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  1. Same here! I absolutely dislike seeing misunderstandings being prolonged throughout numerous episodes in other dramas. So, this was such a relief to see.
  2. Finally, WJ got the confidence to come clean about his identity and told his ridiculous SSE CEO Young-Suk where to get off! Kudos and much respect to him! Also, it was good to see his manager Ji-Hyang as expected supporting & staying by his side consistently. They are both likeable characters in this drama. I honestly disliked the way CEO Young-Suk treated WJ like a piece of merchandise rather than a person, not to mention his harsh attitude towards GY. I don’t think he is aware that because WJ is so kind-hearted he stayed in his company only because he overheard Young-Suk was
  3. Personally, I found the majority of this episode difficult to watch. There were so many issues or rather attitudinal behaviours that reminded me of a pill that’s hard to swallow. NOG CEO Jin-Man I really dislike him and his ruthless attitude, he is too intrusive & controlling. Ma-ha although I like her, as someone who wants to be an idol in the limelight having such a defeatist demeanor will not work. The role she was given to portray just doesn’t exude much confidence which is a bit frustrating. I’m not sure if it’s the way she walks or the hairstyle they’ve given her or even
  4. These 2 recent episodes was really enjoyable with the WJ & GY scenes. I was glad to see that WJ is paying attention to GY, inviting her friends over & cooking for them was a simply sweet gesture on his part. There were also some hilarious scenes like when they dressed GY in the sexy outfit that left WJ at a loss because he was worried that others would be privy her “pretty legs” lololol. I was pleased to see GY finally realised JJ’s true intentions & got the ring back for WJ, even giving him an honest explanation about what happened. It was also good to see GY close link with that
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode as Ryeok finally realised that he likes Ma-ha. However, I could see it’s going to take a while for Ma-ha to gain confidence and be convinced to accept the fact that a star like Ryeok could actually like her. Ryeok had some really funny scenes this time around, he handled those comedy parts really well. Yu-Jin to me is becoming more and more annoying. I mean there’s nothing wrong with having a one-sided crush on Ma-ha but not to the extent of using Hyun-Ji to bridge contact with her (not sure why she’s even putting herself through that hurt but as t
  6. Ahhhh finally we are getting somewhere with this drama. I could now see some sparks fly between WJ & GY and a connection forming after episodes 7 & 8. Although, WJ still keeps his cool composure he is starting to reveal subtle hint that he is developing feelings for GY. I was happy to see their first kissing scene which was initiated by our cool as a cucumber WJ, not once but twice in one go! Also, thank goodness for the fast forward button that I could skip all those boring scenes with IH & JJ, as I personally find IH so annoying. I wish some positive progress could be
  7. 1 episode per week is really making this drama feel as though it’s dragging along but I’m enjoying it nevertheless. I like watching all those Ryeok & Ma-ha scenes as I get the impression, he secretly likes her but pretends to act cold and sarcastic toward her just to challenge her to do her best by being herself so her success will be on her own merit. As for Yu-Jin poor fella carrying a crush on Ma-ha for God knows how long, which is plain to see will come to naught in the end. It's just my opinion but I wish he would just concentrate on improving himself for himself, rather t
  8. I absolutely enjoyed looking at Vincenzo. I really love both Song Joong-Ki & Kwak Dong-Yeon as actors, their roles to me are always so cute, adorable and amusing. That's why I can't believe it took me so long to decide to watch it. My only regret is that I didn't look at it sooner lol. The story line itself was pretty captivating and entertaining, it contained a little of everything you would hope for in my opinion. The chemistry between Vincenzo & Cha-Young was outstanding! Vincenzo personality to me was cool, composed, self-reliant, reserved and with a raging inferno hid
  9. Saw this as a new release and decided to give it a watch. Happy that I did as I found it surprising enjoyable, filled with obstacles and entertaining. I really like Ma-Ha’s personality and the positive energy she brings to her Tea Party group. Not to mention, it was good to see her group mates Hyun-Ji & Ri-A readily accepted her from the get-go and how easily they gel together. I could see the sparks between Ryeok & Ma-Ha although he appears to treat her cold. It looks like they have a little history between them as they met years before. I think he prefers Ma-Ha’s normal v
  10. Unsure whether it’s just me but I just didn’t see or feel any connection between WJ & GY or even JJ & IH in the previous 5 episodes. I often felt the only connection I could see was WJ & his manager JH. However, just finished looking at episode 6 and finally I could see a bit of chemistry starting up between WJ & GY. Hoping to see it developing more from epi 7 on-wards. As for JJ & IH relationship, don’t see any chemistry at all between them. Their relationship just seems to be one of hate, jealousy and both using each other for ulterior motives. They both seem
  11. So I’ve started watching this drama on Rakuten Viki for 2 reasons: 1) I wanted to see Choi Tae-Joon performance as a lead role & 2) I saw the movie with the same title some time ago. To me this first 4 episodes has the story-line running a bit slow, I just hope they would not drag the story too much. I find Who-Joon has such a calm nature and his changes in personality is quite amusing as opposed to Geun-Young being given a bitter and annoying role. I felt so sorry for her in epi 4, when Who-Joon fans threw egg & flour on her and her response was to kindly reque
  12. Finally, the end of this waste of time drama which only saving grace was the storylines with Ah-ri, Jun-su & Byeo-ri. My opinion on this drama is it felt like someone writing a 5,000 words essay under exam conditions, unsure of what to write but trying to make up the required word count so decided to fill it up with a lot of garbage & nonsense. Then on hearing it’s the last 30mins before the exam time is up, hurriedly decided to throw in “some” key points in the last paragraph (equivalent to the last 2 episodes). As a result, the entire essay turned out to be a pile of shit
  13. I agree, everything now will feel like a rush. Can't believe we had to watch so many episodes just to see a few seconds worth of a smack on the lips LOL.
  14. Well finally did a binge watch and caught up with the most current episodes and I must say it doesn’t look like much changed since I last watched LOL. I used to think Jun-su had the biggest & best transformation in this drama, but something tells me (let me stress it’s just my opinion) Joong-han would get that title soon enough. I’ve said this before although he is not one of my favorites, I do think he is actually the best actor in this drama for the role he portrays. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what the writers have in store for his transformation as I could see tiny bits of i
  15. I feel bad for Joong-Han’s character, the writers really making him look so petty like a kindergarten school kid. The mentality of “I’m not playing with you so my friends should not play with you either” is exactly how he’s acting. This just makes him look so foolish & pathetic for a big man when he doesn't get his way and erupts into these childish tantrums. Secretary Kim should be a love guru as a side job LOL. His advice to Jun-su is the cleverest action for him to take at present to counter Ah-ri’s stubbornness. They say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” so hopefully t
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