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  1. I am still convinced that there were two men in black: SM's father and another one. When SM asked JS's father to search for the man he saw, SM wanted him to find his father, while the other thought that SM had seen the real culprit hence he didn't write any statement from SM.
  2. Confession: a mystery evolving around confessions and its implications This K-drama deals about a lawyer, Choi Do Hyun who is trying to find the truth about his father’s crime. Our main protagonist believes that his father has been innocent, however the latter had confessed his crime from the start. This K-drama started airing just three weeks ago on TVN and so far, it is quite entertaining because of the script and the acting. Lee Joon Ho as Choi Do Hyun and Yoo Jae Myung as the detective Ki Choon Ho are doing a terrific job. What caught my attention was the title “Confession” because after 6 episodes, it becomes clear that the main topic of this K-drama is indeed confession. In each episode, the viewer sees different kind of confessions. Han Joon Gu and his confessions In the first episode, the criminal Han Joon Gu kept calling the police in order to tease them as they had not caught the murderer. Indirectly, the police and the prosecution used these calls as evidence that he was in fact the killer. But at his trial, he retracted his confession. A retracted confession is a statement made by an accused person before the trial begins, by which he / she admits to have committed the offence, but which he/she repudiate at the trial. This gave the impression that the police could have use violence in order to obtain his confession. episode 1 the accused Han Joon Gu Our male protagonist is able to defend his client so that Han Joon Gu is found not guilty. Then 5 years later, a similar crime occurs and all the evidence is pointing out Han Joon Gu. The latter had just left the prison a few days ago. The lawyer is now facing a dilemma: he knows now that Han Joon Gu had killed the victim Yang Ae Ran 5 years ago but he is well aware that this time his client is innocent. episode 3: Han Joon Gu confessing his crime This time, his confession creates a scandal. The double jeopardy protects him from being prosecuted for the murder. He has been found innocent due to lack of evidence 5 years ago and now he is once again released. His lawyer with the detective’s help could prove his innocence for the second murder. Besides, the prosecution can not press charges against Han Joon Gu for the same crime despite his confession. 2. The nurse Cho She is Choi Do Hyun’s second client. The prosecution accuses the nurse of committing a professional mistake but later changes the charges. Now, the patient’s death is considered as a murder. During the trial, the nurse remains quiet so that her silence is used as evidence against her. Only at the final hearing, she confesses her crime explaining how it happened. The victim had sexually assaulted her in the past. Her confession contrasts so much to Han Joon Gu’s confession as it shows the pain of the defendant. episode 5 Yet, this doesn’t end here as the nurse confesses to Choi Do Hyun’s friend Han Yu Ri that 10 years ago no one asked her anything, when Han Yu Ri’s father died. So her words imply that back then a crime occurred and she was involved in the death of Han Yu Ri’s father. 3. Choi Pil Soo and his confession episode 6 : Choi Pil Soo is holding a gun, there is a witness and the crime has just happened. Unlike in the other cases, the confession is made right after the crime, when the detective Ki Choon Ho arrives at the crime scene. Choi Do Hyun’s father admits the crime immediately without any emotion. Besides, he never gives an explanation or a motive for the murder. Furthermore, after his confession, he remains silence and even cuts ties with his own son. Yet, it becomes clear that Choi Pil Soo admitted the crime in exchange for his son’s surgery. Choi Do Hyun had a heart transplant shortly after his father’s trial. Here there is a conspiracy where the confession was used as the best evidence in order to cover up the real murderers and the motive, corruption. @thistle @ktcjdrama @reut
  3. @reut @zaireen To me, it was pretty clear that the nurse Cho is involved in the main case. First, there is this parallel between the heart transplant of CDH and JH. Both were on a waiting list, when suddenly the person before them died. Then the other clue was given, when the prosecutor was asked by his superior not charge the nurse Cho for murder. He might have feared that the nurse Cho could leak something. The third clue came, when the nurse Cho confessed to Ha Yoo Ri that back then no one had asked her about the sudden death. She was indirectly implying that her father's death was suspicious which triggered HYR to go through her father's belongings. So, now we know the identity of the heart donor: No Sun Hoo. He was a prosecutor in the anti-corruption department. So we have three deaths: the police officer Yoon Chul Min, the prosecutor No Sun Hoo and the journalist, Ha Yu Ri's father connected to a corruption scandal which got covered up due to their deaths. Each death was also different so that no one could see a pattern in this: accident, a sick patient and a suicide. It looks like the drug pethidine was used to kill HYR's father. The nurse Cho might have been forced to do it... she is somehow related to the actual suspect Cho Ki Tak.
