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[OFFICIAL] Gong Minji (공민지) Thread

Guest Rachel Lee.

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Guest Rachel Lee.

the Dancing Machine Maknae
Name: Gong Minji

Date of Birth: January 18, 1994

Blood Type: O

Family: granddaughter of famous dancer Gong Okjin

Education: attended up to 5th grade in Kwangjoo, finished elementary school at Suhkang Elementary School in Seoul

Specialties: dance, japanese, chinese

Cyworld: link

here are some pics of yg's Gong Minji -- you know, the rumored dance pro that's debuting w/ CL & parkbom. apparently she's the "child that gdragon adores even more than seungri." poor maknae got owned by this gal, lol. i really like her.

finding recent pics of her was a super hard task because all the pics of her posted are either 1) old 2) unclear. & because it was so hard to dig around to find these pics, i ask that you. do. not. hotlink.



wearing gd's sunglasses. some controversy arose on the internet about this picture & how she has no fear. netizens are jealous that gd, who hardly shares his items w/ others outside of bang, lent his sunglasses to this girl. i just saw a site where they threatened to start an anti-fan site.




her fashion is very gd, no? leave it to yg to make all his trainees look so g.

ah, here's a clip of her dancing. x &&&&& the dance clip that gained yg's interest. x BTW, she IS young. parkbom's an 84-er & so the two are 9-10 years apart.

credits: naver.

edit: whoops, thanks angel.

alex68812: i know what you mean. i find it ridiculous that they target minji & CL when it would be the most reasonable to bash parkbom (although i don't think ANY of them have done anything near wrong) since she's had the most public interactions w/ the bang boys. but it's funny that they wouldn't DARE bash parkbom despite that fact, simply because they know that the other yg men wouldn't stand for it. so they settle for cursing off the other two "vulnerable" ones.

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Guest Namine

she does look yougn doesn't she?

i think she looks cute.

the type of girl i like haha.

Rachel Lee.

Oh god.

My name is your name, your name is my name.

That's why this thread caught my attention.

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Guest pinkcafelatte

^LOL. this thread caught my attention since i have a friend named Rachel Lee. LOOL. XD

i think she looks really young but cute.

and her relationship with GD is just a oppa dongseng relationship.

so its really sweet that he would lend her his stuff.

thats cute. ^_______^

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Guest love-yun

i think minji is ADORABLE (:

and the fact that gd and her are so close is sweet

anti's... well, every girl associated with gd is bound to have anti's

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minji's a cutie (: i can't believe she's grown up so much....gosh, i remember finding out about her a long time ago.

i feel so old.

she's my sister's age.

and nice style : D but really, it doesn't mean that she borrowed those shades from GD specifically....YG fam tends to share and borrow things to each other/from each other. but even if she did, that just makes GD that much more endearing to me and um...those fangirls should calm down.

seriously, i was so proud of the korean VIPs because i thought they were so mature and stuff...and that made me proud to be a VIP myself because they tended not to do any bashing, they aren't afraid to give constructive criticism instead of ignorantly thinking the boys are super perfect, and handled things in a mature way...but now with the whole bashing on Toppie's sister and this...i'm starting to get very, very disappointed in them...but at least the i-vips are handling it well (:

they should seriously calm down. what do they want...for her not to talk to her oppa anymore? how WRONG is that? gosh. -__-

BTW i think that's CL in the last picture? i have no idea why but i have this feeling that it's her....especially when i compare her face to the other pics i saw of her (Except when she had curly-ish hair) and the hair, eyes, and nose seem really similar and the background seems (but it's too unclear for me to say) like it's in the YG building.

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Guest bonbons

am I blind or do I not see the clip D: lol

anywho, how old is she? ahahha YG trainees all are pimped from head to toe.

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Guest superstar`kiss

Ah...I wanna see her dancing..

where's the link??

Anyone have her profile? I wanna know about her..

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Guest superstar`kiss

^bonbons, (i love your username) gong minji is a '94er.

Whoa! No way! Ahh, wow..she's only like, 14/15 over there..

Can't wait for the debute!

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Guest sososorri

i hope this group works out.

but the age gap between minji and park bom is like 7-8 years?

thats a big age factor to overcome.

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Guest mariika

She's so cute <3 All the other pics I saw of her were old and really blurry, but these ones are good <3 :D She's adorable, but so so young... @.@;

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OMG she is so adorable!!! I mean she actually acts in her age and I find it really cute when she was wearing GD's shades. OMG I seriously can't wait until the group debuts. and I've seen her audition clip (is just that I didn't know it was her until now)

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Guest repeat_on_echo

She does look young, lol, I like her blue hoodie in the first picture, :D:D

Can't wait til she debuts? She was an amazing dancer, from what I've seen before... :D

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