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Soul to Seoul


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Any1 read it?

Kai and Spike are best of friends. They have a common background, the fact that they are both half Koreans. They both feel alone and mistreated, angry towards the world, and uncomfortable in their own house. One day in the middle of black Harlem, they accidentally encounter a Korean foreign student, Sunil, and both become interested in her...

Volumes: 5 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=13397Published by: Tokyopop



I bought this manga and honestly....I want to sell this book!
I read the first volume and I already hate it oh gawd!
What a waste of 10 bux man!

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Guest tifachan

I read it at the library and I found it sucky too... :T The plot really just didn't catch my attention. Like, why would you stick an African American that's a mix of Korean blood...? Why not just say they're any type of Asian? T_T

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Guest rayne

i see no problem in making a character african-american/korean...

it's just like those mangas where american characters can speak japanese fluently...or rather they're half japanese...it's the creator's choice.

Why not just say they're any type of Asian? T_T

because culture counts...at least that's my opinion. ><

what reallie bothered me was the plot.

when i began the first book..i thought it was ok...but then it started lagging.

then the second book..ooh my. i could not continue reading it.

didnt the third book come out yet? i dont remember which volume i left off in but no matter how much i read...i still found no scene that was exciting.

the main character girl and boy seem reallie stoic. majorly stoic...

the artwork is not beautiful or really pretty to look at...but it's simple.

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Guest thaigerl

I haven't read it and the only thing reading from the plot I could relate or be inetrested in is that the main character is half-asian and half-caucasian but I read other reviews and they were all really negative. I read the volume summaries and I couldn't even grasp where the story was going. I'd like to take a look at it if it really is as bad as reviews and summaries tell. But I get the feeling it really must be.

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Guest muzikyin


a soul to seoul thread!!!!

it's one of the best mangas ever!!!

does n e one noe where i can get vol 4???

i love J.J best

he's so kool

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Guest phuong*

so glad i didnt buy the book lol. i red the book a long time ago in a book store and i hated it. i kinda liked the drawings tho.

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This is one of the lamest things I have ever read.

It is sooooo annoying OMG..but Kai and Spike are sexy.

I hate Sunil OMG and Gelda also.

I'm not buying anymore of these books so any1 wanna hit me up with some spoilers???

pm me *wink*

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Guest MiZzKaEunieee

eh, i read the first volume only. i thought it was weird, but a little okay. but it was...


gelda LIKES her brother. i think they're half siblings. ew. but this story was so far okay to me. it's "in between".

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Guest JiNi;

its one of my fav mangas.

i think its interesting.. esp to me since im mixed.. i think it appeals more to the mix people and what they have to deal with.

so stop complaining about it. -.-;;

Gelda just wants to spend time with her bro..not like in a weird sick way.

if you actually read other volumes of the book it reveals who she actually likes.

The story gets really good past vol.1

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Guest yurikah

hehe. this sounds like a "Who hates Soul to Seoul" thread. anyways, i guess i won't read it. was thinking about it because the title sounded cool, but guess not. ^.^;;

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Guest DKYang

Wow, people judging on a series by just reading the first volume. Stupid.

It's like me saying Mai Hime sucked because it's only fan service.

I thought it was a good read, still need to read the last volume. It sort of has that realistic feel to it.

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^Well the first volume should make u want to spend

10 bucks on the next one.

I really felt like this was a waste of money

so I have no interest in the future issues :tongue2:

I couldnt take the stereotypes.

......btw who bumped this old thread lol??

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