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[drama 2001] Hotelier 호텔리어

Guest jgabriel2005

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Guest jgabriel2005
[MBC] Bae Yong Joon, Kim Seung Woo, Song Yoon Ah, Song Hye Gyo
Starring superstar protagonists Song Hye-Kyo (Endless Love (A Tale of Autumn)), Bae Yong-Joon (Winter Love Song (A Tale of Autumn II)), Song Yoon-A and Kim Seung-Woo, Hotelier has achieved exceptional TV viewership of up to 40% in South Korea. The rivalry between two experienced hoteliers sparks in the Hotel of Seoul when former Head Manager Han Tai-Jun (Kim Seung-Woo) who has returned from the States to restore his position in the Hotel confronts Shin Dong-Hyuk (Bae Yong-Joon), an expert in merger and acquisition. While regaining the lost splendor of the Hotel, the two career-minded hoteliers not only fall into the power struggle, but also the love tangles with Seo Jin-Young (Song Yoon-A) and Kim Yun-Hee (Song Hye-Kyo).
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Guest kalinda

saranghaedongwan & mommy,

I do share yr comments!... exactly my thoughts! :D.

I just rewatched this drama last week, it's been a while for me.. I think I saw it first on Indo-TV 2003 prob. ...aishhh forgot, and I still enjoyed every bit of it last week as well.....love byj bec of this drama..!

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Guest NotGuilty

haha. I have this drama on dvd's..

I watched it twice.

hehhehehehe...byj is such a good actor. O___O

alot of the parts were funny. like when the girl was left in the desert..kaka

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  • 2 months later...

^ the dude that married kimnamju >_, Kim Seung-Woo, ? i think he married her


cos baeyongjun was @#$@#$%#% HOT AND MOSHISSO IN THIS DRAMA!!

and songyunah and him went sooo well in the drama together

.....he sent her 300roses T_T

jsut cos they met at 300roses restuarant

kakakak and how she was banging her head on the elevator

it was one heck of a romantic drama i love it to bits

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Guest sanluc

Yup...this is the first K-drama I watched. I like it so much and of course watched it many times and still don't make me boring. I also love all casts in this drama especially Song Yun Ah and Bae Yong Jun.

I prefer BYJ's acting in this drama than Winter Sonata.

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who can forget all the chasing frank shin did? the scarf, sightseeing, 300 roses, evening walk, cheek-to-cheek dancing, all those emails... and in my view, the best kiss in any drama! i held my breath and rewind/rewatched that forced kiss a dozen times and still not enuf! also, wonderful songs in the OST!

from this drama, i picked out all the other works (movies/dramas) of all the 4 leads and it opened up a whole world of k-drama for me!

really one of my fav!

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