  4. The importance of camera position Now let’s take a closer look at the camera position in Love In Sadness. Striking is that the director often uses a duplication of a character. This special effect was first used with YMR. By duplicating Yoon Ma Ri, the director wanted to convey an important message. Notice that the second version is fading away, she is disappearing. And this is no coincidence. YMR is about to lose herself, her soul by remaining by her husband's side. She is not even allowed to choose her own clothes. She lives trapped in a cage hence the window with the bare reflects her actual position: she is a prisoner. She is not even allowed to paint outdoors which explains why her latest painting looks so gloomy and depressing. She can no longer paint as she has run out of energy and inspiration. So this explains why the second YMR is disappearing, she is about to lose her own identity and her soul. SJW in the episode 13 The director had used the same special effect with SJW in an earlier episode so this is the second time that SJW is shown twice. Here, SJW is eating alone in his dining room. YMR wants to keep her distance from him until he knows how to face YMR. She will wait for him until he will solely think of her with this face. This taking should be perceived that way: the old SJW is slowly disappearing, the man who loved WHK but was hurt by her. As time passes on, SJW starts missing YMR more and more. This taking reinforces the loneliness of the surgeon but also his need for YMR’s presence. In this scene, there is no dialogue at all however the director is trying to convey SJW’s inner thoughts and feelings. Just like in the other scene mentioned above, the camera is placed behind a glass so that the viewer can feel that SJW has been living in a prison that he created himself. KIW with his gun: episode 14 Before I start analyzing this scene, it is important to put this scene in the context. Finally KIW has been able to locate YMR’s mother. He even heard that YMR had been there just before his arrival and he even missed her for a few minutes. Moreover, he has realized the connection between YMR and the surgeon SJW because YMR’s mother mentioned the presence of her son-in-law. KIW is upset and even jealous that YMR seems to have replaced him with another man, he already suspects the doctor. We shouldn’t forget that KIW had a nightmare a few nights ago (episode 13), where he dreamt, he was running after his bride YMR, only to witness the appearance of another groom. When he is finally able to reach YMR, he identifies the groom as SJW and is surprised to discover that the bride running away was WHK which confused him. So now our antihero KIW knows that there is a man around YMR therefore KIW returns home, totally upset and enraged. Even YMR’s mother dared to call the other man her son-in-law. KIW has the impression that his worst nightmare has become true. However, he still doesn’t know that YMR has WHK’s face. Just like in the other duplication scenes, the camera is put behind the window, we can also see the frame reinforcing the idea that KIW lives in his own world, a prison he has created himself. So after his arrival, he takes the gun from the dresser. If you look at the first picture of this scene, KIW is seen twice. However, it changes a little because the two pictures reveals that the duplication is incomplete. It was as if there were three KIW standing, yet the two other reflections are partially visible. This mirrors his own inner conflict: will he use the gun or not? Notice that his gaze is always directed at the gun. So far, KIW has never revealed this side of him in front of other people. Only YMR could see this terrible and dangerous side. But his rage and violence is so huge that at the end, he is resolved to use the gun. The final taking of the same scene: KIW with his gun That’s why the viewer sees this duplication at the end. KIW is determined to use violence in order to catch his wife. To me, the second reflection represents the monster in him which is now visible. The snake that has been hiding behind his charisma and his mysterious aura is now shown to the world. He doesn’t care anymore about his reputation. This explains why KIW wears his leather jacket and threatens HSH and later JHR. He is even more vicious with JHR because he resents her for her manipulation and her arrogance. This is when he aims his gun at JHR’s face Unlike in the former taking, KIW is now aiming his gun at a real person, while before he was just aiming at the window. To conclude, the effect of duplication is often used by this director in order to let the viewers perceive what the characters are thinking and feeling but also to reflect their own situation. All of them are living in a cage, caught by fear and by their own past and emotions. The only difference is that YMR’s cage was not self-created in opposition to SJW and KIW. @zenya22 @MidnightRain @lolly84 @avondale16 @ktcjdrama @tiMadam @lu09
  5. @zenya22 Thank you so much for analyzing the painting with the rosemary and the ship. You are definitely correct. KIW interprets the picture differently from what YMR is actually trying to say. Now, I feel the need to complete your analysis of this painting. From YMR's perspective, this painting could be perceived in two different ways: She is the lost ship using the bottle with the rosemary as she is sending a SOS. Yes, the sea could symbolize KIW trying to control YMR. The fury of the sea and the storm fits to KIW's rage and violence. She could drown if the power of the sea is too strong illustrating that if she is caught, she might die. The second meaning is different. Since YMR's name resembles the plant rosemary, the bottle could embody YMR leaving KIW, the huge ship. The plant is so small compared to the ship which mirrors KIW's power and wealth. Don't forget that I had already pointed out that SJW and YMR are connected to nature, while KIW is associated through his fortune to civilization. This picture not only represents her last attempt to escape from KIW's claws, it also symbolizes the despair of YMR. She is even willing to risk her own life as she has no idea if she will be found and rescued. The picture illustrates her courage as she entrusts her destiny to nature and chance. Concerning our antihero, KIW interprets this painting in the opposite way: KIW is the rosemary in the bottle, while YMR is the ship. In his eyes, the ship is abandoning the rosemary. He doesn't see the struggle of the titling ship. For him, the painting illustrates the abandonment and betrayal of YMR. Like he kept saying before, without her he can not live and this picture illustrates his own thoughts. He still sees himself as a powerless man depending on his wife. The huge waves and the storm represents the world menacing him: his father, his step-mother and his other enemies. Without her guidance, KIW considers himself as lost and he needs her by his side so that he can overcome this dangerous world. But if we see it from his perspective, his interpretation indicates his blindness. He overlooks that the rosemary hasn't been thrown away, but it was put in a bottle as a protection so that it can not drown. Moreover, like I had mentioned it before, he overlooks the problem that the ship is facing. He also ignores the significance of this gesture: titling ship asking for help. As conclusion, KIW's interpretation of that painting outshines KIW's lack of self-awareness. He doesn't see himself as a dangerous and violent man, somehow he seems to be trapped in the past, as if he was a little boy. To sum up, the interpretation of a painting is also influenced by the beholder's mentality. Sure, if we know more about the painter, the beholder is able to understand the emotions and the message of the creator, yet the beholder is free to interpret the picture differently, I mean, to add a different meaning/message. In the end, there is no right or wrong, by analyzing a picture. @ktcjdrama @lolly84 @avondale16 @rocher22@MidnightRain @lu09 @tiMadam
