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  1. So, its seems this night i will count on you guys for the recap, there's a little chaos in my country during announcement of ellection, and social media been blocked, someone said blocked by government and someone said by hacker. Hope the internet still going well until tonight, coz if i cannot watch or know the story about tonight episode i definetily will cry
  2. Hello all, i am new fans of Jae wook from Indonesia. Fall in love with him when guest but decide to join this forum because HPL. Nice to meet you all, and please guide me to know him more
  3. I have same wish like you. I hope the ending is they get married and having a kids, or a daughter who became a fangirl like her mom. It will be funny to see Ryan's reaction handle 2 fangirl, his wife and his daughter
  4. well i'm trying to be Positive here, for my curiousity i google it again : "Subtitle: Love once!" After separation, Yoon Gyun-sang and Osol (Kim Yoo-jung) try to forget each other, but still two people are hard to erase each other and pride makes a big decision like resolving something .. 2 years The result, which Osol knew, is a very different atmosphere ... Can prestige and heal be treated to each other's wounds and be happy again? ": its said that 2 years, but maybe not separating 2 years, maybe they already reunite before 2years and the writer bring us to look in their relation in 2 years. Again, trying to be positive but still worried about the ending inside
  5. Well...if it happens and jtbc will make ending like @mushforbrains , @turtlegirl, and @cantbreathe prediction. I will join them, maybe i can prepare for matches to burn jtbc bulding.... Burn with my anger.... At least give me wedding scene please....
  6. To be honest, i really hate Oh Sol from yesterday ep until now She even don't explain anything to Sun Kyul, and make SK believes he don't have a right to be loved She even blaming SK for being grandchild of AG group, and let her family to hate him He innocent to become a Ag family, how she blame his about that Seeing SK feel desperate tonight its so hurt.... Can she see how he love her so much? How come she doesn't care....
  7. You're right..but watching the preview make my heart so hurt...poor SK he so heartbroken when Oh Sol cut their relation...and now he get accident too But maybe this accident will make his grandpa realize that his action so wrong...very wrong. Its only make his grandchild hurt Oh i think i must replay kiss scene in ep 13 to heal my heart.
  8. Yess yess... Omg....i'm shock This drama is romance comedy, isn't it? So its must be happy ending right?? Pray so hard
  9. Omg...why this is happened... I never expected about the accident Please make everything ok
  10. honestly i become YKS fans because other people keep bashing him and i'm curious about him then going to search anything about him, and found this young guy has warm heart and voila...i become his fans well...other people who keep bashing him not realised how charismatic he is. and pity them.... oh i really want to know the title of that song...could you tell me?
  11. Hello.... finally i decide to this forum i am new fan of Kyun sang well i know him since he plays on Doctors, and basically being curious about him because he so close with LJS, their interaction so cuteee... i can feel he has warm heart and so kind person Glad for being his fans
  12. glad to know that, because some people keep bashing YKS especially about their kiss last night
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