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Go Ara 고아라


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Name: Go Ara (고아라)
Birthplace: South Gyeongsang in Jinju, South Korea
Date of Birth: February 11, 1990
Height: 169cm
Weight: 42kg
Eye Color: Hazel
Religious Belief: Christianity
Education: Joongang University (Theater degree)
Family: Father, mother and younger brother
Wish: To become an international star
Agencies: SM Entertainment (Korea) and AVEX (Japan)

[2003] SM's Best Face Award
[2004] KBS Rookie Award
[2005] Ambassador of Farming and Forestry
[2006] SBS Rookie Award
[2007] Andre Kim's Best New Star Award
[2007] Baeksang's Best New Star Award
[2007] Mnet 20's Choice - Barbie Girl Award
[2008] Swiss Friends Ambassador
[2008] Model of the Year
[2011] The Independent Critics Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces - #12



[2003/2004 - KBS] 반올림 1 / Banolim 1 / Sharp 1 (as Lee Ok-lim)
In Ara's debut role, she plays an innocent 15 year old middle-schooler who has a lot of spunk and charm. She is always true to herself and other so you can't help but love her. This drama depicts the growing pains of a regular teen who is learning the lessons of life.


[2004/2005 - KBS] 반올림 2 / Banolim 2 / Sharp 2 (as Lee Ok-lim)
Ara continues her role of Lee Ok-lim in the sequel, which depicts her high school career. Compared to her hot tempered and childish personality in middle school, she's matured now. Throughout high school, she learns about love, rivalry, friends and herself. 


[2006/2007 - SBS] 눈꽃 / Snow Flower (as Yoo Da-mi)
As Yoo Da-mi, Ara plays a completely different character from her previous roles. Yoo Da-mi is a rich, smart and polite high school teenager. When she learns that her mother has been lying to her, her whole life, Da-mi rebels and decides to pursue a career in acting. 


[2008 - MBC] 누구세요? / Who Are You? (as Son Young-in)
Young-in is a girl fresh out of college who wants to become a comic artist. Due to her father's death and his debts, she is forced to quit her dreams when she meets a lonely man who is her exact opposite. She starts falling for this man, who is mean but sweet, while learning that there is more to him than what meets the eye.


[2008 - Olive TV] 아라의 스무살 스토리 / Ara's Story on Being Twenty
In celebration of her 20th birthday, this is a documentary following Ara around Japan as she takes her first overseas trip as an adult. Ara shops, eats and tells anecdotes about her childhood.


[2009 - NTV] 華麗なるスパイ / Karei Naru Spy / Unusual Spy (as Shin Yoon-ah, Ep. 3)
In Ara's Japanese drama debut, she plays Yoon-ah, a famous Korean actress with a sorrowful past. She may seem innocent and angelic on the outside but has a deadly motive on the inside.


[2009 - MBC] 맨땅에 헤딩 / Heading to the Ground (as Kang Hae-bin)
Ara's most mature role yet, she plays Hae-bin, a rookie sports agent who discovers a hidden talent and wants to make him the most marketable player. She scorned for being a female in the sports world but depends on her own strength to survive.


[2013/2014 - TVN] 응답하라 1994 / Answer Me 1994 / Reply 1994 (as Sung Na-jung)
Ara is rediscovered through her drama comeback as a loud and bright college student with an easy going personality. This drama travels back and forth from the 90's, early 2000's and present day, following the lives of the students at Shinchon boarding house, run by Na-jung and her family. It depicts the lives of the college students as they learn to love and experience the city of Seoul.

[2007 - Japan] 蒼き狼 地果て海尽きるまで / Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea (as Khulan)
Chosen from 40,000 contestants for the role of Mistress Khulan, this is Ara's movie debut; this movie is also reported to be one of the most expensive movies Japan has ever made. Ara plays the unrestrained and independent second wife of Genghis Khan. She holds a special place in the Mongol Empire and in Genghis's heart.


[2009 - Japan] 昴! スバル / Dance! Subaru (as Liz Park)
Liz Park is a Korean American ballerina who is a star pupil at the famous American Ballet Theatre in New York. Liz runs away to Tokyo out of boredom from the tedious life as a ballet student when she sees Subaru as a worthy competitor to revitalize her waning enthusiasm for ballet.


[2012 - Korea] 페이스 메이커 / Pacemaker (as Yoo Ji-won)
She is the "pretty bird" pole vaulter who is always in the light of the media. Her goal is to become recognized for her talents and after meeting a certain pacemaker at the Olympic track, she creates a friendship, perhaps romance, with Man-ho who helps her realize the strengths of her true talents.


[2012] 파파 / Papa (as June)
June sacrifices her love for music and dance for her family but is later able to rekindle her passions through her new father's contract marriage with her mother. After applying for an audition program, she passes on to become a star.
Special T Fresh KoreaSK Ting (with Jang Geun-suk)Cocktail Ice Cream Bar Speed 011010 (with Rain)Oddugi Ramen (with SJ Kim Ki-bum and Kim Hee-chul)HUM Clothing Miero Fiber DrinkElite Uniforms (with SS501)Aillack Drink Anycall (with Jung Il-woo, Lee Hyo-ri and Jun Ji-hyun)Etude Cosmetics (with Im Joo-hwan and Jang Geun-suk)Clride Clothing (with Jung Il-woo)Lover's Tea (with TRAX's J)G-Market ClothingSpris Clothing (with Kim Bum)Bausch and LombCanon IXUS Camera (with Kim Soo-hyun)Lirikos Cosmetics (with Song Jae-rim)Shilla Duty Free (with TVXQ)LG U+ (with Jung Woo)


  • [2005] Andre Kim's Fashion Show (with Lee Wan)
  • [2008] Andre Kim's Fashion Show (with Chu Sung-hoon)
  • [2008] Jill Stuart (main model)
  • [2009] Lanvin F/W Collection 

[2004] TVXQ - Hug
[2006] La'Tale
[2008] Mink - Innocent Blue
[2011] TVXQ - Before U Go (4 min)
[2011] TVXQ - Before U Go (16 min)
[2011] SHINee - Juliette (Japanese ver.)
[2013] Go Ara - Start (Reply 1994 OST)




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Guest Q_Park

(Under construction.)