  6. Love in Sadness : a definition of true love SJW’s mother is gardening while talking to Yoon Ma Ri. In the episode 14, we discover why the writer chose to name this drama “Love in Sadness”. In this episode, YMR visits SJW’s mother, Im Yun Hwa (IYH), as she is the director of a nursing facility. Here, IYH shows YMR her garden with her flowers. YMR is now able to understand why SJW loves flowers so much. He got his passion from his mother. In this scene, the mother chooses to plant a gentian and this is what she says to her guest: Notice that the gentian here is purple and not dark blue Most of the species have beautiful blue vivid petals. These words and her action reveal a lot about SJW’s mother. She doesn’t perceive YMR as a burden because she has WHK’s face. In fact, she views the young woman as a good omen. In my opinion, when she explains the origin of the gentian in her garden, she was making an analogy. YMR is like the gentian that suddenly appeared in her garden. No one expected her appearance but she had an impact on SJW’s life and heart. Then during their conversation, IYH explains the meaning of the gentian, love in sadness. For her, if a person can embrace someone’s sorrow, then it is true love. Then she adds that her son is looking for a love like that. With her words, IYH is trying to covey to YMR that her son truly loves her. In this scene, we can see how much IYH loves her son and she wants to make sure that YMR doesn’t misunderstand SJW because he gave her WHK’s face. The viewer already knows that YMR is well aware of SJW’s deep feelings for her. Due to the former episodes, we had the impression that the writer chose this title because of tragic loves (the story of Hyacinth and Adonis) and had more tragedy in his mind. However with this revelation, I came to realize that the writer had a different intention, as love in Sadness has a different meaning: true love. Notice that all this time, SJW, KIW, HSH and JHR have been struggling due to a loved one. But were they really in love? Was it love or obsession or illusion or self-deception? SJW thought that he loved WHK because he accepted everything from her and never argued with her. He actually fell more in love with her face and lived in an illusion as he never wanted to see WHK for whom she really was. To me, SJW didn’t truly love WHK because he faked happiness. Like IYH said, true love is when a person can embrace his/her partner’s sorrow. Right now, we have the impression that WHK was a selfish and ruthless woman but I believe that WHK might have been hiding a huge secret from SJW and his friends. JHR thinks that WHK had an abortion but just before the accident happened, she had cold hands and she complained about her stomach. I have the feeling that WHK could have been dying. If my theory is correct, she didn’t want to burden her husband’s happiness. Maybe in her own way, she tried to make SJW, HSH and even JHR happy, unaware that SJW had already caught her. She thought that JHR would reveal the abortion to SJW so that it would create a riff between herself and SJW. Maybe she thought that at some point, SJW would turn to JHR and find solace in his friend’s arms. If WHK was really dying, then she feared that SJW wouldn’t be able to overcome her death. As conclusion, it is definitely possible that WHK ruined her reputation on purpose. Right now, SJW is clearly in love with YMR because he is not afraid of confronting her or risking his own life for her. He knows her trauma and will do anything for her. But now, what about JHR? Does she really love SJW? In my opinion, she is not in love with him. Based on her conversations with KIW, it becomes clear that JHR is longing for love. She has the impression that she has never been loved. episode 14 The words she is saying to KIW could be perceived as if she was talking to herself. She thinks that SJW never loved her which is wrong. SJW did love her but as a sister, as a part of his family but for her, it was not love. Furthermore, she blamed her parents because they died so early so that she could never experience love. However, a love coming from the parents is different from the love coming from a man. So SJW with his mother did try to let her experience love but she never saw it as such. She is definitely living in an illusion. She has reduced the meaning of love: love can only be between a man and woman therefore SJW became her obsession. She was loved by SJW but she never viewed it as such because she had a different definition of love. Now, she is trying to woo KIW believing that she is the only one who can fix KIW. She knows what kind of person he is. But does she love KIW? To me, she doesn’t love KIW too. She is just trying to make herself feel better and superior. With her words “YMR who abandoned you” or in an earlier conversation, JHR always implied that YMR had never loved KIW hence he became a monster. By receiving love from her, he will be able to change. episode 11 In this scene, JHR implies that YMR never loved her husband sincerely. She thinks that since she knows his true nature (monster, snake-like eyes of yours), she can control and even manipulate him. She thought so because KIW confided a lot to her: he visited her after hurting his fist or when he was too drunk. All this time, JHR thought that she had the upper-hand. Since KIW is a man with strong emotions, she believed that the chaebol would fall for her as she was direct and frank. But her words unveiled her weaknesses: not only her arrogance but also her savior complex. Notice that she did it with SJW once. She also thought that once WHK was dead, she would be able to replace her and become SJW’s wife. Here, she is doing the same with KIW. She is not loving him, she is acting like a psychiatrist. All her attempts unveil that she doesn’t love herself at all in my opinion. She thinks that once a man loves her as a woman, she will feel loved. However, she is deceiving herself. JHR doesn’t know what love is therefore she doesn’t know what true love is. She is not honestly feeling sympathy for KIW’s pain because in reality, she is more talking to herself. She wished, someone would say these words to her. This explains why KIW deceives JHR in the end. He never bought her “sympathy” and her speech for love. Her arrogance made her forget the true personality of KIW: a royal cobra. As for KIW, it is clear that he has never loved his wife. Like he confessed to JHR in the episode 13, when he saw YMR’s face for the first time, she looked so much like his mother that it took his breath away. KIW is not just suffering from abandonment issues, he doesn’t know what love is. For him, love is possession which he learnt from his father. He treats YMR like an object which he can mistreat, when he feels like it. KIW doesn’t know what true love is as he can not embrace his mother’s sorrow. He resents her for running away all this time and for choosing death over him. For him, love and betrayal are connected to each other that’s why he has always expected that YMR would leave his side. Yet, he has not realized that he was the reason for all this. Finally, HSH claimed that he loved WHK, however he decided to leave her behind, when she was hurt because he would lose everything: his reputation, his friend aso. Just like IYH said, true love is when someone is loving another in pain and when the partner is having a hard time… HSH was just a selfish person in the end. @zenya22 @MidnightRain @ktcjdrama@rocher22 @avondale16 @tiMadam @lu09
  7. Actually, the last two episodes clearly showed a contrast between SJW and KIW, because the latter chose not to look with his heart. SJW realized his own illusion. He fell in love with WHK because of her face and chose to overlook her personality... that's why he said to YMR, he wasn't able to see with his heart. Sure, he also meant that now he could clearly distinguish YMR from his former wife WHK. He was able to see her for whom she is and her face wouldn't remind him of WHK. However, his words implied too that he had been ignoring WHK's personality in the past as he never tried to confront her. KIW's obsession is definitely worse because he is not just blind but also deaf. After watching the preview, KIW's reaction doesn't surprise me: he wants YMR's face back. So YMR was right: her face was the reason for his obsession, just like he confessed to JHR that YMR reminded him so much of his mother hence he couldn't breath, when he saw YMR for the first time.
