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Guest - - Yehri


SEULGI is sooo pretty and lucky

she always gets with the super junior guyss [;

but i love her<3

they are sooo cuteee!

i cant wait till this comes out <3

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me go for BSG n Sm..they look good togehter and sungmin were unavoidable hehe..he has that attraction n he is one cute thing in this world

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i haven't watched this show lately... i usually skip it, unless Brian is on, because there are better game/variety shows...

they really need to change things up a bit... i mean, that trivia question game can be funny sometimes, but that's getting boring as well.

on the other hand, they look cute in those caps!

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Guest ~neh~long~

oh, i loved those eps.!! how adorable!! >< sungmin is just too cute... bsg is cute too!! ^^

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he looks sooooo cuuuuutee, asjfhal.

i agree, bsg looks good with almost all the guys, lol. so lucky. i like her. thanks for sharing!

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