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  1. Have you guys seen this? Bluray contents are not supposed to be spilled but no one can control the internet The kiss looks too real lol no wonder MBC didnt post the bts of the rooftop kiss. On the other hand, KDW is busy filming, from his staff posts seems like he's fiming a beach scene today. MGY is hanging out with Jamie pdnim, its nice to see our fmiym family still sticks together!
  2. Happy Anniversary find me in your memory!!! I can't believe its been a year since the drama first aired. Jamie Pd-nim posted this lovely family picture: The anniversary is not complete without a Yeo Hajin's instagram post: I still hope that she will upload a picture with KDW, all recent photos that were posted in this account are all of herself. Still happy that she maintains the account but it would be great if she would share some of the unreleased BTS photos.
  3. Fmiym pdnim and cinematographer sent a coffee truck to kdw! I love their bond and friendship even after almost a year after the drama ended: now lets wait for mgy to send one to kdw!
  4. So excited for tonight, cant wait to see how they'll explain how JJW turns out to be a villain. I honestly dont really get why a ceo of a big company would pretend to be an innocent intern in a law firm. In a long run, I am curious how vincenzo might react when he found out that JJW is the real villain all along ( will he kill him?)
  5. SHJ and Yoon Park are spotted filming, they both looks so good. also, they already started set filming now. I hope that we get more "contents" or clues, like photos of the casts with coffee truck sent to them:
  6. Looks like SM is releasing old contents, but I am happy with it! mgy seems to be taking some time off, I hope she would have a good rest. 2020 was such a busy year for her as she was working non stop. I wonder when kdw's new drama will air, some say its on 1st half of 2021 and some say its 2nd half of 2021? I head its supposed to air after Destruction (the drama that will air after LUCA).
  7. @lhynne it was surprising and he was out of town so no wonder she misses him. The SHJ fans went to YAMS filming site in cheongju and took this photo too (it was deleted but a friend managed to saved it). Looks like someone bought a new car. Actors usually uses cars owned by the agency to the filming site (kdw usually uses big van owned by keyeast), but seems like that day kdw brought his own car hmm very out of the ordinary.
  8. We finally get to see KDW filming YAMS. His style is very similar to lee jeong hoon!
  9. @kozukomi I also think that she's really funny. I cannot help to compare her character with kim hye soo's in hyena, although I still prefer kim hye soo's character, but HCY is fun to watch. Since she's somehow clumsy but is a perfectionist at the same time, i found her character not perfect but relatable.
  10. I really love Vincenzo, its very funny and entertaining, the plot is also not common. The first two episodes are very enjoyable! Vincenzo and HCY are my current favourite characters on tv right now!! Ratings in SK also looks good given the very tight competition with so many good dramas airing at the same time. I am so ready for this 20 episodes ride and look forward to the following things: - vincenzo's trick to gain back geumga plaza - vincenzo relationship with hong yu chan (i love them so much) - the identity of the real villain - will the mafi
  11. @coffeeboy indeed it would be very weird if she said it but actually dating another guy. In real life, if a girl does that it would bring trouble unless she has any intention for cheating or has feeling for the other guys. Anyhow if I were this other guy I wont be happy at all! Plus she had that hot kiss with the guy that she misses + their relationship is not exactly normal. I do think that it was 100% unintentional, it was really quick and it was in banmal. I am sure that she's not dating anyone else, she is generally careful and somehow scripted in interviews/public appearance
  12. @coffeeboy Yes!! she talked alot about fmiym!! I was watching her vlive yesterday but I didnt expect there would be any mentioned of KDW/FMIYM since the theme was "True Beauty Closing Party". Good thing that she did!!! I was really surprised that she was not only mentioning FMIYM but she also said that she misses anchornim/kdw and will call him later after the vlive and she said it casually like its nothing. When I read the subtitle during the vlive I thought I was hallucinating or smthing bc she said it really fast, but good friends on twitter was kindly enough to tra
  13. Wow so much action in the new extended teaser. Very exciting indeed, hong cha young seems to be funny and bold at the same time.
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