge success. Kim Ja-chun and Man-bae start to get nervous about Guk-sun’s success.

credits KBS World


Main Cast

for character descriptions go HERE credits ALLKoreanDrama & aureliahicks


Cha In Pyo as Choi Gook Sun 최국선


Han Go Eun as Han Dan Yi 한단이


Kim Sung Min as Kim Won Il 김원일

Supporting Cast


Lee Hui Do as Kim Ja Chun 김자춘


Jung Dong Hwan as Jang Kil Taek 장길택


Kim Myung Soo as Kim Soo Man 김수만


Kim Young Chul as Choi Jin Lip 최진립


Choi Il Hwa as Choi Dong Ryang 최동량 (Gook Sun's father)


Ahn Hae Sook as (Gook Sun's mother)


Ahn Jung Hoon as Ban Dol 반돌


Jang Soon Gook as Ok Dong 옥동


Lee Han Soo as Sang Nam 상남


Jung Han Hun as Shim Won Gyo 심원교

Go Jung Min

for more cast: go here or here

Episode Ratings


credits TNS Media & Dramawiki


EP01: [X], [X]

EP02: [X], [X]

EP03: [X], [X], [X], [X]

EP04: [X], [X]

EP05: [X]

EP06: [X], [X]

EP07: [X], [X], [X], [X]

EP08: [X], [X], [X]

EP09: [X], [X]

EP10: [X], [X], [X], [X]

EP11: [X], [X]

EP12: [X], [X]

EP13: [X]

EP14: [X]

EP15: [X], [X], [X]

EP16: [X], [X]


Raw: AJA-AJA <-- requires membership access

Chinese subbed: Cococrust Repository

English subbed: KBSW TV-ripped Eng-subbed version (via Torrent)

Watch Online

Raw: Dramastyle

English Subs: Viikii


01. The Reputable Family / 명가 (名家)

02. 그대 뒤에서 - As One

03. 선 (線) - 정엽 (Brown Eyed Soul)

04. 길을 열다


06. 대지의 숨결


08. 해바라기

09. RUN

10. 그림자 되어

11. 승리의 날

12. Sky / 하늘아

13. STEP


15. 개혁의 바람


Cast Photo Shoot / BTS

Press Conference

Official cast stills


[2009-Dec-14] Han Ko-eun, Kim Sung-min Shoot Posters for 'Great Family'

[2009-Dec-28] Press Conference Held for Drama “Great Family” Starring Cha In-pyo

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Poster Shoots / Behind The Scenes

credits KBS

Cha In Pyo








Han Go Eun


▲ Han Ko-eun as "Hadani" in "Great Family." She looks shy in "cheek puffs," which she has never tried on before.


▲ A sad yet refined look in the eyes.


▲ A brightly colored costume and charismatic look.Despite the cold weather and the heavy wig on her head, she is determined to do her best for her new role in 2010.

Kim Sung Min


▲ Kim Sung-min has become very popular for displaying his charm on "The Qualities of Man." It is his first role in an epic drama. He is excited to don a traditional costume. He poses for the camera and is amazed to be on the set.


▲ As soon as the cameras start rolling, he looks very charismatic. He plays "Kim Won-il," who is at odds with a character played by Cha In-pyo.

Han Go Eun & Kim Sung Min


▲ "Great Family" takes a look at the original meaning of noblese oblige through the legend of the Gyeongju Choi clan.

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Guest aureliahicks

Translation for Some Main cast Character :

Choi Guksun

He started gaining wealth by merchandising to recover his family.

He started his career in the government with a big ambition, but he became involved in a power game within the government. During the incident, he witnessed the tragic end of his godfather, Jang Giltaek, who was a big businessman. From it, he recognized reality of life and decided to return homeland and devote to agriculture.

He influenced Chosun dynasty agriculture very much. He helped agricultural development and also creates a basis for his family’s basis which continues on for generations.

At his old ages, he donates his wealth and fulfills “‘noble oblige”

Han dani

She met Guksun when she took refuge at Kyungju. At that time, she was disguised as the daughter of Sangnam, servant of her family.

Furthermore, she lead a trade group in Hanyang with a determinable power. She became adopted by Jang Giltaek and taught basis of business to Guksun.

When her step-father, Jang Giltaek collapsed during the power struggle, she ran away. Afterwards, she comes back as a big merchandiser to help Choi Guksun. She is a character that shared a heartbreaking love with Guksun and lives a vicissitude life.

