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  1. Hi geumtrangdi,



    This is Carmel 1, I have not posted anything because I could not sign in,  my account was suspended.  We'll I am writing to you to personally tell you my thoughts.


    I believe that Koo's decision to study is based on her lawyer's advice.  In the US,  divorcees are advised by their lawyers to study because they have a better chance of getting more settlement.  Plus, that will stop Koo from making more money because anything she makes- Ahn will have to get 50 % . Most of the couple's property comes from Koo's savings and therefore she loses half of it to Ahn.  If Koo does not want a divorce Ahn cannot do anything unless they find fault in Koo. So studying will prevent Koo to make more damaging pronoucements and stop her from making more.


    I respect whatever decision Koo will do at this time.  If she wants to stay married so be it.  I deeply trust her.

  2. I hope what she means is that we won't be hearing from her for a while- not until she finally come out with the latest book. Here's the translation of her last IG - credit to @sun_bits on IG Hello everyone. This is Ku Hyesun. I would like to give my last greetings to you before the publication of my essay book <I'm Your Pet>. Thank you for all the interest and love, I was able to fulfill my dreams. Wishing you good health and happiness always. I love you. From Ku Hyesun. Koo also showed the prologue (a sort of introduction) of her new book. It's nice to see her acknowledge her fans- meaning that fans' supports are making a difference Pray that she continues to recover, takes good care of herself and be surrounded by family & friends and not isolate herself! Fighting Koo! We love you!
  3. Hi everyone, So relieve to see Koo posting on IG again - it means she's trying to move forward. And even more happy seeing all the good news- top ranking of her novel and her decision to have it translated to Indonesian. I'm really perplex why Koo doesn't have her books translate to English. It seems to me that there are a lot of International fans that are dying to read her stories but we cannot Maybe, she hasn't found an English writer/translator that she likes?? What do you guys think? How can we make it happen?? Anyway, we can try to let Koo know how badly we want to read her stories via an English version. Sis @gelisacarras has a comment on Koo's latest IG post about translate novel to Indonesian- requesting an English version; let's try to increase # of 'like' on that request. It's currently at 100, shall we aim for 500? Here I go again - must say that I had tried many times before with not great result!! But I'll keep trying when I can and who knows .... Hahaha! Want to say Annyeong to those "oldies" @myonenonly @gayu312 @obbor4 @sheherizade3 @macaronsandsakuratea @gelisacarras @LILI2009 @cheerkoo Glad to hear from you guys again
  4. Hi Sunnies, Happy to see many posted to support our beloved Koo- but under such distressing situation Agree with the many well-expressed thoughts of others – you guys write so well Just want to add a few thoughts- 1) On GHS’s actions Sis @sheherizade3 wrote “Instead of lamenting what GHS should or shouldn't have done and feeling sad and lost, we should be celebrating her coming out to fight for truth, her bravery amidst all the hate thrown upon her notwithstanding the effect it would have on her career and personal life.” @mel22 wrote “AJH and his company underestimated Koo's tenacity and spunk. They probably thought Koo would just let things slide in silence even if she was maligned with half-truths and lies. Big mistake! “ Initially, I was worried about Koo’s mental state for doing such drastic actions but after reading wise words from GHS fans, I agree with others that she knows what she was doing. She needed to say her truth- she couldn’t bear not to do it!! Just as in BOF, instinctively, Jandi had to stand up bully Jun-pyo (shoving the ice cream in his face), or land that flying kick to that other guy who mistreated her BFF. That’s our GHS!! Dear Koo - we are inspired by you, we'll stand behind you, support you & cheer you on!! She did what she needed to do and let the chips fall where they may – and thank God, there is justice and logic in S Korea, they landed in the right places. 1) Knetz, Inetz and intern. fans are supporting Koo and even being inspired by her. 2)Ahn is getting the consequences of his actions! 2) On Ahn Jae Hyun I think his feelings for Koo at the beginning was real and he wasn’t scheming. But his actions toward the end showed that he’s just a very immature, irresponsible & seemingly “cunning” at times (doing things to advance his career). In the final analysis, the marriage failed bc his & Koo’s thinking of the meaning of a marriage is a major mismatch. He talks a good talk (about marriage) but the real Ahn isn’t so! In a recent interview, Koo said Ahn wants the “falling in love” feelings and her thinking is really different from that. That’s life- many marriages don’t work out. Maybe there’s a positive to the really terrible ending-> it’s easier for GHS to be done with him! Ahn is definitely wrong in many ways and will pay for his mistakes but I hope he comes through ok- learn from it & not carry ill-will. I think Koo would want that as well. Why? bc she’s a decent & wise person. Ill feelings will eat you up! 3) Moving forward Sis @gelisacarras wrote “But the most I appreciate is that the majority of the people, Knetz and Inetz are supporting her. She is now living a very dark moment, but eventually, she will acknowledge that it was the best for her.” Sis @sheherizade3 wrote “She's experiencing the equivalent of baptism of fire right now. Very painful at the outset, but after it passes, she'll experience a sense of peace. “ I pray that God will help her to be strong, to know that what she did was good and not to be too sad for too long. Pray that her family, friends and fans will be able to help her through this most difficult life trial. How can we help as fans? Clicking on “like” & add supporting comments on her last IG post, what else?
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