  8. @gerrytan8063 Thanks for the info. Even if he dies before the rebellion, this doesn't mean that in the drama JTK doesn't play a part in it. He could be the one who convinces other members from Soron to side with YT because he despises YN.
  9. I am quite sure that the chief of the Sorons, Jo Tae Koo, will join YT, prince MP, in his rebellion because he already has a negative opinion of YN. YN will become the gossip that he poisoned his brother the king and I suspect that JTK will believe this rumor. First, he already thought that YN was a power hungry prince hence he believed in the rumor that YN had been behind the appeal of the vicarious governing. Notice that he wanted to prosecute the Crown prince quite quickly without any evidence. Then he was present, when YN threw away the medicine so that in his eyes, YN might have played an act. YN could have poisoned his brother and once it is too late, YN reveals the poisoning and blames his brother YT. From my point of view, JTK has never liked YN and he is blinded by his own prejudice. We know that YT will organize a coup d'état with the support from the Soron which will fail.
  10. He is not locked up because LJJ with manager Choi saw him buying things at a store. So he is hiding and LJJ is looking for him. LJJ is using an illness in order to spy on the psychiatrist Han So Geum.
  11. Thanks a lot for your compliment. I actually wrote this analysis with you in my mind, hence the compliment coming from you means a lot to me. With your observation, you confirmed my interpretation, but you also added another point. SJW was moved by her painting as well which I had completely forgotten. You are right: YMR's painting moved SJW's heart. However, I see two differences: - SJW met YMR before seeing the painting. - SJW didn't know the connection between her and the self-portrait which is different from KIW. SJW was moved by YMR's presence, when she entered his office. He rejected her first but he felt the need to help her. He already felt compassion for her, although he didn't know her situation. So only after connecting YMr with the cistus painting, SJW got closer to her than before. For me, this marks more the starting point of his love for her than the friendship. Notice that after seeing the painting, he chose anenomes for the bouquet as he knew the meaning of this flower. He definitely wanted to confess his love for her. To me, the revelation underlines why SJW fell in love with YMR and not with the person who looks like his wife.
  12. Writing such a long analysis is exhausting. Since I had already posted one before, I can not do it twice in a day. Moreover, this would mean that my analysis would be sloppy.
  13. @zenya22 Well, your last analysis confirmed my theory about Hae Ra's involvement in creating a riff between WHK and SJW. So far, SJW has not realized it yet. Now, we know that HR didn't know about the identity of the lover. However, I am quite sure that HR gave a worse picture of WHK than she was in reality. I also would like to say that I will write more about KIW and HR tomorrow. I have a different perception of their scene together...
