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  1. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THANK YOU PD-NIM FOR ANSWERING OUR PRAYERS!!!!! AND IT'S A ROM-COM!!!! here's the teaser clip Not really sure about their roles but their clothes give off a lot of grim reaper vibes. MooKang being badass even in the afterlife.
  2. It's a shame she deleted the photo. I wonder why... this actually reminded of BTIMFL's post-drama Jeju party. A cast member posted a pic of him hanging out with Lee Min Ki, JSM and other drama staff. The picture was taken down immediately and many of BTIMFL fans (including me) interpreted it as a "damage control" in case something comes up in the future. I think you know what I mean. Tsk tsk. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE UPDATE! JSM will definitely have a busy year ahead because of her upcoming movie with Junho and SBS Youngstreet. PSW is also busy promoting his new movie(s?) and will most likely film his new drama next season that's why I know we'll see more of the Yoo siblings in the coming days ahead. But I'm really keeping my fingers crossed more on SIG because of the lack of updates after his concert I really hope that more producers will recognize SIG's acting prowess and eventually give him a breakthrough drama one of these days. I ALSO WANNA GREET Y'ALL A HAPPY 2019 AND A BLESSED YEAR AHEAD!
  4. Awww I hope so, too! BTIMFL director's cut included a couple pictorial of JSM and Lee Min Ki. They also did a commentary of all crucial scenes together. I hope the producers will also do the same for JSM and SIG. I'm not really sure but I've read somewhere that they will be releasing the director's cut in 3 languages (English, Japanese, and Chinese (?)) Me too :((((((((((((((( I've been pestering my friends to watch this show since TSHLYE ended but none of them seems to understand my love for this drama.
  5. Thank you so much! Who are the other 2 women/actresses in the pic? The one wearing black seems familiar to me. again, still no Jung So Min pffffft. am I asking for too much?
  6. @kdramaaddict212 thank you so much for the link!!! My thoughts exactly. I never really understood why MY had to kill JSR to keep JK from knowing the truth. But then again, something must have provoked the "human" in him to do the unimaginable in order to protect JK. I almost forgot! Idk why but this theory has been boggling me a lot since ep 14. "That guy was really blessed" convo of JG with Tak was definitely a red herring. JK and MY's parents must have been buried in the same temple but their plaques must have been placed on different corners. I happened to notice that the color pattern of lanterns when JG visited MY's father in ep 10 was different from the pattern on MY's angle. I believe he also paid his respects to JK's parents, hence Tak's statement "that guy was really blessed". Just want to share this to y'all. OR maybe I'm just overthinking again. Starting from JG's head (white, red, green, and white) Starting from MY (white, green, red)
  7. Wow, I missed a lot...again. Oh well.... Dang, girl! Wow, JSM must be so filthy rich I'm actually glad Chorong and Mooyoung are good friends irl. I will never watch the last part of ep 8 the same again wahahaha. Guess I'll be shipping MooRong from now on lol! I'm really wondering about Seo Eun-Soo and Kwon Soo-Hyun's next project together. Playing each other's love interest would be really interesting and a light hearted drama would be an added bonus. It's like a TSHLYE alternate universe where Seung-ah met Cho-rong first instead of MY. And JK probably acknowledged MY's advances without any hesitation...Oh my I'm overthinking again. I NEED A JSM-SIG ROM-COM QUICK!!!!!! I'd really love it if they'll portray a character very different from MY and JK's personality. Or at least play as a couple again. My thoughts exactly! Her VO in TLIOF is so daebak! I was literally screaming when Se-hee finally kissed her after that VO. I could totally listen to JSM all day. I also recommend JSM's DJ stunt on Vlive. Her performance as a DJ on the said gig was really promising and showed a lot of potential. Thank you @miyukiakira1988 @primavera123 @dobbying (I'm so sorry if I forgot to mention others) for the concert updates!!! OH MY GOD. I WAS LITERALLY SCREECHING ALL THE TIME MY SISTER HAD TO HIT ME ON THE HEAD TO STOP ME FROM FLAILING I CAN'T STOP CRYING!!! I MISS THEM SO MUCH! I did not really perceive SIG singing Lost for his fans. I actually heard MY singing this song for JK...somewhere...in the afterlife. who's chopping the god dang onions PS: Any news yet for our MooKang couple? CF? Interviews? PPS: I've been listening to A Star is Born OST for 1 week straight and the songs really reminded me of MooKang. Always Remember Us This Way by Lady Gaga is like JK's feelings for MY in a nutshell (ESPECIALLY THE THIRD STANZA). I really wish I could make a fanvid for this but my poor editing skills will definitely turn the video into a mess. Just gonna leave the lyrics here. That Arizona sky burning in your eyes You look at me and, babe, I wanna catch on fire It's buried in my soul like California gold You found the light in me that I couldn't find So when I'm all choked up But I can't find the words Every time we say goodbye Baby, it hurts When the sun goes down And the band won't play I'll always remember us this way Lovers in the night Poets trying to write We don't know how to rhyme But, damn, we try But all I really know You're where I wanna go The part of me that's you will never die
