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  1. In 10,000 years or so, Fengjiu is going to have a trial with three lightning strikes. It's the trial every fairy goes through to ascend to High Immortal. In the world that Tangqi built, I doubt that there would be a way in which anyone would be able to skip either of the trials. The three lightning strikes can be taken on by another immortal, but the ascension trial for High God status could only be taken on by the individual him/herself. Those trials are meant as an equalizer; you can only pass if you're good enough to, and regardless of how much Fengjiu suffered (a lot), her suffering can't
  2. It's understandable that EX already knew about Sujin games. Tianjun turns a blind eye to Sujin's antics, but this was the perfect chance to at least punish her. EX perfectly pretended not to like Susu. It's just not fair that Yuan Zhen alone is being punished and has been sent to the mortal realm. Why not do the same with Sujin? EX could talk about his reputation that Sujin had tarnished, blame her. Tianjun may be Sujin's patron, but she is now a concubine, and only he has the right to punish her. Sujin herself began to play a comedy and asked for punishment. Still, DX protected FJ much better
  3. Thank you for your point of view. It's really annoying that as a father, Bai Yi didn't pay enough attention to FJ's upbringing. And then he expects her to obey him. I won't blame BQ. She also didn't listen to anyone when she was younger, and also likes to get drunk until she passes out and no one cares. So why should FJ unquestioningly do what her father told her to do? If she wants to wear mourning for a mortal, so be it. But no, it is necessary to quickly find her a husband, wants/does not want who will ask her. I totally agree with you about DX's fault that FJ left. S
  4. Thank you for such a detailed answer. It's possible that JH actually asked Xuyang to help her manipulate DX. Yes, and other demons could see DX and JH together and interpret it in their own way. Naturally, the rumors reached the Bai family as well. Even if you take a moment from the drama where FJ came to the demon realm to find out where DX. Xuyang replied that he was with JH, so FJ made her own conclusion. If you take the drama version, since the part about memory manipulation is not there, I still won't blame FJ for leaving. She is still very young and misinterpreted
  5. Hello everyone I found your forum completely by accident, read about 200 last pages of discussion and it helped me a little to move away from the history of FJ and DH in ELOD. I've been obsessed with FJ and DH (V and R) since TMOPB. After completing both dramas, I became interested in reading both novels. I will say that the story about BQ helped me understand how she felt after the betrayal of YH, her thoughts that were not included in the drama, including in relation to Ali. The story of FJ and DH is something different, especially in ELOD. I was so heartbroken after their TMOPB story.
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