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[OFFICIAL] kanjani8 関ジャニ∞ [Kansai Johnnys]

Guest r/-inbow

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Guest Ginoru

Hi, sorry to bring this here but since i couldn't find if there is a Yoko thread i thought this would be ok too. Just wanted to give him my condolences and hope he is all right. Wish him good luck. It's sad that this things happen to good people like him :(

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Guest v6daisuki@hotmail.de

Hey guys~!

I really need your help >^.^< I'm writting now my bachelor-thesis about fans from Johnny's groups in (South-) Eastasia and I would be very, very happy, when you have a few minutes time to fill my poll. All data are 100% anonym !!!!

When you come from China and Hong Kong, please go here.

From Southkorea please here.

From Indonesia & Singapore please here.

From The Philippines & Malaysia please here.

and from Thailand & Vietnam please here.

To send the poll, please click on "abschicken"

Thank you so much~! You help me a lot~!!!

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awww too bad this tread is dead ... but I freaking love those bakas! K8 is basically like vitamin to me :x I'm so glad they became national idols who sell millions despite so much indiference from their company for years and years ... 
* leaves this comment even tho i know no one will read it lol * 

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