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OMG.. is it just me??...

Guest suahSEEyu

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Guest SwtMsT

I was looking at them

I have some rocketdog flats, they've lasted for about 6 months now, no complaints! and they're comfy. the only thing I didn't like about the skull shoes, is the top part, like...the rubber part? It's un even and has a red line or something through it, so I didn't but them.

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rocketdog is pretty good. i think steve madden carried some at there store once. i dont really like them... ^^

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Guest lazygrl

Rocket Dog





are rocket dog shoes good quality?? would they last long??

they looks similar to chucks.. and i have alot of chucks... but they last like... a year-ish?? or less


cute ??

It is just you...

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