  14. Love in Sadness: An analysis of Self-portraits Striking is that in this drama, we can witness the birth of a painting. The beholder usually only gets to see the start or the end product but not a work in progress. Nevertheless, we saw here two paintings that were not finished and each time, the finished work revealed the real state of mind of our heroine YMR, as both creations were named as a self-portrait. The difference between the paintings underlined that something had happened to our painter. But now, let’s take a closer look to these paintings. The first “Self-Portrait” was used in the first episode. A cistus: episode 1 (the painting is unfinished, right after this taking, due to KIW’s remark, YMR gives the picture a name: ” A self-portrait” The painting “A self-portrait” is now finished. We learn here the meaning of the cistus: I’ll die tomorrow. Looking at the first picture, we can observe two things: the darkness of the picture: we see a dead wood, she even used a lot of black and brown First, we have two flowers. Furthermore their white color contrast so much to the surrounding. Since the flowers are blossomed, they indicate that their withering is about to happen, especially due to the environment. So since it is a self-portrait, it actually symbolizes her actual situation: she is in a terrible situation. Her husband is embodied by the dead wood, he can not bring her happiness and life, actually he is the reason why she is perishing. Her world is cold and she feels lonely. There is no light, so there is no hope. The choice of a white flower and the number of cistus caught my attention because in the episode 12, she said that the flowers represent her heart and tears. It looks like back then YMR had lost all her energy hence there are only two flowers. Due to her desperate situation, she can not even cry. She is withering like a flower… So the first version wasn’t just depressing because of the dark colors and the environment. Even the choice of the flower was pessimistic: I’ll die tomorrow. However, in the finale version, the beholder observes a huge difference: the flowers are burning. This indicates that not only her situation has even worsened but also her despair has increased. She is literally screaming for help and if no one can see this, then she will die. Moreover, the fire could be perceived as a final attempt from her part. She will leave her husband and if she doesn’t succeed, then she is even willing to die, to get burned. So she is well aware of her husband’s outburst, if she leaves him again. episode 10: The painting is called “A Self-Portrait Part Two” the first and unfinished version In the second self-portrait, we also saw a first version (third picture above). Striking is the presence of wood, just like in the first self-portrait. Nevertheless, the wood is different. Here YMR used a table, unlike in the first painting where it looks more like a dead wood. Moreover, there is a presence of a human being in this picture due to the cup of tea and the letter envelope indicating that there is life in this picture. Finally, our painter chose to draw anemones in her painting. She even drew more anemones than cistus. Since the flower is red and the color red is associated to blood and life, I come to the conclusion that YMR’s state of mind has already changed. She has been brought back to life, since the painting is already oozing more life. The first version is still dark, although the beholder can see a ray of sunshine on the table. Yet the light is barely visible. Furthermore the message behind the anemone is “May I confess my love for you?” which illustrates that her heart has started beating again. She is no longer lifeless and loveless. Like she said to SJW, the flowers symbolizes her tears and heart. She can cry now. She has started caring for SJW. Due to the presence of wood in this self-portrait, we can come to the conclusion that YMR hasn’t been able to cut ties entirely with KIW, he is still affecting her life. The wood reveals that she is still suffering from a trauma. episode 11: “A Self-Portrait Part Two”, the final version The final version mirrors the evolution of her mental health. It looks like the flowers are actually growing from the table. YMR is able to remove little by little her bad memories, recover these with new good memories. Notice that this time, the flowers are painted with green leaves indicating that the flowers are not cut or put on the table, they look as if they were really alive. Then the ray of sunshine is much more pronounced this time. The dark and gloomy atmosphere has entirely disappeared. There is now more hope. YMR is not back to her old self, yet she has changed a lot. She is alive, feeling many emotions. The presence of a living person is also more visible than in the first version. Now, we see a letter with a feather. It was as if YMR had just left the table. Since YMR is not able to paint herself, this shows how much YMR suffered under KIW. She had lost her identity and her own personality, yet this time, YMR has found the courage to show to the world that she exists with different items: the envelopes, the letter and the feather. Naturally, she has another reason now, not to draw her face, since she has received the face of WHK. This second self-portrait still outlines her identity loss but unlike in the first self-portrait, the beholder can realize that YMR is searching for her own identity. She is trying with all her might to find her own place that’s what the growing flowers are representing. The flowers are trying to find their place in that table, it looks like the flowers want to cover the table, a symbol for her attempt to forget her painful experience and memories. As conclusion, YMR is no longer pessimistic and desperate. She is alive, feeling many positive emotions and she is hoping that she can leave her past behind. When YMR offered SJW her self-portrait, SJW could connect her painting to the famous painting of Frida Kahlo, a famous Mexican painter. Both characters were referring to that following picture, the wounded deer: Frida Kahlo: wounded deer, 1946 Back then, Frida Kahlo had just been surged on her spine but her surgery had not been successful. Unlike in YMR’s self-portraits, Frida used an animal in order to represent herself. However, the deer has her face. Notice how the surroundings can give us a clue about Frida Kahlo’s state of mind. The forest looks lifeless, the trees are leafless, even one tree has lost a branch which lies on the ground. The dead nature embodies broken body of the painter. Furthermore, the colors (brown and beige) give a gloomy and pessimistic impression. The sun is not visible, just like there is no wave in the sea. All these elements put together make the beholder feel that there is no