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[japan Movie 2009] Shonen Meriken Sakku

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"Shonen Meriken Sakku," the upcoming comedy film by Kankuro Kudo that stars Aoi Miyazaki, is experimenting with a special PR campaign that will last from now until its opening next February. A few theaters throughout Japan will be showing "making-of" clips of the movie, with 20 different episodes being released on a biweekly basis.

"Making-of" footage is usually released as a DVD bonus or as a television special, but producers have decided to try using it as publicity material. Kudo had the scenes filmed on two digital cameras. For the theaters that don't have the capability to screen digital video, the clips will be shown on monitors in the lobby. Each video will also be available on the movie's website after it finishes its two-week run.

More cast details have been revealed for the Kankuro Kudo-directed comedy "Shonen Meriken Sakku." It was already known that Aoi Miyazaki is playing the lead as Kanna, a record company scout, and Ging Nang Boyz's Kazunobu Mineta will be playing the vocalist of one of the bands she recruits.

Koichi Sato, Yuichi Kimura, Tomorowo Taguchi, and Hiroki Miyake will play a punk band whose members are all over the age of 50. The band gets accidentally discovered by Kanna when she comes across 25-year-old footage of the band.

Also appearing in the film are Yusuke Santamaria as the gay president of Kanna's record company and Ryo Katsuji as Kanna's boyfriend.

"Shonen Meriken Sakku" is scheduled for release between late 2008 and early 2009

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