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  1. hello everyone, popping by and i see some familiar people currently putting myself on pause after Ep 13 so that i can binge (and end my misery once and for all) once the finale airs this week. Just some of my two cents on the drama after watchin up to Ep 13 (just my personal opinions, there is no right or wrong answers! might be biased but i will try to be objective, dont intend to offend anyone here :)) I have watched all of PHR's work since Dream High and i think my favourite one is I Hear Your Voice? She has a knack for writing strong female and male leads, but i
  2. Probably my last time posting here because this series has came to an end. Honestly felt disappointed because i anticipated this drama since it was Joowon's comeback drama! :| I think the series started out with a very fresh concept, but probably messed up in the hands of the writers? I felt the whole series was more on dimension shifting than time travel? The main story revolved around the murder in 2010 and the shift between 1992, 2010, 2020 and 2050? There's still no explanation why JG has his powers and ability to close the door or time? I guess the writers also got confused w
  3. back here to comment because the series is finally ending! I thought i understood everything, but i am totally lost right now?? But eitherways, Ep 15 was so hard to watchhh especially when Min-Hyuk died?? and when he flashes back to the past, and imagined an alternate ending if he chose to stay with Tae-Yi for the child Poor Tae-yi has to sacrifice all the time.... I understand its because she wants to keep Jin-gyeom's existence, but i am confused how Jin-gyeom's existence affects time travel?? Someone enlighten me please... But aside, i seriously hope Jin-gyeom can save both his
  4. omg so long since i stepped into this thread, but i had to comment !! Ep 11 was amazing, kudos to LJK & MCW. Was so heart-wrenching to watch! At least Hyun-soo isn't alone this time Jiwon loves HS for who he is, regardless of his true identity. I hope they can pull through and start afresh. Also glad to have Haesoo back in his life, and she is willing to stand up for what she has done and not let Hyunsoo take the blame. The only obstacle now is BHS & his creepy family ! Someone please expose this freak?? And what is BHS's affiliation to DMS though? I really loved the scen
  5. yesss, Joowon finally back in dramaland ! i really liked the premise because the story was a relatively fresh genre/concept in K-drama land?? and im such a sucker for sci-fi genres and of course Joowon the first episode was quite well-paced and solid?? Although i still have alot of questions for it but well but it's just the first episode. Damn JW & KHS's acting are so good ? I am already crying the first ep .... Can't wait to see how this story plays out? because i am still quite confused over how this time travelling thing works ? and seems like there's crime elements inv
  6. wow im impressed, you guys are like detectives and had guessed that something was fishy with the Head Nurse from way back. Although, we had alr pretty much guessed it i am just kinda curious about the Head Nurse aka MY's Mum (?) : - so if she is MY's Mum, so she presumably did plastic surgery and got a psychiatrist degree to work at the hospital? I mean she kinda had a perfect disguise given her position in the hospital and how the Director didn't see through her? - she seems sad when KDH was sick and going to pass away tho? Was she perhaps remorseful? - what's her intenti
  7. Back after watching the first episode and i must say the first episode was great? It gives us insights to the dynamics of HS's family and JW's interaction with them. So it seems like HS isn't the hospital director & pharmacist's son since he is DHS (which i didn't expect) Wonder where the real BHS went then? Plot was rather tight and fast paced actually? They solved one crime in this episode, and let viewers know BHS = DHS? And DHS kidnapping MJ right from the start? Anyone watched the NETFLIX series "You"? It's kinda similar like the psychopathic male lead locked ppl up in th
  8. hi there, omg glad the forum is back, was so bored last week. I have read through the comments but am putting this drama on hold because i agree with most of you guys here... @D27Gjk68 talk about drama... i think probably it's all about timing? Or fate?? Although i thought it was kinda rude JW just answered DG's phone, because apparently it was HJ's friend that called DG and not HJ (or did i miss out smth)? So this means JW just picked up DG's phone by chance? I mean if my house mate was close to me i wouldn't mind it, but evidently DG & JW are not on very amicable term
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