life and no energy. Frida Kahlo is heartbroken and broken physically. Moreover, the painter used an unreal perspective for the wounded deer. It doesn’t look like it is standing on its feet, but it doesn’t look like it is lying on the ground either. In my opinion, Frida wants to underline how terrible her physical situation is: she is not really paralyzed but she can not move freely either. She can not rest in the end. The arrows symbolize the surgery and the pain in her spine due to the surgery as the arrows are situated all around her spine. As you can see, the deer mirrors Frida Kahlo’s situation and feelings as the deer has Frida’s face. The Mexican painter is feeling powerless and she is showing her pain and despair to the world through her painting. YMR is in a different situation as she has lost her identity, unlike Frida Kahlo, that’s why the flowers have no face at all or there is no human being represented among her flowers. However, I am expecting YMR to be capable to drew a third self-portrait later which will be similar to her first painting that KIW saw in the beginning. A woman holding a sword lily We know that this week, YMR will leave SJW’s side as she will use WHK’s death to her advantage. By forcing SJW to declare WHK dead, KIW will be cornered. WHK was the only link to his wife’s whereabouts. For her, this departure will have a huge impact as she will be able to free herself completely from KIW. @zenya22 @avondale16 @MidnightRain @ktcjdrama@lolly84
  15. I have to disagree with this because although it looks on the surface that Seon and NYJ's fight is going in circle, in reality NYJ is getting closer to the inner circle. He has been able to create a riff between Seon and LJJ. Then he made sure that Seon wouldn't get the support of YMR too. Furthermore, little by little we are shown who is involved in that system. First, the prosecutor Jung appeared as an upright/righteous prosecutor, especially when he tried to stop KSW from getting a stay of execution. Later, we discovered that Jung wanted him to stay in jail because the psychopath is a son of JH Group chairman. The prosecutor Jung has been helping LJJ all along therefore he could send LJH for three years. The prosecutor Jung is no angel and NYJ is well aware of that. So NYJ is trying to break the system from the inside... he wants to reveal the involvement between Seon, Haeun Hospital and Taekang Hospital. NYJ is the one who saved Bat Ni in the end, as he let him escape. BN is important as he is a witness of that corruption (I guess). So many people are involved in that system. Now, NYJ is aware of the existence of that dirty doctor working for Seon. I am quite sure that although NYJ will be put under pressure next week, I am expecting NYJ to win. Seon will be hurt due to the drug scandal. We shouldn't forget that Seon was told about the rundown of the leftover drugs. His minion told him that the leftover drugs would be sent to the long-term care hospital. Then he added that there was a list of medicine they had to discard that month. Seon decided to send these medicine to the long-term care hospital as well. The doctor answered that they would buy new medicine. As this small scene is quite important because it points out that Seon has been embezzling drugs and money from the government. I suspect that the long-term care hospital is actually Haeun Hospital. So it looks like Seon sends drugs from the prison to his family's hospital so that the latter doesn't need to buy new medicine. Then on the other hand, Haeun Hospital can charge the patients who received the drugs. Seon can claim that they needed to discard medicine in order to follow the rules and ask for new medicine by using state's money. And this will be revealed as NYJ has a spy on the inside. The congressman was convicted and couldn't get stay of execution as the prosecutor, the hospital and the prison director Seon worked together. I also believe that the congressman tried to unveil this terrible system but failed as he was on his own. Yet, I also think that NYJ will gather more and more support in the end. Like I mentioned it earlier, I am more and more convinced that LJH's sister has been on his side all along and she is acting as a double agent.
  16. @nubianlegalmind Thanks a lot for the compliment. The reason why SM's father must have got suspicious that his wife hadn't died was when JI's father got arrested and was sent to trial. I remember that a man with a black cap saw JI sitting in her father's room. Remember that JI had received from her father the jacket and I remember that someone was looking at her, when she was drawing. So he witnessed that JI had the jacket back then and couldn't have been the murderer... don't forget that the jacket was the evidence for his guilt. Okay, this is based on my memory. From that moment, he might have become suspicious that she might have not died... and he went to confront his son who remembered his mother's words: she wanted to fake her death. If SM ran away, his mother wouldn't be able to find him hence SM's father wouldn't be able to find her. So maybe he left to protect her.
  17. I have the impression that Na Yi Je is not alone in his fight. To me, it looks like Lee Jae In could have been working with NYJ all this time, while on the surface she supports her mother. Notice that LJI has never been included in the will of her father and Mo Yi Ra is just determined that her son LJH inherits the hospital. LJI is totally overlooked by her parents. She is just treated like a tool for their own interest. Besides, LJI is different from her brothers LJH and LJJ. I can imagine that LJI must have felt remorse for NYJ's fate. Notice that she has become a real lawyer... therefore I suspect that she might play a bigger part in the future.
  18. The case with nurse Cho is indirectly linked to the case of CDH's father. This is about the heart transplant. The boy was on the waiting list for the organ transplant, while his father was about to get his surgery. The boy, the result of a rape, is suffering from the same disease. However, the victim YHJ could never get justice as the evil teacher was protected by his powerful family. He was the chairman's nephew. Cho did it so that the boy would be able to get the organ transplant in time. From my point of view, CDH's father admitted the crime in order to save his son: the heart transplant was part of the deal, taking the blame for a murder. Nevertheless, I am quite sure that the motive for the murder is related to the purchase of military weapons and bribes. Detective Ki never investigated the circumstances of the murder as he had already caught the culprit. From my point of view, CDH's new heart comes from Madam Jin's son, a lawyer or judge, who was involved in the main case: the murder of CSH.
