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  1. Finally, the end of this waste of time drama which only saving grace was the storylines with Ah-ri, Jun-su & Byeo-ri. My opinion on this drama is it felt like someone writing a 5,000 words essay under exam conditions, unsure of what to write but trying to make up the required word count so decided to fill it up with a lot of garbage & nonsense. Then on hearing it’s the last 30mins before the exam time is up, hurriedly decided to throw in “some” key points in the last paragraph (equivalent to the last 2 episodes). As a result, the entire essay turned out to be a pile of shit
  2. I agree, everything now will feel like a rush. Can't believe we had to watch so many episodes just to see a few seconds worth of a smack on the lips LOL.
  3. Well finally did a binge watch and caught up with the most current episodes and I must say it doesn’t look like much changed since I last watched LOL. I used to think Jun-su had the biggest & best transformation in this drama, but something tells me (let me stress it’s just my opinion) Joong-han would get that title soon enough. I’ve said this before although he is not one of my favorites, I do think he is actually the best actor in this drama for the role he portrays. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what the writers have in store for his transformation as I could see tiny bits of i
  4. I feel bad for Joong-Han’s character, the writers really making him look so petty like a kindergarten school kid. The mentality of “I’m not playing with you so my friends should not play with you either” is exactly how he’s acting. This just makes him look so foolish & pathetic for a big man when he doesn't get his way and erupts into these childish tantrums. Secretary Kim should be a love guru as a side job LOL. His advice to Jun-su is the cleverest action for him to take at present to counter Ah-ri’s stubbornness. They say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” so hopefully t
  5. Just finished watched episode 21 & OMG I think I’ve just developed a crush on this new SEXY hired killer/spy Bian Fu! Boy is he well built & hottt LOL. Sad to say but I wouldn’t even miss Zhou Lian presence from the show, her demise was like good riddance to bad rubbish. The only one who is really going to miss her is LBQQ. Can’t believe one little trap set by (the amateur) Miao Fei & she (the experienced spy) fell for it hook, line & sinker; running about like a headless chicken & even more so after panicking when she saw the hottt new spy. To be h
  6. 13 episodes left and the writers continue to put us on this emotional roller-coaster ride with episodes after another being either happy, sad, annoying, boring, or amusing which to me is so frustrating! In my opinion, today’s episode was totally boring & left me feeling majorly annoyed at the same time. I must say Jun-su’s parents are simply the worse! They are prime examples of what “role model parents should not be like” and for this I really pity him. Who needs enemies with interfering parents like this, who would rather hurt their own child than support him? They claim to
  7. It was a awesome grand finale episode to witness the happiness, togetherness, repentance & forgiveness of each of the characters in this drama. Although, I’m still a bit sour about how easily the writers made Seo-Ah forgiveness be accepted as to me that was the only let down in this drama. I really pitied Na-ro in the end, at least he paid his dues for his bad deeds. It would have been nice to see him get forgiveness from everyone & be included in the final Samgwang Villa pic rather than being on the outside/sideline listening in. It was great to see Chae-Won & Jae-Hee
  8. Well today’s episode was quite amusing. It was so hilarious seeing Jun-su on his kick scooter, this guy really pulling out all the stops to win his girl. It’s like his actions gets cuter & more adorable every time I see him now, fighting Jun-su! Ah-ri girl, your days of playing hard to get are numbered. In the preview he was so full of pride when telling his parents "couples who have been together start looking similar". Jun-su honey sorry to say but your taste in the past was horrible (based on how Uhm PD dressed today), but boy I’m so happy you’ve seen the light & been reborn (thanks
  9. He was told he is in the late stages of liver cancer which has already metastasized to his other organs and is non-treatable. They gave him around a month or so to live, poor man.
  10. Decided to re-watch this weeks' episodes and I must say Dae-Ro looked the best I’ve ever seen him appearance wise, when he went under cover wearing that pair of glasses and face mask. Also, his friend Chan-Sung looked quite pretty dressed as a woman & in my opinion he could act as a double for Ji-Ran if ever needed LOL. To me the resemblance between them was striking. It’s really amazing the things you notice when you look at something twice.
  11. Contrary to what others think about Joon-A & Hae-Deun relationship although they may act immature, I personally think they bring an imperfect & fun factor to this drama. They act like kids trapped in grown up bodies which is reflected in some of their hilarious childish actions. I believe it’s a result of them both being first love & also pampered by their respective families. The scene with the candles smoke setting off the water sprinkler today was so silly; you just have to shake your head and wonder what the IQ of these 2 clowns are … LOL. Nevertheless, honestly I really can't
  12. @hush puppy I literally just finished ep 15 on Viki. I'm so annoyed because I could see up till ep 20 available but from 16 on-wards there are no subtitles yet . This is so frustrating because I've gotten engrossed in this drama and familiarised myself with the plot and who's who. I've just started ep 16 as there is 36% sub but it's annoying just looking at pictures and not knowing what's taking place. Thank goodness for your snippets that I pick up here & there of what's happening. I've just seen where you said Zhou Lian died, why don't I even feel an ounce of pity for her? I
  13. After catching up on the last 3 episodes I must say little Byeo-ri is the most "mature, understanding, compassionate, responsible & intelligent" character in this whole drama. It feels as though she is Ah-ri’s big sister rather than the other way around. I also think the writers have been busy trying to redeem Bo-ra (feels like a full 360° turnaround), Joong- han (so far just realising & accepting his role in Ah-ri’s messed up viewpoint about marriage & relationship) & Jae-Soo (his compassion shown to Ah-ri). As for that Uhm PD who appears to be suffering from delus
  14. It would be if they leave it till the last few episodes, remember there is still a little over 3 weeks of airing time left LOL .
  15. @hush puppy thank you for the welcome, it's the first time someone has actually done that in the few threads I've joined. I see what you mean when you said the drama is trotting along LOL but I liking it nevertheless. I'm now getting familiar with the plot as I'm started episode 8. To me Ma Shang & An Jing are like great minds think alike as their analysis of situations & events are so synchronized. Meanwhile, what's up with Du Meng? It appears like he has some sort of crush or hero worship of An Jing going on. Poor fella looks as though he is grasping at straws to find fau
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