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  1. Poeun (Jeong Mong Ju) was a real-life historical character. He was a scholar/diplomat with much influence during the later Goryeo period. Wikipedia link : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeong_Mong-ju His assassination is considered to be starting point to the fall of Goryeo dynasty, a statement for the rebellion.
  2. These are mostly all the shows he appeared in for promotion or drama related with his drama cast or solo. Some before the drama aired while some during. Thank You - JipiJigi Ep5 Dance of the Dragon - HeartToHeart - solo interview Chuno - WinWin, Happy Together with Cast Iris 2 Press Conference - KBS Award Ceremony - Choreographed Fight with cast, Happy Together with Cast SOGC - SNSD Sunny's Radio Show with Oh Yeon Seo Gaekju - Happy Together with Cast Ordinary People - V Live, Live Talk Show Taxi Money Flower - Dragon Club (kinda) WOL Press Conference - V Live with Junho and Ryeo Won Bad Papa - Radio Star, TBS-FM Kim Gyu Ri with Cho Ki Sub ----------------------------------------------------------- Not Direct Promotion The Flu - appeared on Hwashin - Controller of Heart before release Inside or Outside - appeared on Ding Ge Long Dong Qiang early that year
  3. I don't think LBW's reactions to HJ suggest anything romantic. It's more of him being impressed by her bravery and her connections. BW would strike down whoever goes against his will regardless of who it may be. Today's episode was quite clear on that. Lots of screen time. All important. Sometimes other scenes feels like fillers, especially from the last episode everything seems to be revolving around him. It will probably be that way throughout the drama considering the factual history. "Bang Won" is probably the most uttered word in the drama. Every freaking conversation has "Bang Won" in it.
  4. What happened to the OSTs? First there was almost no promotion and now this.. its the 3rd week running. Something is seriously wrong with this marketing team. Not to mention we don't get any bts except for those JTBC posts. There wasn't even a script reading video.
  5. Jang Hyuk has by far the best dialogues in the drama. "..... and My Country" that was so powerful. Even when he mimicked Nam Jeon''s dialogue the delivery was totally different, had so much more depth. TBH each and every one of his word and expression seems to be giving more depth to LBW's character- calculating, farsighted and with purpose.
  6. I too think he has little resemblance to DG except for the messy hair. He has an aura of sophistication about him here, while DG was quite rough around the edges. It seem like JH did have a fair bit of freedom about his character. Another thing of notice (from the trailer) is that his scenes are quite meticulously filmed- the framing of his shots, no background characters during his screen-time, which isn't the case even for the leads. This makes me think that the director does have the intention of making the best out of his presence.
  7. In the latest episode of Mom's Diary - My Ugly Duckling (SBS) Kim Jong Kook posted one of his dongseng impersonating Hyukie in Dragon Club chat room. Entire Dragon Club reacted. (reaction comes after - not in the video) Full Video - Mom's Diary EP-158 - Dragon Club
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