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  1. They maintained it! https://www.soompi.com/article/1326077wpp/her-private-life-kim-jae-wook-and-park-min-young-maintain-positions-as-most-buzzworthy-drama-and-actors
  2. @AkaruiHikarichingu....I could not care less in what he is saying...I am really content just staring at him....that's me with my fangirling genes on High Mode.
  3. Yes it was a flop, and I guess one of the factors is that it went head to head with Ji Sung's Kill Me, Heal Me and both almost have the same theme....on split personalities.
  4. @rori0711 actually he did...Han Ji Min was her leading lady in Fatal Encounter and his return to drama through Jekyl, Hyde and Me, she was his leading lady as well. Sadly both were a disaster in box office and ratings.
  5. @rori0711 chingu...thanks for tagging me. I really don't have much info about this ship but just like the rest of us here, I also fell in love with them during MOTA days. Sadly we have little resources to watch and learn how they were off cam. Thank you for sharing some clips from his Fan Meet. Can't wait to find out what will happen in his other FM. Hopefully we get to hear him answer questions about SH or his MOTA experience. I have not yet fully watched the videos, but will find time this week..excited o hear him sing Shallow...ahhhh that song really gives me the fluttery feels. Hello to the rest in this thread....let's make the most of what we have about this ship...we mght get sad once HB and SYJ confirms their next drama with TVN....for sure there will be loud talks about it since they are being linked these days.
  6. Hahahaha! IKR....I bet we all do...those were beautiful memories we had of them....but change is inevitable....who knows maybe one day they will get the chance to work again...hopefully soon.
  7. Ayieeeee...its good to see you here....now I am convinced that you really do miss them! hahahaha!
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