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  1. I also think he's a pretty unlikeable character, but like @40somethingahjumma says, I think we're going to see some growth by the end! I'm optimistic about that. It would suck if the writer makes him stay the same, especially if it's Jung Kyung Ho. The OSTs are absolutely freaking amazing. WOW. I was surprised when the crowd just started yelling Kelly for no reason besides Ha Rip hyping her up. That's a very nice and receptive crowd LOL, especially if they were waiting for their idol, who doesn't even show up. This is getting very exciting! I can't get enough of YG's singing. Every time someone cuts her off, I get annoyed bahaha.
  2. Jung Kyung Ho/Ha Rip's hair is literally a blessing from above hahaha! I have no idea what direction this show is going in (esp in the romance department - that age gap gives me doubts, but kdrama land has had much larger age gaps anyways so who is to say really?), but all the actors and actresses were superb in eps 1-2. I'm a binger, so I wish I checked this drama out when all the eps were over, seriously! Yes, me too, I was trying to look for it.
  3. It's been a while since I last watched a kdrama, and as always, I come to soompi to see if other people are enjoying it too. Just dropped in to say that I binge-watched all 4 eps today and I can't wait for the next ones x)
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