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  1. Am crying... They're so in love... they're so strong together! SYJ: What do you do when what you desired is beyond reached? HB: You use power that breaks barriers HB: Do you believe this is possible? SYJ: I do HB: How do you know? Both : smile and giggle copying the BTS CLOY... my heart dropped!! Arghhhh... @Aya I made it... I survived with happy tears.... not need to use all my stand by tools! But will always keep them on stand by for their next surprises!!! hahaha.. So much love and joys.. It cleared my heavy lungs of long-waited weeks, days,
  2. Hahaha.. Let's help @Aya to add more on the list on 'Must-have items to watch Our Binjin in one Frame!' Loving the super energy of #BinjinFandom!!! You're all my happy pills Set on your reminder! Sunday, 14 February 2021 will be BinjinNation International Day!!! Finally....The long -roller coaster-wait of 254 days from the last time we saw them together on Baeksang Awards on 5 June 2020. Aren't we the most patient and blessed fandom ever? To join the Hype and to make use all the long list items we have prepared, Here's the official hashtag wit
  3. Popcorn Wednesday of our #BinjinCouple #BinjinisReal Blessed the #BinjinNation When I got so invested with this 'love birds' I had to share my productive work-day with my binjin-day hahaha... Here's the girlfie showed off her alluring beautyEverybody wanna steal my girl Everybody wanna take her heart away,Couple billion in the whole wide worldFind another one cause #SonYejin belongs to #HyunBin His Girlfriend is better than yours His Girfriend is prettier than yours His Girfriend is cuter than yours This same day content posts could really make us panting.. u two -
  4. Waking up with this ' delish breakfast' I can't contain this anymoreI am all yours, I've got no control No control!!Powerless and I don't care,It's obviousI just can't get enough of youLost my sensesI am defenselessPowerlessThis second hit even harder Goshhh...goshhh... Ice buckets won't be enough Oxygen tanks won't work either I need CPR by Doctor Kim Tae Pyung now!! My boyfriend is Better than yours... Upsss.. #SonYejin's boyfriend is better than yours hahaha...Mind my delulu... Borrow him for a while to replace my morning coffee Video from #GQKorea Song #NoControl by #OneDir
  5. @bin-jin Am not yet prepared for an oxygen tank of the 2 hotties #BinHenney in one frame for CA2. Today I got adrenaline shot #HyunBin had just burned my heart Gosshhh.. ice..ice.. I need ice bucket on my head pleaaeessee!! #SonYeJin I planned to take a peek only, Please blame #GQKOREA & #UnderArmour for showing off ur boyfie hotness overload!!
  6. Yeah... agreed. They're just so thrust into getting the click view that will benefit the YT Ads. Their channels are pretty much baseless, exaggerated and no-where near the truth... Me too... never clicked those channels and even had blocked some of them. We are loving this waiting game... that what keeps us coming back here... “Real love ought to be more like a tree and less like a flower” that's how mature love our #Binjin couple is. They don't show off their lovey-dovey PDA like some celebrities did, for whatever their reasons we always keep the faith in you two! S
  7. @KimDdalgi you're absolutely right! It's not Yoona am worried about, for her surely being professional and loyal to her Unnie as apart of Cinderella 7 besties circle... It's pretty much to all other women out there... who could't stand watching at HB getting hotter and hotter everyday after the confirmation. Yejin really knows how to glow up her Man. Few of HB actions scenes at CA really made me breathless... imagining him and Daniel Henney - two hotties in one frame - I might need to stand by an oxygen tank before I got fainted haha...
  8. 3 Days post APAN Star Awards 2020... It took me sometime to process and calm my self down of all these indescribable euphoric feelings I had to undergo from the moment I pressed the ENTER button at Amazer App for Live Streaming APAN Star Awards 2020 on Saturday, 23 January 2021 evening. The three-hour show from my small mobile screen -I got no choice to mirror with Smart TV for bigger view- was flowing with fast heartbeats, hyper-excited, full of nervousness, extremely anxious (I ran away to toilets for like 6 times.. haha...) 3 days prior to APAN I was being over confident. I wro
  9. I put a high hope on #CLOY domination for APAN Star Awards 2020!! By looking at their past winners history, they could sweep most awards categories easily (damn... me being too confident! haha...) It's about time and it's not too late that the home country to recognize such a brilliant work of arts, the masterpiece Hallyu - Korean wave that unite the world of all ages and races to fall in love with K-Drama and even had saved some people's worst year ever due to pandemic!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/APAN_Star_Awards#Grand_Prize_(Daesang) (Jung Hae In won 2 aw
  10. They are attending APAN Star Awards 2020!!! This will be their first public appearance after the confirmation... am gonna so having all those terms you mentioned above... Blissfull ship we are. Soon to be our happiest and another proud moment on 23 Jan 2021!! Love u all Binjin Fandom, Binjin Stan, BinjinLover all those names we call it... what we know they made us the happiest people on earth!! #BinjinForever
  11. If only they could re-produce CLOY into like 3-hour movie (time saving for me to keep re-watching our #BinjinisReal) so I don't need to repeat the whole 16-episodes for like the 5th time now?? till I could remember almost all lines that I don't need any subs anymore... LOL... I always had this chemical curse of butterflies, faster heartbeat and giddy pleasure running into my veins everytime I watched all their romance lovey-dovey scenes... Now even I had deeper emotions knowing they have confirmed as a couple. From the first time I watched CLOY, their chemistry was too strong to be
  12. Could be SYJ attend too!!! So excited to see our #binjin appearance after the confirmation. A sweet glances of the two and proud smiles (under the mask on) at least what am expecting to happen on 24th Jan night. But deep down am wishing they might surprise us.. oh la..la.. let's do the delulu....haha... Here's the link again for those who wants to purchase the tix!!! https://www.amazer.tv/live
  13. I did, yesteday evening...it was smooth & fast process. Please use this link to purchase: https://www.amazer.tv/live
  14. Came back here after a night of online euphoria of how SYJ, Binjin & even HB's fans shared all their love in celebrating #HappyYejinDay #YEJIN0111 birthday. I my self was drowning with happy tears knowing she's so muchhhhh loved... she had touched so many hearts... and she's a truly gem we're all admired... Son Ye-Jin is a beautiful soul I've ever encountered in a A-lister celebrity. Genuinely humble and extremely friendly. How on earth a high-earned & well-known celebrity would care enough to press LIKE button on her fans posts in SNS. She's the only one!!! She's really a tale
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