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  1. I have hundreds of Oppas @rocat , But basically, for me, Oppas are like my personal Netflix subscription: I eagerly anticipate their new releases, I'm absolutely smitten when their drama airs, I either drop the drama or FF 10× speed if drama of the Oppa is not good, If its too good Am the promotional ambassador of it ! I will be already eyeing the next/Another Oppa's drama before the current one ends, And then it's on to the next drama, the next Oppa, and the next swoon-fest. And if am watching a drama because of the plot and starts loving the character ( alexa -play the music taylor swift - labrynth "Oh uh am falling in love , Oh no am falling in love again") And I will snatch him to My Oppa list Since am not too loyal, and i "collect" Oppas too frequently my Eonni @partyon she wont share her Oppas with me As she isnt supportive of sharing her Oppas with me , thats when i have to snatch and become the baddie ! Or "claim" a new Oppa b4 she "claim" them ! And my other hangout Eonnideul and chinkudeul @Lmangla @larus @joccu @MayanEcho @Thong Thin @sweetroad @gm4queen @sadthe1st @Ameera Ali @confusedheart @Sleepy Owl @LeftCoastOppa they are unbothered (most probably rolling their eyes "oh there she goes again" and aint amused, since i collect too frequently. AHN YO NA IS ME IN ANOTHER PARALLEL UNIVERSE As for geges, Only Wang Richard at the moment, but who knows maybe i will be adding more geges to my collection in the coming months. I will be blabbering abt Lovely Runner as well as BWS in next post , please bear with me Ps : glad to hear that you are safe @MayanEcho , take care 350
  2. Am watching it @rocat Am in love with with the show ! I have snatched Byeon Woo Seok Have watched his dramas b4 but this role is meant for him , kudos to one who gave him this role. Ryu Sun Jae (BWS character) is setting new standards in rom. male leads. Its a cliche, but funny, fluffy, light ,cute drama with a touch of emotions and sadness, all well balanced -so far. An enjoyable drama "so far" ! Not talking abt it more and more and set ur expectations high but Eonni @partyon sis @joccu @MayanEcho @rocher22 @Lmangla@sweetroad @Thong Thin @gm4queen@Ameera Ali do give it a try ! sis @larus are you watching it ? Eonni @partyon watch 4eps of this drama for this dongsaeng plz Twin @confusedheart are you watching it ? . . . . AND "Making BWS officially into My Oppa list !!" -2
  3. May be By the way eonni , doesnt he look like a long lost brother of Lee Soo Hyuk ? Chingu @kingpin do you like him ? Sis @MayanEcho i tried to watch many other cdramas but no one gave me the feel this guy did. Tell me ur fav. C dramas Ofcourse you can ! How much of the share do you need eonni ? Then can i have a share of Jo Won oppa too ? (On a side note He seriously need a lesson on taking good scripts, the guy sucks at picking up scripts, JCW was like that for some time but seems like he is coming back with good dramas !) Eonni i have seen a j-actor who looks like Kang Tae oh - Fumiya Takahashi Another long lost brother ? Do you see any resemblance btwn these actors @partyon @joccu@MayanEcho @kingpin @rocher22 ? 384
  4. He is "one of my Oppas" Eonni Eagerly waiting for his dramas. Just binge watched "A River Runs through it". Its my first time completing a c drama. Guess for whom i completed it ? New Oppa Alert ! Wang Ruichang @MayanEcho @rocher22 Do you know him ? The drama was not bad, it was fun though i didnt like the FL character, but it was fun to watch. Seems like my current drama mood is "fluffy dramas", Am enjoying "Lovely Runner" 100 times more than "Queen of Tears" 394
  5. Eonni @partyon you like Kahwa ? i love it too, it is soo soothing. Brings back memories being in Saudi. Major missing ! We do get it in powder form (tea packet) but it lacks the Kahwa's authentic taste. Which is your favourite middle east country ? I visited Qatar last year and am in love with that little, calm , clean country (though expenses are quite high compared to KSA). And Qatar have given me a spark to visit other ME countries too ! Now rest of them are in my bucket list, which includes Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain,UAE Apart from them i really wish to have a trip to Kashmir too.... LEMME VENT MY THOUGHTS ON THIS MATTER HERE Eonni @partyon Okay She doesnt appeal to me right from the beginning , i donno why (way before the scandal) My brother really liked "My Name" and he kept insisting me to watch it, but i couldnt since she was lead , no idea why dont