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  1. Well, what can I say...everyone sees what they want to see. I also watched the videos with Dilraba and Wu Lei and didn't see anything special there. But there's a fuss about something that isn't there. I even got bored watching these videos and turned on rewind. In short I don't understand how this can be compared to R and V. The problem is that R and V don't appear together in the same scene. Therefore, how can we say that something happened to them or not. I don't really know who to blame anymore. Or maybe someone deliberately makes it so that they do not appear together, to avoi
  2. In fact, you can also add the drama The Flame's Daughter and The King's Woman. R has exactly the same head position there. There is a very strong distance. I mean, I've never seen a man so realistically carry a woman in his arms as in TMPOB and ELOD. This shows that R and V have a trusting and close relationship. They are always comfortable with each other. I like Reba in Long Ballad. Her image and character. But the age difference is very noticeable. Wu Lei is similar to Reba's younger brother. This is noticeable both on the posters and in the drama.
  3. Damn, Dilraba is such a beauty in long ballad. But I still can't take it with other men other than Vengo. LOL Wu Lei is similar to Reba's younger brother, both in the drama and in the posters.
  4. Hmm, and in what specific dramas did Dilraba use her voice? It became very difficult to distinguish between the dubbing voices in different dramas. Sometimes it seems that the voices are similar, and sometimes they are not. I figured it out only when I watched various conferences and interviews of actors. When I watched the drama The Micro Era Of Love, then I realized that there was something wrong with the voices of R and V.
  5. In fact, there is nothing wrong when the drama is slightly long.TMPOB very interestingly developed all the storylines, gave enough time to all the characters, without forgetting anyone. Although it is still impossible to forgive what they did with the history of DX and FJ, well, okay. I read on a forum dedicated to AOL that the production required at least 50 episodes, and originally they were going to shoot 36. In addition, the author of the novel sympathized with absolutely not the main character. So the changes began. Everyone was deceived. Expectations were met, but not all of
  6. I feel exactly the same for AOL. I watched and read AOL before TMPOB. Then I looked at TMPOB and I liked it much more than AOL. Dynamic plot, lots of interesting storylines, because there were DX and FJ. I liked AOL a lot more for the first half of the episodes, then it just started to stretch the plot and I turned on the rewind mode. I also noticed that I was starting to follow the other team. I liked the Runyu story. Oh, the censors would not miss such intimate dialogues between the main characters, as in the AOL book. It's so sad. I even wonder if the censorship missed the DX an
  7. I certainly did not read all the messages on the forum. I will say that I missed a lot of angry messages about rumors V and R with other people. It was too painful to read and I refuse to believe it in principle. I don't really think so. that they've been dating since 2013. I think it's too fast, they just got to know each other after all. In addition, this is China, with their approach to serious relationships and even more so to marriage. So I think V and R built a trusting relationship and a strong friendship from 2013 to 2017. They also took care of each other. I th
  8. I was amused by her character in AOL. She's not a typical annoying woman like Soo Jin, JH, and Zhi He. Maybe because in AOL, the main character was the most annoying. But her end at AOL was too sadistic, even for all her misdeeds. It would have been better if this outcome had been invented for JX, then I was more satisfied than this five-minute nonsense. The funny thing is that the names of her heroines are similar. In ELOD, she is Zhi He, in AOL, her name is Sui He.
  9. Oh, those deleted scenes from the ELOD. I still suffer from "WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME". We were robbed and still haven't been paid for the damage. It is so annoying that there are dramas that simply do not need 50 or more episodes in the plot, but they drag and drag the plot, because money, money and money, and thus they spoil the film adaptations of the novels, forcing the audience to skip many scenes. And there are dramas that just can't do without 60 and 70 episodes. When their conscience wakes up and they decide to satisfy us furious fans who only sleep and see all the deleted scenes . When I w
  10. Hi everyone. I have been watching the forum for a long time, looking through the pages and reading many of the messages. At first, I noticed a strong chemistry between R and V in TMPOB. After watching the ELOD, I was already convinced that something was happening between them in reality. At first, I thought I was crazy, since I don't usually pair actors in real life. But then I started digging further and found various videos from conferences and shows where they are together and it became obvious that they are so close. Then I accidentally went to the forum and then everything became clear. H
  11. Thank you for explaining this nuance to me. On the one hand, it's good that more dramas will be released, but on the other hand, some dramas, especially if they are filmed based on novels, require more episodes than the censorship and new rules allow. 4 volumes of the book for 40 episodes is very small, which means that global changes will be made to the plot. Yes, I also hope for 2 seasons, but this is such a rarity for Chinese dramas. Of great importance will be the budget invested in the drama and the consent of the actors for more than 1 season And wasn't the reduct
  12. What is the reason for the reduction of Chinese dramas to 40 episodes? This only applies to the drama is a fantasy or not? Last year and this year, there were dramas for 50 or 60 episodes. Can we hope that the Lotus Steps drama will release at least 50 episodes?
  13. Yes, Aranya is married, but I think she wanted Shen Ye to confess his feelings to her. Shen Ye also understood this. She even asked:You love me too, don't you, Shen Ye? Just one word from him would have been enough for her. She had hoped and believed to the last. Xijie wasn't even a barrier to their happiness, I don't think he would have minded if Shen Ye and Aranya had asked him for a divorce. I think Xijie helped them. But Shen Ye didn't say anything, and then it was too late. Yes, I understand that the chance for them is lost. Fate intervenes and does not allow them to be togeth
  14. Aside from what you listed in the TMPOB, I don't like that YX can't protect Su Su at least from Sujin. He knows what a RickRoll'D she is. YX doesn't even say anything. Why can't he stop Sujin from going to see his wife? He could have warned Su Su not to associate with Sujin, not to go anywhere with her. Or was it another of his defensive tactics? Very annoying. Now the ELOD. Shen Ye stayed with Aranya many times during the day, I agree that it was possible to talk to her. How long did Shen Ye plan to play silent for? One could ask for Xijie's help after all. It was necessary to wai
  15. The director asked Yuan Bing Yan to kiss Chen Yi, but he didn't even know about it, so it was unexpected for him. This happened shortly before the farewell concert. And then at the farewell concert, Chen Yi ignored the actress, even when she was crying. According to rumors, his agency told him to behave like this, in connection with the release of a new drama, on the day of the completion of Love and Redemption. But some fans interpreted his behavior as something personal, that they allegedly met to promote the drama. Of course, many things were invented by fans and anti-fans. Ther
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