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  1. The screenshot of RJH's passport? Where is that scene? I did not remember seeing it in ep. 13?
  2. I became fond of Ha Ji-won and her expressive eyes after watching "Chocolate". I don't watch dramas very often, so although I have known her name for a long time, but "Chocolate" was actually my 1st drama of hers. Hope to see her in a new drama soon.
  3. Adding an additional comment: I found the birthday party kisses between CY&LK quite memorable. It was sudden yet casual. It did not feel lustful, in contrast, it felt healing, assuring, and protective. It characterized the deeper love shared between the two characters. Don't know the exact words to describe, but it felt different in a good way.
  4. I thought there were quite some memorable dialogues during the last 2 episodes. Overall, to me, this was a good drama with nuances and depth of life. It's not solely just about the two main characters and their love story. But each detail and character (whether it's small of large) serves their purpose. I remember reading a comment from someone (I apologize for not remember their username) comparing this drama to a fine wine and I share similar sentiment. There is not anything extraordinary or unexpected that you make you go "Wow" about the storyline, but its depth slowly seeps into you as the story unfolds. And by the end of the drama, you (or at least to me) go "If I can live and treat everyone around me with such depth and a good heart, I could have contributed a bit more beauty to this life". I am not someone who likes to nitpicking every little unnecessary detail in a drama (ex: pointing out this particular character/scene is so unrealistic and whatnot). What I look for is the "bigger picture", whether I see some meaning after watching it. I'm glad this drama gave me a good feeling and that I did not waste my time at all. PS: Watching this drama also made me fond of Ha Ji-won and her expressive/electrified eyes.
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