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  1. I admire Kim Hyun-joo's gentle beauty. She ages beautifully. The pictures below are from a magazine photoshoot she did recently I think Cred: YNK Entertainment
  2. Well, what I meant to say is rather than liking pretty-looking actors, I prefer those who exude mature-elegant vibes with superb acting. I think PSH is growing to become one like that. An actor does not have to be extremely pretty/handsome, but they ought to have that likability factor, and with a natural acting ability, they will easily draw the viewers in.
  3. "Memories of Alhambra" has officially turned me into a Park Shin-hye's fan. I have stopped watching dramas regularly for more than a decade already and only occasionally watch a drama here and there spontaneously. MoA caught my eyes due to its broadcast with Netflix and seemed to be a heavily-invested drama. I watched a couple of PSH's dramas before (The Heirs and Doctors), but only had a neutral feeling about her. In MoA, I thought her portrayal was quite elegant and mature, in both acting and appearance. To be honest, I've never thought PSH was "that pretty", but she has that likability factor, which draws me in. I wish she continues to grow into a mature, elegant actress with superb acting. Will continue to look forward to her future works.
  4. My thought: The end is meant to be an uninterpreted "happy ending". Jinwoo technically was not a murderer. However, he indirectly caused the death of Mr. Cha; and thus, that was how the story lead on. This also lead to the death of the other two characters. Therefore, if the drama was to show Jin-woo having happy ending scenes with Hee-joo, I personally think that would make his character too guilt-less. For all the troubles, he was not the one to blame, yet he was also the one to blame. By having an open-ended happy ending, the audience can interpret that Jinwoo and Hee-joo will eventually see each other again, without having to show it expressively. About any loose-ends, it's just a drama and the main purpose is entertaining, so sometimes, we just have to let go of some minor details. Overall, I find this drama to be very interestingly entertaining. The scenery is beautiful and the acting is superb as well. It gives a good message to those addicted gamers out there.
  5. So I just finished watching "Miracle That We Met". Kim Hyun-joo was superb in that drama as well. While both her characters in "I Have A Lover" and "Miracle That We Met" share a similarity that they were in deep pain relating to their marriage problems, the portrayals were completely different. Do Hae-kang/Dokgo Yong-ki were more expressive while Sun Hye-jin was a lot more restraint. Looking forward to her next drama.
  6. I only occasionally watch dramas, but recently stumbled upon "I Have a Lover" and realized how superb of an actress Kim Hyun-joo is. I remember watching her in "Glass Slippers" and "Twinkle Twinkle" back in the days, but I was too young then. She also has a gentle kind of beauty that attracts you in a kindly way. Wanting to watch "Miracle that we met" but feels like saving it for now, because I will miss her acting when I finish it.
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