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  1. Both moms were hurt in last episode. (Ugh I wish I knew how to do thumbnails. @stroppyse please help) Anyway SW mom got a throw down when he told that GH protected his son that she tried to kill. (Slap in yo face) While GH mom's heart should be bleeding tears when she heard her daughter confess her love for SW only to then say I won't do anything to hurt or displease you. Basically saying my future happiness I give up for your pride. I love how both families face similar situations but how each affected individual deals with it so differently.
  2. Wont get to watch the rest of ep 20 till next week and I'm happy to see Sabina's world crumble. Here's to her husband making the biggest mistake possible
  3. I HATE parents that think only their children are precious to them. Example SM mother who cherishes her daughter but is willing to slap GH. SM omma is one of the worst I've ever seen. Yes some mothers and characters do worse things than she does but I've met no one so closed off and shameless in behavior. She attacks a pregnant woman demands she has an abortion then pay someone to report to her if not so she can harass the person pregnant with her grandson. (This is a good enough reason to block her privileges or right to sue for custody since she had planned to kill the child from the beginning). Then she condones and encourages her daughter in her pursuit of a married man. ( Moral and ethical reasons the deny custody). Then she conspires to ensure that said child does not have a good and stable home. (Again moral and ethical reasons) She continues on by illegally but correctly identify her grandchild and then conspire to keep said child away from his father. NOW she is demanding his return as if he was misplaced when she did much to ruin his life in the short 7 years of his life. She has the nerve to look down on the people who are helping him to feel emotionally mentally and physically sound and offer him unconditional love. Something that she has not since gestation. And instead looks down on them. She has no care of his ability to adjust to an even more stressful separation and seems eager to mentally damage YR further by abruptly taking him away from his mother. In reality I think its boils down to her thinking that her status and wealth makes her better than most as well as her overwhelming pride. It's what made her against BoRa or why she thought SM had a right to take JH from GH. Why she talks down to JH despite his being a man who makes more money than SM as well as a 2x divorcee like SM.Its also why she's forcing a connection between SW and SG when SW hates the idea. And now why instead of looking at what is the least traumatic experience for her grandson she goes all out stupid and marginalizes the ones that care about YR more than her. How dare she raise her hand to GH?
  4. I love listening to GH & SW conversations. They are truly adult conversations deep in meaning with no one playing games just honesty. Today's episode was great I can't wait to watch again before bed.
  5. SW needs to know his son is YR by Wednesday. I've had enough. Hello all I'm always lurking on the thread but nary a comment till now.
  6. I'm enjoying drama. I cant wait for secretary secret to spill. I wonder if it's her voice on the recording? A lot of things and secrets got buried at the firefly festival
  7. Hi is anyone watching this drama? I just binged it up till ep 51. There is little to activity here. Just wondering is everyone watching is current?
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