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  1. I want Oh Je and Da Heen's actors to have their own high school romance drama where they fall in love with each other. I specially like the actress and her character. She is soo cute.
  2. So I haven't watched eps 9 and 10 yet but from what I saw in either 7 or 8, Oh Je has a crush on Hwi-young. I really like to see him with Da Heen but oh well.
  3. And she is about to kiss Jung Hae-In in her next drama/project, lol. Anyways I haven't watched the last 2 eps yet, but I am glad I didn't drop this drama. I loved the twist and everything. I just wish they didn't make the synopsis sound like HJM is going to have a lot more scenes in the drama not just in 4 eps like a lead role in a fantasy romance drama. Maybe it was a marketing strategy to reach out to certain demograph? To me, it was a life drama with some melodrama elements to it not a fantasy for sure.
  4. Please, please pleeeaasse don't get me wrong. I do respect and like the actress playing herself Kim Hye Ja, Nam Joo Hyuk and the other actors in the drama and wish the drama the best of rating but I was so hyped to watch this drama because of Han ji Min and they promoted it like she was going to be one of 3 main leads. But after reading the interview with her mentioning that she didn't have much scenes with NJH and watching the first eps, I feel like Han Ji Min's role was just a guest appearances with voice acting. I don't even see it as fantasy romance drama like they promoted it as. It's just a fantasy comedy drama w/some elements of romance but not full on fantasy romance drama. I will feel like a jerk if I drop this drama, but the thing is I was so hyped to see her in this drama but she is not really gonna be in it as much :(. I'm gonna watch the next weeks eps to see If HJM comes back if not, I'm just gonna wait for her next drama.
  5. I'm still in doubt that the real King is dead. I mean I felt really bad for him even though I also hated him a little. If this was a real life scenario, I can see why he turned out to be a bit of vicious king. This poor thing went through so much from birth. His life was just one big tragedy by itself. His parents dead and he became the King when he was young. His father never loved him. His father also despised him for his mother's death. He lived in fear of getting poisoned/killed by almost everyone around him his whole life which was the case. He was smart, he knew what kind of treasonous things were plotted against him by whom. He had good intensions for his country though the fear of getting killed overshadowed it. He loved his Queen but he didn't know how to show his feelings which resulted in a distant relationship between the two. He only knew how to throw adult tantrums and depended on drugs to suppress his emotional pain. He got poisoned by the only person he trusted. I thought that the guy did it like a mercy poisoning and stayed with him till he died, he should've at least held him in his arms. After all, it was his birthday too. His death was heartbreaking and lonely even though someone was with him. I also feel like the Queen might resent the other guy for about a couple of eps when she finds out that the King she fell in love when she was young and married has dead and someone already living his live as him. She was in love with him even though he was bad and they had not lived like a real married couple. Just my opinion.
  6. Haven't seen this weeks eps yet, won't be able to watch them until the weekends. So my question is, there is not scene of her wearing the crown princess dress and the hair accessories? I was looking forward seeing her in that outfit? She would've looked so beautiful. Do they seem like they would get married as grown prince and princess?
  7. Hi guys, new here . Glad to find it. I just started watching this drama and I'm enjoying it so far even though I'm not a fan of period dramas. @hanamee, @Dramanoona I'm probably completely wrong since I did fast-forward many scenes in each eps, but I feel like the baby's father might be the main girl's brother. If I remember correct, the crown princess was really worried about him when he was wounded and there was some scenes of their childhood together, right?! Plus, he might have done it to take revenge on her father, ?! My wild guesses, lol!
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