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  1. Hi is anyone watching this drama? I just binged it up till ep 51. There is little to activity here. Just wondering is everyone watching is current?
  2. Park hoy soeb is so cool. I'm enjoying the love triangle between ET ES and Chanie. ET is more jealous of ES than YH. I REALLY enjoy ET-ES LOVELINE the most in this drama and I think the writer was clever and witty to do it rather than forced relationships and obvious pairings. It definitely brings something fresh. MS apps is evil but will MS and CEO Yang save MY?
  3. The accountant screwed MY over. MY ahjumma took out loans against her shares. Probably she took on the MS father's debts. Shes not rich anymore they said.
  4. Guys I hope MY ahjumma is not sick, alot of references to missing doctors appointments and forgetting doing things. Also I hope nothing sneaky going on with CEO Yang and accountant since he vowed to pay MY back. Accountant seemed like she was lying. Well maybe its too late for these things plotwise. And I really want SH to move out and leave KS.
  5. Yup she said JH I really like him, I like him a lot. That's my interpretation.
  6. I want to know what YH and ET say to each other in preview I can make out every conversation in preview except for theirs can someone please help me
  7. Can someone please tell me whats being said i cant make it out. Thx in advance.
  8. Yes I know it's interesting that the major pull that made most of us root for the couple was ES. Usually in dramas when the birth secret is revealed the mother laments "I did not even recognize my own child and they were next to me" in this case you could say that ET "recognized" her right away and put alot of effort in loving her and showing her he does care. He did it not just to be with YH but because he genuinely felt it. I can't wait till it's him ES actually wants and calls for with an open heart. I dread the heavy handedness of ET sister when she finds out that is her niece.
  9. @stroppysei havent heard from you since happy home. Thanks for translation of upcoming ep.
  10. Sorry but was it that ET worked with a certain dr in US where they were is that what they are saying?
  11. Hello to all that are already here. Im gonna join this thread now since I watched and loved all Let's eat seasons, and I have no doubt about this future on. Fighting GDY!
  12. hi everyone my live link is not working half the time and today it isn't. Does anyone know of an alternative link (I use aq******). Thanks.
  13. im aksing because Im positive you know the answer...what ep is his confession and his cooking dinner for her? Please and thank you!
  14. hi guys, han't watched a kdaily since. I havent gotten over this one yet. Pretty surprising even though it was not written as I wanted each character was well defined and lived consistently well through drama's run except one...the JS step mom. But hey! Im shocked about it not starting a new kdaily because as sure as the sun rises I watch at least 1 kdaily 2kdramas and 1kwkend drama at a time by rule since 2011 and now I am not watching even 1 kdaily. Life changes hey?
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