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  1. Omg, thank you @ktcjdrama for the recap. My stream was so horrible i gave up trying to enjoy the final epm it felt kind of rushed but i wont do any recap tonight and just let you finish up.
  2. Hi guys, i know i said i will live stream but unfortunately i just came home from work, mobile streaming just isnt working but thankfully i got a pretty new laptop that loaded really fast. Watching now but missed like 15 mins. It's like watching an action movie with SIW, SY and ODG against thugs.. Will update later
  3. Some pics for tonight's finale. So there will be a final stand off between thugs and SY. Considering SIW said he would not leave SY this time, so i guess it will be the brothers vs the thugs finally.. I most probably will. But im swamped with work so i pray i can come home earlier to watch live.. However, ep will start in 3 hours . I wont do a live recap though.. I will just post a long recap after ep ends. Sorry.. Been doing live recaps many times. I prefer watching uniterrupted first.
  4. Still no preview but saw some pics taken during their filming that i find interesting: A picture of ODG-NYJ with a pretty lady with an ice cream cone. Could the lady be hitting on him? And of course, we can expect a happy ending because SY looks healthy.
  5. @millicom, agree with you that so many plotlines were not explored to pave way for the thug storyline. Sometimes i wonder whether the live-filming situation affected the story progression. With so much ideas at hand, they really should've just made this a longer drama. Also, been looking at more bts pics and although we can rejoice to see a walking SY, i noted that pics of LJH taken showed him not wearing the airport staff lanyard even though he seems to be dressed for work. My opinion is, after the whole thug story boils over, he will finally take the time to recuperate. Maybe in the meantime Jang can come up with wearables version 2.0 and the ending is set in the future where SY and YR will meet at the airport. Him in a healthier shape while she continues working at the airport. I think they have to jump the timeline to tie things up nicely. Like whether Yang and Choi will date lol.. And whether GES meets someone new.. And what happens with my favecm security couple. As what @11moonstone also mentioned earlier about the time jump and YR's different hair parting (sharp eyes btw), which i totally agree. @ktcjdrama, they probably stuffed his nose with the liquid before filming. I mean, i get it when we see blood dripping down his nose, but that toilet scene where the blood wouldnt stop dripping looked painful to me because LJH must've stuffed his nose with tons of it. Speaking of which, i am amazed by LJH's stellar acting. His role is not easy at all and he literally shed tears almost every episode. I became his fan watching tomorrow with you, then that movie where he spoke flawless accented English and i was shocked to know that he learned English for the role, not because he was fluent from the get go, and now this. Dude deserves a Daesang, that one i agree with some netizens'opinions. He should get more lead roles after this, please. Okay, moving on from a brief gushing over the actor, anyone remembers what is the targeted ratings? I remember the cast promising to serve coffee at incheon airport to the real life airport staff. Read that last ep already reached 12% so i think they targeted 10%??
  6. Oh my, yes please, i want either ODG or GES too. They need someone who can appreciate them lol.. Right, i forgot to factor in paralympic sports. Regardless, i dont care too much about factual accuracy in a drama. Lee jae hoon does get to showcase his beautiful body and cry a lot in the drama so hey - i'm a happy fan.. Which brings me to my next issue. How late are they filming this drama anyway? The drama ends next week and i still see fancams of LJH at the airport filming today. Wow, talk about last minute and rushing... They better not mess with the ending quality.. Also, does that mean we get kind of a spoiler for the ending? Since LJH is filmed walking around, does that mean SY wont end up getting a permanent damage and being wheelchair-bound for life? Since obviously they must have filmed the last ep right??