  19. From early on, we were shown that SM had no idea what emotions meant as he was looking up love and another emotion. That's why I had thought that he was a psychopath, especially when he had trouble to understand EJS's emotions and thoughts. However, the last two episodes make it clear that SM is not a psychopath but he is suffering from alexithymia, a person who can not feel or perceive any emotion. Based on the memory we could witness between SM and his mother, it becomes clear that his mother must have thought that SM could be a psychopath because of his reaction. She compared her son to that person who killed someone. This also explains why SM could relate to LA when the latter was stigmatized as monster because in the eyes of many, SM could be perceived as monster. In my opinion, the lack of emotions from SM can be explained the way he grew up: we saw that he was held captive, his ankle has been injured due to the chain. Because of his disorder, his condition worsened... this must have been one of the reasons why SM's mother left her husband with her son. She didn't want him to become like his father. But he never witnessed how a normal father should behave towards a child until he met JI and her father, later LA and his father. But the way JI's father treated him and his daughter triggered something in SM that's why SM feels particularly attached to JI. He doesn't love her as a woman but like a relative... moreover, a part of his emotions comes from his guilt. He feels somehow responsible for JI's misery as he knows that her family was destroyed. By living for some time with LA and by interacting with EJS, SM started changing. I doubt that JI is the only cause for his change. We saw from the memory that LA could capture that back then, SM must have felt something as psychometry is linked to emotions. His mother's words (not to kill someone, not to become like that person) must have triggered something in SM which led him to never forget her words. He is determined not to be like his father. However, I doubt that SM's father is responsible for the whole disaster. Right now, EJS and SM think that the arson from 13 years ago was orchestrated by the same person, however I have now a different impression. First, we know that EHB is linked to the arson from 13 years ago, as he has been covering up for YYS construction. Secondly, SM's mother was running downstairs, when she caught a man pushing a suitcase. Don't forget that she was living in the apartment 701... so the dead body in the suitcase was removed from a different apartment (lower floor). @packmule3 noticed that the man with a black cap is standing next to the exit of the building. So when SM's father visited SM's flat, SM's mother had already left meaning that SM's father is not the one who is pushing the suitcase. In my opinion, since SM was injured for a while, he went to the orphanage on 10th December 2005. From my point of view, the fire was the reason why SM lost his mother. SM thinks that his father is the reason why she left his side, yet I believe that she was forced to use this fire in order to fake her death as she witnessed the real murderer. On the other hand, the real murderer couldn't reveal that she was not the 4th victim in the flat because this would unveil his involvement in the murder. Notice that the arson always happen in the 7th floor and we know for sure that YYS is involved. As conclusion, there are two perpetrators: the first arson was staged in order to get rid of witnesses (YYS construction), while the second arson was created in order to create chaos and to point out that the real culprit had not been caught. SM's father copied the murder in the first arson... he knows that KGY was involved in the first arson but he thought that KGY must have known where his wife lived. However, KGY had no idea... Don't forget that KGY introduced himself as someone working for insurance... there is a connection between insurance and fire. SM's father is a sociopath and he must have resented his son because he saw SM as a burden... The father must have been obsessed with his wife, he didn't want to share his wife with his son. As for SM's mother, she must have witnessed how her husband killed someone... besides, she saw how SM was treated by her husband therefore she ran away. Finally, we know for sure that SM's father is working for the CCTV system that's why he knows where all the CCTV are, he knows how to damage a CCTV and how to install one illegal CCTV and connect to burner phone. SM's father must have appeared in front of his son at the orphanage hence SM decided to leave LA's side, too scared that he might get hurt. From my point of view, SM must have thought that his mother had really died, until his father appeared. That's how he must have realized that his mother faked her death, yet he didn't want to reveal the truth as he didn't want her to be found out. Hence I think that while SM is determined to find his mother, at the same time he wants to reveal the truth about the fire from 2005, just like he wants to catch/kill his father. @ktcjdrama @celebrianna @nrllee
  20. The influence of Greek and Roman mythology and literature in Love in Sadness In this drama, the writer used two legends from the Greek mythology: the death of Hyacinth and Adonis which led both to the birth of flowers: the hyacinth and the anemone. Hyacinth, as a Spartan prince and mortal was Apollo’s lover despite their different nature (human vs. god). Yet Zephyrus, the god of wind, got jealous and killed him with his disc. the death of Hyacinth; painting from Alexandre Kisseliov (19th Century) Here you can see the disc thrown by Zephyrus The god of the sun tried to heal his lover and it was in vain. In order to always remember his lover Hyacinth, Apollo created a new flower with Hyacinth’s blood: the Hyacinth. Then in the episodes from this week, we were told about the legend of Adonis and the anemone. SJW explained that Venus fell in love with Adonis due to Cupid and Ares got jealous and killed Adonis with a boar. However, the writer made a huge mistake because he mixed Greek names with Roman names. Romans used to call Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, sex and fertility but Ares is the Greek name of the god of war. Why do the Roman and Greek have the same mythology but different names? After the conquest of Greek cities in ancient times (Antiquity) by the Roman Empire, the Romans adopted the Greek religion, however they changed their names: Aphrodite became Venus, Ares became Mars, Zeus Jupiter aso. Our plastic surgeon was actually referring to the work of a Roman author, Ovid. However, in Ovid’s work Venus fell in love with Adonis by accident due to Cupid. The latter was playing with his arrows, when one of his arrows was punctured in her chest. Her wound was so deep that she fell in love with Adonis, when he appeared. Venus, Adonis and Cupid painted by Annibale Carracci in 1595 However, the story of Adonis in Ovid doesn’t mention any jealousy as the reason for his death. It is just said that Adonis loved hunting and one day, he got killed by a boar while hunting alone. On the other hand, the the existence of Adonis in the Greek mythology is explained differently. https://www.greekmyths-greekmythology.com/myth-aphrodite-adonis/First, Aphrodite