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  1. I want Oh Je and Da Heen's actors to have their own high school romance drama where they fall in love with each other. I specially like the actress and her character. She is soo cute.
  2. So I haven't watched eps 9 and 10 yet but from what I saw in either 7 or 8, Oh Je has a crush on Hwi-young. I really like to see him with Da Heen but oh well.
  3. And she is about to kiss Jung Hae-In in her next drama/project, lol. Anyways I haven't watched the last 2 eps yet, but I am glad I didn't drop this drama. I loved the twist and everything. I just wish they didn't make the synopsis sound like HJM is going to have a lot more scenes in the drama not just in 4 eps like a lead role in a fantasy romance drama. Maybe it was a marketing strategy to reach out to certain demograph? To me, it was a life drama with some melodrama elements to it not a fantasy for sure.
  4. Please, please pleeeaasse don't get me wrong. I do respect and like the actress playing herself Kim Hye Ja, Nam Joo Hyuk and the other actors in the drama and wish the drama the best of rating but I was so hyped to watch this drama because of Han ji Min and they promoted it like she was going to be one of 3 main leads. But after reading the interview with her mentioning that she didn't have much scenes with NJH and watching the first eps, I feel like Han Ji Min's role was just a guest appearances with voice acting. I don't even see it as fantasy romance drama like they promoted it as. It's just a fantasy comedy drama w/some elements of romance but not full on fantasy romance drama. I will feel like a jerk if I drop this drama, but the thing is I was so hyped to see her in this drama but she is not really gonna be in it as much :(. I'm gonna watch the next weeks eps to see If HJM comes back if not, I'm just gonna wait for her next drama.
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