  7. Oooo, flirty airport staff, sign me up for that too. I do feel like YJ has progressed a lot because when she spoke to ODG about his feelings for her, she didnt appear cold and stoic but there was genuine warmth and gentleness in her tone. Remember annoying YJ who berated ODG for actually worrying about her injury? Yeah, goodbye to that for good and hello human YJ with feelings and actual friends and a bestie. ODG has done his part IMO. He tried to get the girl but did not want to disrespect her by pushing and pestering her. He also understood the need to maintain a good working relationship with her. So not only is he good looking, he is also kind, considerate, and sensible. YJ needs to get a taste of regret if she lets him go,stat! And besides, looks like their Boss aka Mr Choi seems to support their romance too. And yes, pointless and draggy plots on SIW, which is weird since im a huge fan of LDG. But yeah, he is supposed to be a bigger character thab ODG and NYJ so understandably the story would focus on him
  8. Waiting for the preview to be released, hopefully by tomorrow at the latest. Reading comments dissecting the second couple and loving them. I feel like ODG should give NYJ a run for her money now. Since he has come to terms with his feelings for her and looks ready to move on and respect her rejection, i hope she will be the one to pursue him now. Guess it wont happen because the drama is ending soon but i imagine how cool would it be if ODG goes on a blind date to appease his family and we see jealous YJ again. On a side note, this might sound pervy of me, but Lee Jae Hoon is way too ripped to realistically portray SY. I kept looking at all those pics of him shirtless or sleeveless. How does a person who supposedly was wheelchair-bound for 11 years look that good? I guess he exercised crazily in the past 1 year?
  9. Exactly. Not a fan of SIW whatsoever So the writers want to redeem SIw and we got more explanation abour the thug storyline. So now my questions are: 1) what is in the disc? 2) why thugs are interested in SY so much that SIw basically sold his soul to them to save him - an effort which failed btw, coz hello, bad guys still bothering him, ugh! 3) Can SIW be redeemed? I feel like he already went too far. We have the authorities looking into him as well. Even if he doesnt die, he will have to go to prison. Other than that, a pretty disappointing week in the romance department, but YR is really a wonder woman. Sy needs to stop thinking about himself for once and think of this lady who loves him too much. Eun Seob is also my unsung hero. He needs a happy ending too. And where is my second couple aka security couple this week? The gap between them has grown. I also want to know what is the deal SIw brokered between Director Kwon and the Chairman. Director Kwon seems to have some common sense as he wants to drop the deal now.
  10. 22) YR find ODG and YJ and report everything that happened. oDG goes into the toilet but Sy is missing except his walkie talkie. He calls Choi and they quickly find the CCTV footage and sees SY is being surrounded by the men as they are walking out of the airport. The security team is deployed immediately. ODG tells YJ to stay with YR and he will join the search. yJ begins protesting. ODG wants to stop her but remembers she says his constant worrying for her is uncomfortable so he lets her come with him. 23) YR calls Jang who just arrived at the airport and tells him what happenes. They meet up and Jang shows YR the vial/syringe. 24) the security team meet the thugs and SY at the basement parking. Knife attacker recognizes ODG and laughs. SY tells them to let him and the thugs pass. I think he doesnt want the security team to get hurt. 25) Choi meets up with SIW. Basically tells him what happened to SY and that he knows Sy is his brother. Choi also tells him the story of his friend who also was one of the scholars of the chairman of the thug group and his sad ending. Yang overhears their conversation and wants to know what happened with Sy. 26) Choi calls ODG on his walkie talkie and tells him to let SY and the thugs go. A number of cars drive in to the basement parking, surrounding them. Ep ends, no preview. Forgotten scene: SY confronted SIW the next day after the fight. They talk about a disc. Turns out SY knows more about SIW's shady dealings that he let on. SIW literally shooked. Flashback, after the meal at Fox Bride, SIW left something and actually YR's dad gave it to SY. Guess this is what the thugs want. Flash forward, we see adult SY opening his drawer and looking at the disc. Too many questions about this dic left.. My comment: This story is dark and depressing now. SY seems to not care so much about his life. And the number of the bag guys is surprising. Choi is right. Security team is severely outnumbered. They need to let SY go