fell in love with the handsome man due to her own trick. Then either Artemis wanted revenge or Ares got jealous of Adonis because he was Aphrodite’s lover too. Anyway, in Greek and Roman mythology, the goddess of love used Adonis’s blood in order to create the flower anemone, a memorial of their love. As you can see, the writer from Love in Sadness mixed Roman and Greek mythology together. Nevertheless both stories have so many similarities. First both stories deal with the loss of a loved one, with a tragic death where the surviving person has trouble to accept the death of their lover. Furthermore, the gods create a flower (Hyacinth and Anemone) in order to remember their loved one. Finally, the writer used the aspect of jealousy in both stories which explains why he made a mistake with the name because he mixed Roman tradition with Greek mythology. And now, if we take a close look, we will notice that our main characters (KIW, YMR, WHK and SJW) share the same experience. YMR fakes her death in order to escape from her abusive husband, WHK got involved in an accident and got killed which affected her husband SJW a lot. SJW gave YMR his wife’s face which could be compared to the gesture of the god: SJW created a flower, just like Aphrodite and Apollo did. On the other hand, KIW has not created anything yet, he is still living in his memories: he has distorted version of his marriage with YMR. Maybe, the beholder should perceive KIW as the jealous person and not the lover, if we had to compare him to characters from the legends as he is really jealous. YMR loved painting more than anything and he knew that, hence he allowed her to paint but only at her studio and she was not allowed to show any creation to others. Concerning WHK, SJW and doctor Ha, the latter embodies definitely the jealous one who destroyed WHK in the end due to his jealousy and negligence. As conclusion, we understand better why this drama was called love in sadness because all these legends and our drama deal with tragic love, death, pain and sadness. However, this is not the only reference to Greek literature and mythology. In the episodes from this week, we could finally perceive the true personality of doctor Ha Sung Ho. Remember that in my former analysis, I had compared Joo Hae Ra to a praying mantis, SJW to a butterfly and flower and KIW to a cobra. episode 12 While watching this scene, the doctor’s words made me think of the famous fable “La cigale et la fourmi” (The cicada and ant) from Jean de la Fontaine. The latter is a French fabulist from the 17th Century who wrote many fables. He used as source of inspiration, the Greek author, Aesop (an author from ancient times, Antiquity). Here is the fable written by Jean de La fontaine La Cigale, ayant chanté The gay cicada, full of song Tout l’Été, All the sunny season long, Se trouva for dépourvue Was unprovided and brought low, Quand la bise fut venue. When the north wind began to blow ; Pas un seul petit morceau Had not a scrap of worm or fly, De mouche ou de vermisseau. Hunger and want began to cry ; Elle alla crier famine Never was creature more perplexed. Chez la Fourmi sa voisine, She called upon her neighbour ant, La priant de lui prêter And humbly prayed her just to grant Quelque grain pour subsister Some grain till August next ; Jusqu’à la saison nouvelle. Je vous paierai, lui dit-elle, “I’ll pay, ” she said, “what ye invest, Avant l’Oût, foi d’animal, Both principal and interest, Intérêt et principal Honour of insects –and that’s tender. ” La Fourmi n’est pas prêteuse ; The ant, however, is no lender ; C’est là son moindre défaut. That is her least defective side ; « Que faisiez-vous au temps chaud ? “But, hark ye, pray, Miss Borrower, ” she cried, “What were ye doing in fine weather ? ” Dit-elle à cette emprunteuse. “ Singing . . . nay,! look not thus askance, — Nuit et jour à tout venant To every comer day and night together.” Je chantais, ne vous déplaise. “ Singing ! I’m glad of that ; why now then dance. ” — Vous chantiez ? j’en suis fort aise. Eh bien ! dansez maintenant. » (translation from http://www.la-fontaine-ch-thierry.net/onegramu.htm Notice that the cicada doesn’t like working, she is busy enjoying life and in time of need, the cicada visits the ant for help. The behavior of the doctor Ha Sung Ho reminds us a lot of the cicada as both share the same philosophy. They are carefree and even selfish as they let people work for them believing that generosity is a given. In Ha’s eyes, SJW is like an ant forgetting that SJW is working in order to support him and his wife as well. Only after WHK’s car accident, HSH started working like crazy accepting all different kind of patients, even risking the patients’ life. HSH even believes that their office is working so well because he made so many surgeries, but in my opinion, HSH is overestimating himself as he is overlooking SJW’s reputation. SJW was invited to a radio program, he even wrote a book… people from far away are coming to his office. Yet, HSH has never really considered SJW’s work as worthy to be mentioned because he has a different approach: SJW is working for his patients so that the latter can start enjoying their life, while HSH only worked out of guilt and pride. He never cares for his patients in reality. His words can be compared to the singing of the cicada: HSH always tries to praise himself in front of SJW. He is really jealous of SJW and not just because the latter married WHK. HSH could study because of SJW and his family, SJW was definitely the better student. Even after the big revelation, HSH shows his true face: he doesn’t feel sorry that he had an affair with WHK, he just reveals his jealousy and “hatred” for SJW. It would be interesting to see how HSH lives after leaving SJW’s office. As conclusion, our characters from the drama Love in Sadness are all embodied by animals, except YMR: HSH the cicada, SJW the butterfly, KIW the cobra and JHR the praying mantis. But more importantly, it is clear that the writer was inspired by authors from the antiquity: Greek and Roman writers (Aesop, Ovid, aso). @zenya22 @ktcjdrama @MidnightRain @avondale16 @lu09 @tiMadam
  21. @zenya22 I agree with you that these two episodes had less suspense and tension. Today, I can't write much but I'll just say that I still don't believe that WHK had affairs with different men, just like she had an abortion because JHR has always been determined to see WHK as wench. Just like YMR showed him that WHK chose SJW from the start and it was not a coincidence. Sure, she did cheat on him but the question is: why? I hope, we get some answer in the long run. To me, WHK is still a mystery. Concerning doctor Ha, he reminds me a lot of a certain insect: a grasshopper/cicada. I'll explain more about it tomorrow. My next analysis will be about the influence of Greek mythology in this drama and the second self-portray of YMR. @MidnightRain @avondale16 @ktcjdrama
  22. @avondale16 @nrllee @ktcjdrama @turtle0217 I had this crazy theory. What if.... Let me know what you think about this theory!
  23. @nateko How is this drama so far? I know, when it comes to crime/thriller dramas, we have a similar taste. I read so many negative comments, therefore I am hesitating.
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