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  1. If you speak bahasa Indonesia there's this an hour long tarot reading of kdw and mgy. It is very detailed and talks about their relationship status + the problem they encounter.
  2. Omg that was intense. I wonder what ji-ah had to say to the reporter, did she said that they are still dating. I am curious! If ji-ah said they are still dating, what will happen to jeong-ha? Seems like she's confessing her relationship with hye jun. I think hae hyo is just trying to help. So perhaps since he also cares about jeong-ha outing ji-ah would be a good option to protect jeoh-ha's privacy? I hope no bad things will happen between haehyo and hye jun. I actually like their friendship...
  3. @touchthesky99 that would be a beautiful ending. I think now hye-jun's dad is low key proud of his son already, but he is still too proud to admit it. Which is very realistic, SK is still pretty conservative with regard to professions, so parents who came from older generation stil generally prefers their kids to take on regular jobs. @gumtaek yup the drama is doing well, it even reached 10% ratings last week which is quite rare for dramas these days. But I think there arent really that much hype internationally because RoY doesnt focus mainly on the romance. Romance Kdrama us
  4. I checked the ratings of this drama, its doing pretty good domestically. The ratings are actually very stable and is currently the highest for its airing slot. Plus its also available on netflix so there are plenty of more viewers. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Record_of_Youth check the viewership section, it is updated the next day after an episode aired.
  5. I've been a silent reader to this thread for some weeks. But anyway, I love last night's episode so much. I somehow felt proud and happy when thing goes into Hye-Jun's way. I also love that they actually shown his characters in each of the project, so that the drama felt more realistic.
  6. @rosa @memory magnet I agree. Seems like she was very happy and excited yesterday. Her conversation with Jamie in the comment section was also very cute, it shows how close their friendship is. Looking at the photos, they felt like a little family, which is really lovely. However, it seems like MGY is actually prohibited to show her face and that is why the second post was deleted (the first one was deleted because Jamie asked MGY to upload their selfies). Her third post with blue and yellow emoji as caption remains so can we all agree that KDW's truck is the most special one beca
  7. He actually sent 2 things: the coffee truck and snack from different vendor. The banner is also really sweet. Thank you kdw oppa, I didnt expect he would dare to send a food truck to TB. Such a pleasant surprise.
  8. @rosa I see thanks for the info! Many korean (celeb and non-celeb) are now seen uploading photos of skies. So its probably just a trend. Seems like she'll be doing an instalive. It is still unclear when they'll do it. Lets just keep and eye on TVN's acc. btw we all still cannot figure out any logical reason of why did kdw hairstylist went to TB shooting location. He is actually working on another drama, so its a bit weird for him to be on the set of TB. My guess is he was only there for one day because he was requested by his regular client lol...
  9. MGY receives another foodtruck from her fancafe (daum). Kim Dong Wook's hairdresser (mujin/jennyhouse team) posted this on his ig (yes kdw's hairdresser lol): I am not sure if he also handles other actor in TB. I still couldnt find other actors in TB that uses jennyhouse or any reason why kdw's hairdresser would be in TB location.
  10. Its been awhile, but there are plenty of new updates on our OTP. I have been only updating on twitter lol. 1. If you guys have joined the fancafe, you can see the new bluray teaser. Our couple is as close and sweet as they usually are. Please see it for yourselves and ready to get swoon. 2. Coffee prince documentary teaser is also out! So happy to finally get to see KDW again! 3. MGY is going live with CEW and HIY to promote true beauty, possibly in tvn's ig account. You can leave questions to her in tvn's account. I have asked re why she chooses this project and how did h
  11. Hi guys! Finally some content (thanks to korean shipper lol) @mimomarra i heard the caption supposedly said something like "the second character/alter ego (hajin) received a coffee truck but the first character (mgy) is even happier about it" which implicitly means mgy=yeo hajin. So perhaps mgy also dates lee jeong hoon/kdw? Lol anyways, me and my fellow indonesian shipper are thinking of sending a rice wreath for mgy to the press conference of true beauty. We are still trying to contact keyeast to know the details. Let me know if any of you are interested in parti
  12. KDW finally reappear (sort of but not really). He sent a foodtruck to the guest's director at the set of TVN's Luca: good to know that he is still breathing! MGY also posted on IG stories few days ago: another green and blue vibes upload lol She also posted another stories on Sunday, in which she made pizza with her sister. But only to removed the photo like few hours after hmm
  13. Just found this thread lol. Does anyone know about KDW rumoured next project "Lover"? I read this on dcgall. He's supposed to play opposite to Shin Hyun Bin
  14. @rosa But for KDW, I hope the news wont say he's marrying his long-term non-celebrity gf hahaha.... I hope that Keyeast will make a joint announcement about their two actors getting married....
  15. @memory magnet hopefully we get to have the Bluray soon!! cant wait for new gieok content!!
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