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Disgaea Anime / Game Thread


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yes disgaea!
They say it exists in the place deeper than any sea and darker than any darkness. It is a dark place where ominous things gather. No one knows where it is. But everybody believes it and is afraid of it. Kliuchevskoi, the king of devils, died. The news of the great king, who had ruled the Devil World for a long time, traveled among other worlds. Soon, it got around all over the Devil World. Taking this opportunity, ambitious daemons, who had smoldered with their complaints, rose one after another. Then the Devil World turned into the age of rival chiefs. Tow years have passed since then... Disgaea has a anime and its pretty funny. the game is great also
Anime Episodes: 12
*This series has also games released
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The Disgaea series is indeed a very underrated game in my opinion. Its both a great and unique game made by the wonderful folks at Nippon Ichi Software. While the anime is good so far, it has yet to reach the greatness of the game (which I doubt it will). I may be speaking prematurely since there are only about 4 anime episodes so far.

This thread needs story/character info though.

The game takes place in the Netherworld, which in total chaos because the most recent Overlord, Krichevskoy passed away. The official report says that he choked on a manjuu (changed to pretzel in America). During this time, Laharl, the son of Krichevskoy wakes up from his slumber of two years to find out what has happened. With his "loyal" vassal Etna, he sets to reclaim the throne.

Laharl (Disgaea 2 Art)


Laharl, the antihero of Disgaea and son of the late King Krichevskoy, lives in his castle with his vassals. Although he, along with Flonne and Etna, is mistaken for a child by the human characters, he is actually a 1313 year old demon. Takehito has explained that Laharl's antennae and billowing cape are intended to make him look larger than he really is.

Etna (Disgaea 1 & 2 Art)


Laharl's "loyal" vassal. She had great admiration for the late Maou (Overlord) Krichevskoy. Shes so greatful to him that she watches over his son, Laharl although most would think she torturing him rather than watching over him. Etna commands a group of demonic penguins called the Prinny Squad. Even though they are loyal to her, she often abuses them.

Flonne (Disgaea 1 Art)


Flonne, an angel trainee sent from Celestia (the land of angels). She focuses heavily on the concept of love, and joins Laharl to determine if demons are capable of feeling it. She was sent by Seraph Lamington – the leader of Celestia – to assassinate the already deceased King. Lamington is occasionally shown discussing Laharl and Flonne's progress with an unseen character. Archangel Vulcanus, a high ranking angel who reports to Seraph Lamington and calls the netherworld "abominable", believes that he should have been sent on Flonne's mission instead.

Beauty Danshaku (Dark Adonis) Vyers/Mid-Boss (Disgaea 1 Art)


The Dark Adonis is a somewhat pompous character who constantly pesters Laharl and crew. At first, he aspires to be the new Overlord, but as the story proceeds, it seems like he just wants to torment Laharl in the most comical ways possible.

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The anime is ok so far. The events that take place are very different in the game. For example, Captain Gordon doesn't show up in the game until the later episodes rather than the first one. Plus, in the game, Laharl wakes up in his room, not some dump as shown in the anime.

The animation is ok. Its not great, but not crap either. It still can't measure up Takehito Harada's illustrations.

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Guest azn_seraph

Gahhh I loved Disgaea+phantom brave+ makai kingdom can't wait til the new one comes out! Anime looks pretty funny I have it but didnt watch it yet

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Guest x__FL4*

i watched the first few episodes and i gotta admitt, the animation is REALLY cute. but.. i just cant get into it.. i kind of find it boring? but.. maybe it's because i watched the first 2 episodes or so =P

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Guest tifachan

The series is progressing quite slowly and doesn't seem to be worth watching ne more... Then again, the game was always interesting. xD

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The anime is actually progressing at slightly a faster rate than the game although a few events from the anime are different. In the anime, Laharl having to pay the Prinny Squad's wages was in episode 4 while it was episode 3 in the game.

I'm playing the Disgaea 2 import right now and I have to say that its pretty fun. Its sucked up 20 hours of my life so far. The game really makes me think of strategies to win and what not.

Rosalind + Etna = teh awesome

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anyone has played Disgaea Portable? (the PSP version)

how's it compares to the ps2 version? and generally, do you consider it a hard sRPG?

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also, is the anime based on the game?

Yes and no. The characters and story are all inspired from the game, but the events that take place in the anime and game are very different. For example, in the game, Etna woke up Laharl in the Overlord's Castle while in the anime, Flonne woke up Laharl in some garbage dump.

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