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  1. i'm currently up to episode 12 raw version it's interesting and heart ashes ZDY and XK did a great job i feel fluttered and heart ashed While looking at their eyes expression
  2. when the dragon ML looked at the FL at the way he thought that was a passionate expression But what I feel is he proof an English sentence that we used to say love is blind whenever he looked at the FL with passionate expression and when they were kissing as well I couldn't feel excited and fluttered for their kissing scenes
  3. LeeN

    thank you for the mo yuan chapter:fullofhearts:

  4. I agree He was more natural and lively when he acted with the others instead of the FL Ninky can share your tmopb translation I wanna read
  5. at first i watched i thought it based on a novel and of course i got interested with the main couple the FL ML character alike SuSu and Ye Hua But sorry to say that this dragon wasn't as smart as ye hua in TMOPB Somehow he was lack of knowledge and he simply absorbed funny theory through the novels and erotic booksHe was like at kindergarten level At that moment he had no expression on his face i can understand Til the FL born as a general i got fed up with the ML He was acting the same expression while he was with the FL From there onward i just focus on second couple Absolutely agree
  6. i'm sure according to the rpg game the main couple love story is as touching as the second couple compare to the drama
  7. with this explanation it's make sense i read it a minute ago to be honest The epilogue just to let the viewers not to be sad AND let us create their ending too
  8. let's say the heaven lord has given them another opportunity to obtain as a god together So the FL can reborn again and the ML stay there to seal the divine web til the FL remember him and her live end Don't take it serious Since they came out an epilogue
  9. but in the short epilogue she is princess liu ying SHE'S going to meet the dragon king i understood what XQX said in the end of episode 36 But in the epilogue seemed she reborn again
  10. Ninky Thank you So this also explained why he dearly qing qing more than his live Because his loved to xiao qing had deep into his heart
  11. Which mean Tian gu xing hadn't reincarnated As they just erased his memories and changed his identity to in charge of Lou feng ger
  12. l get touched to his expression when he found out qing qing hurt herself to pull her sparkling feather on her hand in order to exchange the herbal tea leafs with star Lord for him He was heart ashed with tears in his eyes
  13. Actually the ML just wasted the chance to perform his acting His character needed more contents to act through his heart He should let go of most regular idol dramas steps and act through his heart
  14. i'm looking forward for actor Deng Wei actress Pan Mei Ye XUNQING couple in another drama again as the main leads
  15. overall it's actually quite sad for yuchi and XQX those two treated ming ger xing jun as one of their best buddyall the while in the drama To be honest this is a good twisted plot for someone like me who didn't played the RPG game before It's unexpected point to me OH have you guys noticed that the ML acting were more lively and natural when he acted with the others instead of the FL when the FL was a general He stood there like a robot
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