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  1. Yes while shooting this shot he was pretty heart ache Chang Chen couldn't pull out his feelings after called for cut Too heartbreaking I saw on YouTube behind the scenes .
  2. Perhaps he didn't realize at that moment If we remember what shi Ming told Jc in episode 49
  3. First is dao ling second shan ling But ling Xi biological father Not sure no idea i have misunderstood sorry
  4. OMG I can't get over look at those pictures Encore with an extra episode please
  5. Yes but compare with yeh Huo and Susu wedding missing something I think is wedding gown
  6. Actually I want to see jiu Chen and Ling Xi wedding more than Yh and Bq
  7. He might just teleport over the realm without unlock the entrance His power might upgrade after 300 years Don't forget he is Number 1 in 9 heaven 6 realms As mikina said the blood moon will appear 300 years later, but it only mean that the door of Feng Lin Yuan will be opened once again, Jc might take the opportunity to get out in a split second After that the entrance closed itself instantly
  8. Let's recall back to the first episode Jc awakening by ling Xi rubbing blowing the longevity knot she took off in Jc's hand Then the magical power released and awake Jc stone heart. I guess it's same theory Jc might lock his last power last breathing into the longevity knot Then he unlock himself 300 years later He told Ling Xi as long as he has one last breath no matter how far he has gone he will return to her. In the final episode
  9. In douban there explained more details than in the drama Event thou It's fiction but clear and make sense
  10. After Jc asked ling Xi to seal the entrance of evil realm Jc and Jc vanished together with the the evils entrance Which mean ling Xi can go out already As Jc he might save his last power in the longevity knot 300 years later the power of Jc regain strong enough to unlock himself and return home. Besides shi San also reborn as well
  11. They had spent a romantic night in ep58 that was how the author left the hint
  12. if ling xi mother still alive jc has to call her as mother in law i wonder does he feel awkward ?
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