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'Best Detailed/Well Drawn' Anime and Manga


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what is the best?
What do you considered to be the Best Detailed/Well Drawn Anime or Manga?

This can also be animation or comics from other parts of the world too (just using the terms to catch eyes).

Things that come to mind: Death Note, Mushi Shi (even though the characters didn't have a bunch of detail), Wonderful Days (korean), Ghost In The Shell (especially the first movie), Steamboy (though the movie sucked), The Little Mermaid (America),

5 Centimeters Per Second (haven't seen the movie but the screenshots are NICE), Wings of Honneamise, X the movie, Claymore, Last Exile, Aladdin (the colors alone), Lilo and Stitch, Ninja Scroll (animation is crazy). Akira (had its up and downs but still amazes me til this day), Blood, and more.

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Guest hungrycollegeboy


- Most movies from Studio Ghibli: Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, etc

- Most stuff produced by BONES: Sword of the Stranger, Eureka 7, FMA

- Pocahontas, that color of the wind scene was DAYUM.

- 5 cm per second was really really nice, but depressing as hell

- Claymore was really good too. Claymore >> Bleach, Naruto in terms of action sequences

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I forgot Mezzo Forte (Its definitely rated R because of a explicit scene lol).

If your not allowed to watch the mezzo forte movie/short film, I encourage you to watch Mezzo Forte DSA series.

Zoudov (French) its the texture that awws me. Like I actually touch them. It might be better than the incredibles.

I almost forgot Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Both Final Fantasy movies are feast for the eyes and somewhat ahead of its time for 3D animated films. However, the fact that VII is way better than spirits within and the movie showed some fighting with possibly the most famous characters in video game entertainment is dope

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Guest myluckyself

Studio Ghibli is <3 - the scenes are just so beautiful, with so much detail and rich colours...

Manga - I love CLAMP's works, the costumes and settings are amazing. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles is a good example, the different worlds are simply wonderful and so intricate!

I'd agree with xchristinee, the characters in Dear My Girls are gorgeous.

And on the side, I also like Bleach. You just have so many different faces/expressions - especially the eyes that Kubo Tite draws. Although I wouldn't say the characters are 'hot/pretty' when you compare Bleach to, say, Special A, but Bleach just has a lot more variety when it comes to characters.

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Japanese anime I give it to Street Fighter II The Animated Movie

I have not seen anything from Japan surpass it terms of animation.

As for everything else, it's hard but I'm going to list

1. Aladdin

2. Pocahontas

3. Little Mermaid

4. Beauty and The Beast

and for non Disney..of course Heavy Metal

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Guest amydien

I agree with Kuromini coopersuji...artwork is really nice!

For a newer anime, Im impressed with 'Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee)'. The drawings, colours and effects are really nice :)

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Bride of the Water God is one of the most detailed and beautiful ones I've seen. Goong is pretty nice too. I'm just so attracted to that style.

I love Studio Ghibli! Their films might've been created a quite a while ago, but the animation and detail still continues to capture audiences!

Same with the original Disney Princess stories.

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Guest Take Five

manga: berserk and anything by naoki urasawa

anime: anything by gainax or bones. you usually can't go wrong with movies either since they have a bigger budget.

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Guest Rainity

Hmm, does Final Fantasy as in the movies, they're well drawn or however you call it. It's so realistic looking lol. Oh, i`ll add in Death Note too.

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