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  1. OMG i have same feelings with you especially when the rapist seems say "i am watching you" to YAR from inside car. I don't know about the season 1 plot, but did we have any crime scene which include the doctor like this season?
  2. well, i love your theory since i am not watch Season 1 , i hope they are relatives i am waiting for jealous Eun Tak
  3. i have a crazy theory, could she be Yoon Seo Jung's sister from Season 1, because their surname is same
  4. Hello, i am in love with this couple more than the lead couple, i find them very cute i don't watch Season 1, but based on Ep 2 Jo Ssaem (Bora- Sister) Announce her as newbie 2 month in Doldam Hospital, and i am still don't get her existence in dr.Yun and Nurse Park' Relationship . Will she be third person in their relationship ? '' I still think something bad will happen to her" Hopefully, not some accident happen to her, but i feel some of the heartbreak in dr. Yun side, i think is more like jealousy between her and Jo Ssaem No one have smooth relationship, right ?