  11. Continuation: 12) SY checks out his body after Yr left. The bruising has spread so much it pretty much is bruising on the right side of his torso. 13) next day at airport, they announce that there will be airport quality service check by anonymous officer. They all seem to be ready. Meanwhile, Director kwon finally reads the letter Yang saw Choi left yesterday. He is shocked and immediately called SIW, who is shocked as well. yang glared at them. Seems like Yang finally knows their secret deal and she is very angry. She confronts both SIw and Director Kwon separately. 14) A lady/florist walks into the airport and begins setting up her flowers in the public area. Airport quality officer sees this. 15) choi is in the security office. He eyes YJ and ODG and seems to know that YJ is the girl troubling ODG and smiles. The security team gets a call about the florist. ODG, YJ and the team go to check. 16) YR is there too. The securitu team is forced to remove the flowers from the public area. YJ begins to take the flowers off from an arch that has been set up. She has troubles to get the flowers off so ODG does it. He is very cold to her and does not look at her at all. She sees this and seems troubled by his cold exterior. 17) SY is walking when he suddenly gets lightheaded. ES catches his arm and could see he is sick. They sit in a store room where ES gives him a bottle of water. SY looks really sick but YR keeps hollering him at the insistence of Mr Gong who wonders where he is and why he isnt there helping them. ES covers for SY and even lies to YR when YR asks if Sy is sick. SY could only thank him for his help. 18) YJ and ODG patrol the airport. He is a couple of steps ahead of her and ignores her. He helps pick up and fallen luggage and catches a child who is almost run over by a trolley. YJ asks ODG if he is mad at her. He said he is not. He is all diplomatic about how he is fine and bla bla bla. Suddenly, YJ asks him what he likes about her. He is flustered but begins telling her what he likes about her. She seems touched but he is all about maintaining their professionalism. He walks away and she slaps her face telling herself to get a grip. 19) YR goes to look for SY and finds ES leaving the store room. ES covers for SY but this time, SY comes out from the room looking fine. ES remarks that YR really likes SY because she ignores him when she sees SY. ES leaves but is worried about Sy. 20) SY is stl dizzy and does not hear YR talking about holding hands. Suddenly blood gushes out of his nose. Yr is alarmed and wants him to go to the hospital. He says he is fine and goes to the toilet instead. Blood wont stop coming out. SY is in tears. Outside the toilet, Yr waits anxiously but sees a group of men in black entering the toilet. Meanwhile, Jang calls Sy but he doesnt answer. Instead, YR calls him to inform about Sy. Jang quickly grabs his jacket to go to the airport. He grabs a vial/syringe before leaving. 21) YR is suspicious abt the men. So she leaves the place to find ODG and NYJ. In the meantime, the men surround SY and knife attacker enters. They ask if he wants to take it here or somewhere else. Part 3 coming
  12. Recap time, ugh, i hate today's episode, it has taken a dark turn indeed: In no particular order: 1) Ep starts with a montage of sorts of sketches and drawings of the wearable devices SY uses. Then a flashback to the first time SY gets to walk again. Both he and Jang were in tears. 2) Cut to present, SY surrounded by thugs, he got beaten up, but suddenly managed to fight back. He seriously injured abt 3 thugs, sending one flying and smashing into the car, breaking the windshield. Thug leader shocked. SY is all like are you done? Or something like that. 3) back at airport, YR basically tells ES that she doesnt see him as more than a friend and that the man she likes is SY. ES is sad but lets her go. (ES deserves someone who can love him back) 4) SIW is in a hurry to find SY and the thugs. hails a cab, thug leader still won't answer his calls. 5) YR walks back. Sees SY sitting on a bench waiting for her. She is surprised to see him all bruised and bleeding. She asked what happened and if he got into a fight. He's smiling saying he is waiting for her. She wants to take a cab to the hospital but he refuses. He tells her, Yeoreumah, i'm okay. So they go back to his house instead. She tends after his wounds and asks whom he got into a fight with. He says some bad guys. He apologizes for his outburst to her earlier but she is okay. Since they are in a relationship, she wants him to be able to show his emotions, or something like that. He tells her something which makes her blush, dunno if he asks her to stay over, but she quickly excuses herself and gives him a kiss on the cheek. 6) YJ is playing game on her phone, her socks still on. She realizes Yr is still not home. 7) SIW arrives at SY-YR's house area. He sees YR leaving SY's house and entering hers. He sees the lights are on in SY's house so he seems assured SY is fine. 8) Flashback scene when SIW got beaten up so badly 12 years ago. Thugs dragged him to see thug leader. He asked him about something but SIW said he dunno. Then thug leader threatened him about SY. SIW cried and begged the leader not to harm his brother. 9) Thug leader called SIw to talk about what happened with SY. sIW was all sarcastic. He said i already said i dont know that guy. 10) Yang sees Choi leaving Director Kwon's office. She asks him why he is there and he brushes her off. So she goes to the office and takes a look at a file on his desk. She is shocked. 11) Meanwhile Choi runs into ODG who is looking outside all sad and alone. He asks what happens but OdG brushes him off. He seems to be able to guess it's girl trouble. I think ODG reveals that he was rejected before anything could start. Choi tells him something. To be continued. Major revelation though, SIW begged the thugs to Spare SY's life... He hugged the leader's leg and cried. He called SY as his dongsaeng.