  • [January] Ceci - Happy Birthday

  • [November] Ceci - I Love Sweaters


  • [November] Ceci - Last Dance With Me


  • [January] Ceci - Baby Cloud


  • [March] Gravia - Ara in Tokyo

  • [August] Magazine S - Ballerina in White

  • [september] Vogue Girl - Etude Ara

  • [september] Ceci - Baby Face Ara

  • [september] Vogue Girl - Clride

  • [september] Star Fans Club

  • [september] Ceci - Etude Ara

  • [October] Etude House - Lovely Nails


  • [January] Alice & Paul - What Happened in Shanghai

  • [February] Etude House - Peach Project

  • [February] Naeil - Ara's Story

  • [March] Etude House - Pretty Ara

  • [June] Vogue - The Catwalk Cats

  • [July] Instyle - Indian Summer

  • [July] Elle Girl - In Your Fantasy

  • [August] Vogue - Hello Gossip Girl

  • [August] Sure - City of Angel

  • [september] HanaTour's Traveller - My Dream Travel in Switzerland

  • [October] Elle Girl - Eyes Wide Shut

  • [November] She's O'live - Ara's Twenty Year Old Story

  • [December] Singles - A Fairy Tale

  • [December] Vogue Girl - Sweet and Lovely


  • [February] Ceci - Style Mate with SPRIS

  • [February] Elle Girl - Be Shiny, Ara

  • [March] Junior - Spring Date Story

  • [June] Brokore - Rising Star: Ara

  • [June] Junior - Summer Date Story

  • [May] Elle Girl - Style Mate with SPRIS

  • [October] Nylon - Stealing Beauty

  • [October] Junior - Heading to the Ground

  • [November] High Cut - Heading to the Ground BTS

  • [December] SPRIS - Boys and Girls

  • [December] Elle - Share Happiness


  • [February] Sure - Miss Sunshine: Soft & Sensual

  • [March] Marie Claire - Ara in Wonderland

  • [December] High Cut - 蠱惑的美 Ara


  • [January] Marie Claire - Dramatic Moments

  • [February] Elle - The Little Balerinas

  • [May] Cosmopolitan - Color Me Beautiful

  • [July] MovieWeek - Cover Story


  • [January] Elle Girl

  • [January] Singles

  • [January] Harper's Bazaar

  • [January] Cosmopolitan

  • [January] High Cut

  • [January] MovieWeek
    Variety Shows

    Strong Heart

    Episode 111 - "New Year Special" (January 3, 2012)
    To promote movies "Pace Maker" and "Papa"
    Her story: Audition Maker Without Papa Knowing
    Her SM audition video revealed & story of heartbreaking first love

    Episode 112 - "New Year Special" (January 10, 2012)

    Happy Together

    Episode ??? (January 5, 2012)
    With costars Park Yong-woo & Son Byung-ho
    To promote movie "Papa"


    Running Man

    With Lim Soo-hyang and T-Ara's Hyomin

    With Lee Yeon-hee
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Guest surlespointes

Go Ara is gorgeous!

I personally think that she's prettier than Lee YeonHee... they get compared to each other often.

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Guest Xingz

i never knew her ears are big o.o guess thats why her hair covered up her ears in the above pics

shes so pretty and same age as me~

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Guest Xa Thi Man

she's a pretty good actress at a young age ... those pics of her in the first post are really pretty, esp her eyes ... ^_^

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i never knew her ears are big o.o guess thats why her hair covered up her ears in the above pics

^ Yeah... hair covers up a lot of it. Lee Junki is another actor who covers up his ears too.

her eyes are naturally that color right?

thats what i've heard

^ Yeah.
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  • 2 weeks later...

ara is soo pretty!!

i'm jealous.

bc for one, she has cool eye color

and two, she's super talented

and three, she's super pretty.

and four.. gah the list could go on...

but its sad she's not that popular on soompi..

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Lee Yeonhee & Go ara are BOTH gorgeous and talented young actresses.

MUCH better than rookie actresses like YEH (cuz shes new).

but they're also the FIRST SM actresses <3

She's gotten so much prettier and more mature. :)

i loved her acting in bahn ohl lim1&2- i just wish she'll be in another drama soon someday <3

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Guest adikkeluangman

Actress Goh Ah-ra Cast in Joint Movie by Japan and Mongolia



Actress Goh Ah-ra, who was propelled to stardom after appearing in the KBS teen

drama 'Sharp' has been cast as the unrestrained and independent second wife of

Genghis Khan in 'Blue Wolf' a biographical film on the Mongolian hero which will

be jointly produced by Japan and Mongolia.

The Korean actress won the role after doing an audition, her agent SM

Entertainment said Thursday.

Goh said, "I'm happy to appear in a large-scale film as my first movie role. I will

make a great effort to learn Japanese since I will play the role in Japanese."

To mark the 800th anniversary of the founding of the nation of Mongolia, the film

will be produced by Gadokawa Haruki and directed by Sawai Shinichiro with a

budget of more than US$30 million.

Japanese actor Sorimachi Takashi will play the role of Genghis Khan, and Koyuki

will appear as his first wife Borte. The film will be released in 350 Japanese

theaters in early 2007.

c: KBS Global

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