like her though. As for RJY, his acting was good, and thats reason he WAS in my "Oppas list". Didnt like Hyeri in Reply 1988, but her acting improved over the years, and she became an actress whose dramas that i look forward. As for the Scandal I know each person has their own way of moving on, and each of us survive differently. Hyeri was impulsive ! She shouldnt have posted a cryptic mssg , as she is a person who is in the industry for long, knows very well how things would turn out. But looking it from here shoes, 7 years is indeed long, and the fact that he moved on easily while she was "expecting" to give it another try might have hurt her. But is she too naive when 4 months he havent contacted her at all and she still expects from him ? Girl things are clear here, somethings need not need words always ! ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS ! But again sometimes emotions can cloud judgements,leading to hopeful expectations despite clear signs YOU HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO , I KNOW MOVING IS HARD , BUT HANG IN THERE , THIS TOO SHALL PASS, AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO GET THROUGH IT. She loves Hawaii alot, and she often says abt it too that she has s special place for hawaii in her heart and in some posts ppl said she wish to tavel with RJY to Hawaii but couldnt or something and the fact that just 4 months they had a trip to "hawaii" of all the places (coincident though) might have hurt her even more. (Just my thoughts). But the girl apologized and thats it. What's wrong with HSH ? Seriously i could get her that she is facing alot of criticizm and blacklash and even to her family and her upbringing, it must be hard for her to go through all of this But why does she wanna drag hyeri again into this ? Hyeri's post was clearly towards RJY and not her ! Why does she had react to it ? And that too over and over again ! She needs some lesson on self control ! At this rate she is damaging her own image and disappointing the ppl who root for her ! As for RJY - i have no comment towards him. 836
  6. Awesome ! Lemme watch it tonight then. So far Am too bored, 2024 dramas havent impressed me except "Pyramid Game". Midnight studio - i finished watching recent eps within 10 mins. Wedding impossible - just for the actress, there is nothing the story holds Queen of tears - watching just to see kim jiwon Impossible heir - watching with 10× Fast forward -2
  7. She is the epitome of Cardboard Eonni , i donno on what basis they give her the lead role, and the script is too poorly written, i had high expectation for the drama and it all went downhill. I am watching both chinku @Ameera Ali ! Watching Wedding impossible, just for the female actress. Am in love with her. The story doesnt impress me at all I watched PYRAMID GAME ! Uffffff it was awesome , i loved it !! Just binged watched the whole eps Yeah Nam joo hyuk kinda suspicious But Song Joong Ki for sure !!!! 810
  8. Me too. Cant remember the last time i had one ! Mmm maybe "start - up" Everytime these psycho sml characters appears on screen and am like CANT BEAR THEM !!!! - FAAASSSTT FORRRWWAAARD ×2 Wanna edit out some cardboard oppas too, now that i have realized, i was randomly collecting too much **face palm** *Park Seo Joon *Kim young Kwang *Park Hae Jin -2
  9. Seems like i have to edit out my "long list" oppas SPILL THE TEA EONNI @partyon Me too Eonni I have got too ! More controversy actors that am not too satisfied with By the way who have watched PYRAMID GAME ?! I loved it !!!! 788
  10. So far, not bad. It has new stories each episode where the dead (ghosts) comes to the studio to take pictures with their loved ones or anything they wish, for one last time. Similar to "May I help you", "Move to heaven" vibe but with a ghost aspect and bit of humour. Havent watched mystic pop up bar yet, some ppl say it gives similar vibes. If you are a person who often cries watching movies or dramas, BE PREPARED ! You gonna cry watching each stories. Am not Not much fan of ghost scenes but watching for Jo won. 788
  11. Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing ! Am in for the BOF rewatch eonni @partyon Am currently watching Impossible wedding - love the actress Midnight studio - so far, good Queen of tears - just watching it simply for no reason ( am not fan of the writer) Impossible heir - watching to see how far it goes, the drama makes me hate each characters, such a stupid drama it is (for me). -2
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