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  1. I just came here to express my frustration with the main female character. I'm sure most of you probably like her, so please don't come at me if I say something you don't like. It is just my opinion. Here it goes....for me this character is the most confusing and useless character I've ever seen in a drama. I just finished watching eps 13 and 14 and can't help but feel so confused about who she really loves. Her relationship with both guys is so shallow. She acts like she is in love with the cop and the next second she is acting like she is in love with the other guy or at least makes him feel like it. Giving him hopes. I really want this character to make her mind on who she really loves asap. Because at this point, this character looks like she is basically cat-fishing both guys. They both think they have something special with her. Also her role in this whole story seems useless to me, no actual purpose. I'm crossing my fingers hoping this drama ends well.
  2. I'm crossing my fingers she doesn't get back with her ex husband especially after every creepy things he's done.
  3. So I just read an article about Korean viewers criticizing the drama because of "historic inaccuracy" after the scene where the king was shown wearing mixed period clothing and accessories. At this point I just think that Korean viewers are just nitpicking every single thing they don't like even if there isn't anything to criticize about. Nobody said it was a historic drama about something that happened in the past. Can't they process the fact this drama is a fantasy not a reality. Plus even if it was, it is already about 21st century kingdom where anything is possible including mixing and matching different period/dynasty clothing and accessories. Can't they just appreciate the fact that Joseon period clothing can still go well with Silla dynasty accessory. It looked refreshing and well suited. I just don't understand why Korean viewers are so critical about this drama when this drama is actually getting pretty interesting?! I just can't put my finger on it.
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