  13. Yup, it all happened in the past one year. The car accident thing happened on the day YR went for a job interview, and she has been working at the airport for a year. As for the final episode, been seing some comments on YT that the no of episodes is listed as 40 eps. Which is which now? Given the complicated storylines right now, hard to imagine how they can tie this up nicely by next week..
  14. Lol on the medical terms accuracy. Personally, i'm not a fan of medical drama, unless you count Jewel in the Palace but that would go more under sageuk i guess. Anyway, i know the writers try to be as accurate as possible but i always stop myself from thinking about the factual accuracy of dramas. I just accept whatever the writers throw at us as if they are facts in the drama universe. Cant say i havent felt frustrated. As for your comment on NYJ, agreed, i would totally watch a drama purely about NYJ and ODG. That's how much i've grown to love their characters and storyline. Never shipped the second pair this much since Oh My Venus. Agreed, i understand too, which makes it even more frustrating. On the one hand, he deserves to live the life that he wants. On the other, what about his loved ones? Are they supposed to let him do things that would harm himself? It's a tough question. I feel like SY needs to know that the people who love him will stay with him even if he is wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life. Especially YR, who loves him and wants to be with him no matter what. Sometimes, i feel like Sy is asking the wrong question. Instead of wondering if YR can accept him for who he is, he should really ask if HE can accept himself in that condition, because right now, his stubbornness is because he himself cant come to terms with his condition. Which is sad, really, especially if he is willing to risk his life because of it. I feel like Sy is being unfair to YR this way. She wants to look forward to their future. He just wants to live in the present with her. But if he dies, he's going to leave her scarred for life. Anyway, the preview. YJ asks ODG if he is mad at her. (girl, seriously? Is he supposed to celebrate you rejecting him? But later, she asks him what he likes about her.. So a progress, i guess? Could YJ be letting her guard down for once and follow her heart too and not just her head? Please let them get together already. The drama needs something light and fluffy amidst all the sickness/thugs plotlines. Also, seems like the big confrontation will not end well for the bad guys? SY has bruises on his face but seems ok. And also, are they going for revenge 2.0 at the airport toilet again, with knife attacker in tow?
  15. Continue: 16) However, bad leader's goons were watching him. They followed him to a park. SY surrounded by bad guy and the goons. Bad guy called SIW, basically announcing that he found SIW's brother. sIW was alarmed but bad guy cut off the call. He asked his men who were carrying metal rods and baseball bats to beat up SY. He wanted revenge for SY's assault on one of his kind, aka the knife attacker. He remembered SY and remarked how shocked he was at Sy's recovery. So now SY is in a 5/6 people against one. 17) ES went to YR's office and saw her banging her head lightly against her desk. He came to talk about his accomplishment today but saw her crying instead. yR seemed to blame herself for what happened with SY earlier. ES asked if SY was ill but YR decided to go after him. She wiped her tears and sincerely congratulated ES for his achievement today. ES grabbed her hand to stop her. He told her dont go anywhere today. He needed her too. Ep ended. No preview. P/S: forgotten scene: YJ came out of the dressing room already changed and ready to go back. Ran into ODG who was still in his uniform. He askef her if she was leaving. She said yes but as she began to walk away, he stopped her. He said she still hadnt replied to his question/confession today. She turned to him and basically turned him down. I wish i understood more but she said something like she was comfortable being alone. YJ came home and sat in the living room, looking sad. ODG sat in the locker room looking sad too. He took off his shoe and we saw that he was wearing the socks she gave him. He said something which i forgot. Cut to her at her home. YJ took off her slippers and guess what? She was wearing the exact same pair of socks.. My comment: - SY cannot catch a break, like seriously. - He is also too stubborn for his own good. He should realise that there are people who love and care for him as he is. - too little YJ-ODG scenes. So sad too. They better compensate this tomorrow... -Not a fan of Choi too. He likes to stick his nose in other people's business, ugh!
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