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Jo In Sung | Zo In Sung 조인성 | 2018 Movie: The Great Battle

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i so need to see more of him in dramas!!!!!!! lol fell right in love with him in BALI! gosh!!!

yeah i agree

i think PIFF is just about movies...insung didn't do any movies for the past 1-2 years

hahaha, but i'm 100% sure when Mean Streets came out, it will be a different story..or at least I hope that his movie will be in one of the nominee

some pics of insung and jiwon's cf











i love them two together..i want him to make more movies and dramas with her..they have good chemistry...they should hook up

pictures of Insung from Crencia Winter Cataloge







credits to http://user.chol.com/~wiwi/

he looks so cute!!! but here i go again...WHAT'S that on his right eye? i cannot seem to take my eyes off of JIS's pictures that's why i keep noticing these things...

omg....soooo freekin hot!! most def...hes in my top 5..!!

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sonickim..you are sure Missed! yes yes...we have in common in the Beautiful So JI Sub..the Pretty Pretty jO In Sung! We just click like that! yes, totally I am soo Joyful for JO In Sung new Movie! He's going to be a sure Boxoffice Hit!! He's getting to look more and morE SexY by the minute by Mean Streets! Oh, can't forget that smiLe!! So Glad to see YOu Lovely Lady Sonickim!! :)

smile*... Bioblue!!!! really happy meeting someone like you!!!

we click, just like that! huh!...

seein him in all those pictures makes me feel bad( oh dont mind me.... my heart belong to ji Sub )

but i just cant help droolin over those cute and awesome In Sung....

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OMG, i absolutely love Jo In Sung! i think ive watched everything he's been in. i cannot wait for Mean Street to come out. after Piano i dont think hes played the 'bad boy' role... and im so glad bc i seriously LOVED him in Piano as the 'bad boy with a good heart!' hes such a hottie and talented actor. okay, enought with my little ranting... just wanted to share.

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Man... :rolleyes: ..he lights up the fire in me...!!

Don't u think so Audrey ;) ..we're the VS babes..

Talking about it makes me want to have one VS right now....

Great to see you here girl!

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^^ one of my favorite :lol:

DAYMN........that's a hot pic!! I'm watching Bali right now and WHOA he is so yummy in it!!!!!!!!! I'm really impressed w/his acting in it too actually.

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