  8. Gahd. She's so stunning!!!!! JSM AND BLACKPINK IN ONE STAGE FOR MMA IS ASDJAKDFLGAKJEOUIGHASFKALG (I just really love Black Pink esp Jennie Kim. That's all huhuhuhu) SIG's voice was also more high-pitched in Reply, 1997 (which was done intentionally to make it more suitable for Busan dialect). JSM also had to learn satoori for her role in D-day and she was also pretty good at it! Their versatility is what makes me love and respect them even more. I...uhm...actually bought a turtleneck top similar to JSM's wrap up party getup...a while...ago. #noregrets as well. Good thing my sister was there to back me up coz she wanted to wear that white turtleneck top for our Christmas party too. LOL. (please stop me from purchasing JK's plaid trench coat please help me it's not even freezing cold out here) I also noticed that Jin Kang and JSM's fashion are quite different (since they're also mainly from two different worlds hahaha). JSM's everyday getup is more of a Yoon Ji Ho than a Yoo Jin Kang. I really love both of them to bits but I wouldn't mind giving Jin Kang a larger chunk of my heart knowing that love was deprived of her when the adults failed to do so. Thank goodness MY was there to give her the largest portion of his heart when she needed it the most (dammit I'm crying again. you can also have the largest piece of my heart, Moo Young-ahhh gaaahd). I was kinda expecting him to show up during MMA 2018 but I know it's impossible since there's zero news regarding his comeback. And we're not even sure if it's gonna materialize soon because of his army scandal. Someone mentioned earlier (not sure if it's in Soompi or YT whtvr) that SIG's drama comeback is quite untimely coz the knetz's response concerning the aforementioned issue might greatly affect the ratings. Nonetheless, the reason for TSHLYE's low ratings was mainly prompted by its overall tone and mature content and not because of SIG's latest army dilemma (the ratings were not really considered low since it's a cable drama ya know what I mean) I would be really pleased if they are given the chance to do a magazine couple photoshoot together where they can talk about their post-drama thoughts in-depth. I'd also love it if PSW joins them. OR AT LEAST A 15-SECOND HOTPOT/MAXIM COFFEE CF TOGETHER???????? (Still haven't forgiven PD Yoo for replacing 5 minutes of MooKang's actual screentime with Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee PPLs in episode 10 tsk tsk) Dude, I can't believe I clicked the wrong thumbnail and streamed MMA 2016 for 30 minutes. Dang it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good thing I gave Jung Eun-ji and Sechskies' performance a try and their presence definitely reminded me of Seo In Guk because of R1997. Squeeeeeee
  9. WOW THANK YOU FOR POSTING! I wish bpwinces will make more of these. His/her fanmade videos are really wonderful. My week feels so empty without our MooKang PS: DANG. THAT LATEST FANVID BY bpwinces WAS REALLY INTENSE AND NOSTALGIC INDEED (THAT SWEET PAIN DANG IT) !!! Just when you thought you're getting over TSHLYE, bpwinces' videos will always be right there to come back and get ya. RICHARD SIMMONS IT!!! Wow, I'm glad you noticed that part and...
  10. @teachermok Thank you very much for expressing your sentiments regarding this matter and very much grateful for disclaiming offensive allegations against MooKang shippers. We'll be very careful from now on so as to avoid any causes of misapprehensions for very obvious reasons. I am deeply saddened and hurt by how some people still misunderstand our intentions to ship our MooKang couple. As stated very clearly on the thread's disclaimer (posted on the introductory page if you want to see the whole thing), JSM-SIG thread was created to 'show our appreciation for one of Kdramaland's best couples- MooKang!'. Our posts meant no harm to other ships and MooKang shippers know very well how to distinguish "reel" from "real". Likewise! Sending hugs to all of you! <3 Good gracious, I'd really love to retweet that video but I just deleted my twitter account a month ago. Wahhhhhhh
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