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  1. HI I'm surprise this is the ending it's an unfinished ending to me. First i thought there were 60eps Then what will happen to ZR if the golden eyes power still remain with him? Overall ZR and FF relationship is an unclear part to us They have feeling to each other but didn't confess at all Friends around them kept on reminding ZR to cherish FF and created chances for them to get closer
  2. They also used Photoshop to combine both of them
  3. Not sure I am not good in Chinese I found on Google But Dylan Wang is on the site main role as Nq
  4. Ever Night 2 FULL CASTS Adam Cheng still remain as Fuzi http://www.manmankan.com/dy2013/201608/7104.shtml
  5. I'm sure they both will re work together again In another drama
  6. http://www.quanben.io/n/jiangye/list.html this is another link ever night chinese version Due to the previous link that i posted is down
  7. The battled of YHY snd NQ pretty funny and excited in the novel volume 4 chapter 29 -34 in chinese version
  8. Whose will be FUZI in S2 Adam cheng or some other artist?
  9. Hope the scriptwriter aunties give us back the real Sang sang and respect the novel writer Map Ni too
  10. I have no idea how Dylan's Wang portray as Ning Que Just hope terrible aunties don't ruin the story and the characters Be fair to the artists Song Yiren and Arthur Chen are the best leads in the series novels through my imagination
  11. Yes Even SS said I want to have a child with you No this isn't the right moment let's go back to college and cure your illness first
  12. I heard that part through Google Reader volume 4 chapter 4
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