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jaejoongie <3

[drama 2003] Sharp #1 (ban Ol Lim #1) 반올림1

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[KBS] Go Ara, Suh hyunsuk, Yoo Ah In


Banolim (sharp #1)

Main website:


If you have a kbs account you can rewatch it for free with the 56k

or pay to watch with the 700k

Status of Drama: Complete 64 episodes

Ran: 2003/11.29 ~ 2005/02.27

*Warning, reading ahead might be spoilers. Read at your own risk*



Lee oklim (Go Ara)

Oklim loves to day dream and 15 years old. Her charm is that she is always true to herself and others. Even if she tries lying she can't help but show it on her face. Because of this she runs into lots of troubles and episodes. She has a very loose personality and after she discovers that she is prettier than the average girl she quickly learns to use these qualities to her advantage. But because she is only an innocent fifteen years old you can't help but love her. She has an older sister who is very smart, and a younger brother twin. She has been born the middle child and is often given not as much attention. There is a young innocent romance between a art student Ain and a childhood friend Oogi. Her heart goes back and forth between the two and is very loveable.

(This is my attempt translating what the main site described her as)


Jang OOg (Suh hyunsuk)

Ever since 1st grade junior high, OOgi has been neighbors with Oklim. They know all of each others secrets, likes, and dislikes. They are the best of friends. He loves playing soccer with his friends, he loves joking around, and is very friendly. Because of this he has lots of friends and is pretty popular with the girls. But because he is pretty innocent he has a personality where if something wrong is happening, he must push through to make things right again.


Yoo Ah In ( Yoo Ah In)

Hehe they use his real name!

Ain(I will just spell it like this okay?) is in highschool grade 2. On the outside he looks like a regular boy who loves joking around, very friendly, and is very good looking. But actually if you get to know him, he is the type that doesn't say what he feels out loud. If there is something that is making him sad, he doesn't show it. He is the type the take things quietly and solve things himself. He is a very talented artist and has won art competitions. He is Oklim's boyfriend. Compared to innocent Oklim, he is very mature. When Oklim has a problem, Ain is always there to help Oklim and loves Oklim very much. However, Ain has an annoying competitor, Oogi. Oklim's heart is always going back and forth between the two of them and is currently in the process of winning Oklim's heart.

I will continue to write the rest later... There are like twelve others to write and it's late ~o~ 1 am.

If you thought season 2 of Banolim (sharp) was good, then I'm sure that you will think sharp 1 is better.

That last bit I will tell you :)

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omgoodness looking at all those pictures make me all fluffly.

I loved ara and hyunsuk together. They were so sweeeeet.

but it sucks how they never got together.... lol or did they? I don't think they did

I especially loved the trio friendship circle ^^ of girls. So sweeeet.

I wonder why they got rid of the brother twin in the second season. (he was almost never a part of anything.... except a little on the side)

He's cool though.

Ara's boyfriend was cool. I felt sorry for him ^^;;

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FINALLY..a banolim1 thread..

though their characters' are much younger here than in the more popular sequel,i feel that they had deeper friendships and tighter family ties here..like the trio,okleem jungmin and eunjung (gawd i remember their names) and of course the twins..they also had a lot of lessons especially about family..(anyone remember about the rainbow?that really stcuk to me)

also i love the web of pairings they had throughout the drama,if i remember correctly:


then it became


and jungmin><the cute arrogant kid who came in the middle of the series..

and the sub pairings

haleem(boy twin)><eunjung - this pairing was too funny

anyhow..it was a bit complicated for middle schoolers but still awfully cute...

ahin was the coolest among the guys,he was in high school right?and was dating okleem, a middle schooler..

gosh,i so love this drama but i don't know where to start..i'll just go look for pictures first.. ^__^

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her ears..monkey.

I remember watching this xD

It was real good. Except the korean video renting place

stopped buying/recording them because not many people rented this series.

Is shpart #1 the first season?

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wow! Thanks so much! I will be downloading them mwahhaha~

the never getting together first lovers annoyed me to no end but in life that is the way it works. It's cool how realistic this drama can be sometimes.

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@AHRin2u - does the link include english subs? does it show the full drama of Sharp?

btw, thanks for the post.

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For Chinese speakers (of if you don't mind Chinese subtitles), look up 玉林成长日记 on google and you can watch it online on sites like Tudou

I just started watching Sharp 2 and it's soo cute!

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