Kim Wonil

Son of Kim Jacun. His complex was that he was born of a servant family.

He was always second but, things changed when Horan took place.

Choi Guksun was a descendant of a collapsed family. Wonil tried his best disturbing Guksun’s recovery, so that he may never regain his position. He became a rival in love with Guksun to win Dani.

Through his father’s purchase of high society family identification, he was able to take the examination for government official, and finally became a police official. When his father died during a national disorder, he tried to plot Guksun’s involvement. However ironically, his true identity was revealed and he lost his position.

Because of his stubborn character, he becomes a interrupts Guksun at many different occasions and proves that he is a lifetime rival of Guksun.

Choi jinlip

A person with a big heart, that everyone knows.

He brought royalty and fame to his family as he joined two big wars.

He died honorably at his third war to protect king Injo.

He is a person who can abandon his personal interests to keep official justice, He is a symbol of Confucian loyalty and faithfulness

He left the virtue of “ Human being is important than anything else”

Choi Guksun understands his grandfather’s teachings as he grows .

He is Guksun’s emotional anchor as well as a warm grandfather.

Kim Suman

He was a leader of Chosun’s samurai society.

He was an assistant of general Choi Jinlip. After he recognized the real side of Chosun society, he became a leader of national wide anti society group.

Elusive. Many government office and rich man’s house were robbed by him. Cold and calm when judging, but warm inside.

He organized gangster group to change the world with a support of Jang kiltaek, but later is caught by Wonil who followed the order of Choi Wonyoung.

He kept his mouth in spite of torture, and when Jang Giltaek was in danger, he chose to give up his life to save him. He gave great knowledge to Kukyoung and created a turning point in his life.

credit ALLKorean Drama

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Guest lucky_moon

Would there be any group subbing this series?

thank you to cute girl for providing us with the torrent as usual :D

Till now no Fansub Group is gonna take it, since KBSW is gonna air it with Engsub maybe some will upload the version.

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Guest Dangermousie

Thank you for the links! I watched the first two episodes and I loved it!

Nobody is more surprised than me by how hard I have fallen for it because after two episodes, I am borderline obsessed and I normally don't go for really long dramas. I mean, the description sounded not my thing at all - a period saga about a merchant clan dedicated to charity? No, thank you. I only checked it out because my drama slate was so empty and because I adore Han Ga Eun, the female lead in this. I was sure I would scroll through the eps, decide it was not for me, and be done.

Instead, I am hooked, hooked, hooked!


* I got tired of period dramas centered around royals - they can be very good dramas but after a while, one wants to see something else than court intrigue.

* The pace - so far it really has excellent pace - not so fast as to be incomprehensible but not draggy at all. Everything is fleshed out for the future but not dragged out - the steward's son's future resentment against Guksan's family, the love between the OTP, political turmoil, the fleeting nature of wealth - it's all started here in the childhood portions, and done very well.

* Balance of childhood/adult stuff - the first two episodes encapsulate all of the childhood stuff - it is just enough to build the backstory but it avoids the trap of having childhood portions go for too long, thus either making people bored while they wait for the main event, or creating such an attachment to children's characters that when grown-ups show, it's a disappointment. No, I adored child-versions of Dani and Guksan but I was glad to see Guksan's grown-up self and (in previews) Dani as a grown-up.

* Characters, characters, characters. I love them all but especially Dani and Guksan. Dani is a strong girl with a secret who is brave and really cool. And I utterly adore Guksan - do you know how rare it is to have a protagonist who is both good and unscrewed-up in a period drama? But that's the thing - Guksan is remarkably sane and a very good guy - he has flaws - temper, occasionally thoughtless, but he tries his best and, most importantly, he learns from his mistakes. I love. When his family lost all their money in the war, thus becoming noble only in name, you don't see him whine - he goes working like a laboroer to earn money for his mother's medicine. I totally love.

* The OTP potential is off the charts - she lives a false identity, they were childhood friends, he has no money etc etc. MMM.

* The preview for next ep promised me (a) Han ga Eun! (B) Guksan bound up for punishment (why so good to me, drama?) © OTP pining of UST.

I am totally and utterly in love.

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Guest celena8899

i'm was watching ep 1 and i'll be watching ep 2 soon. i like this drama too. i love how the beginning begins with cha in pyo in modern :D

he's cute!

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Guest lucky_moon

Ep1 & 2 were really good, start to like the drama & the story, so it seems the father doesn't like the way his son heading to follow his grandfather step, but did they become poor cuz it seems his mother health is not good :)

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