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  1. @40somethingahjumma Sure, on the surface the detectives except the main lead look like idiots, when they believe that KPY committed suicide. It did bother me first but then I realized that JTS's superior has the tendency to close cases too quickly. Remember that he was annoyed, when JTS told him that the assemblyman's death was not an accident. He complained... so by announcing that KPY had killed himself, they would close the case of JSH's disappearance and KSC's death.
  2. @bedifferent So far, I understood, SH got elected. This wasn't just a poll. She thanked the voters and in the preview, a bill she is supposed to put through is mentioned.
  3. @nrllee First, I had this crazy thought: What if JSH decided to have his hand and foot cut in order to expiate for his father's crimes? He definitely knows that his father was involved in crimes... It was even said that this was dangerous. So the hand is for KSC's death, the second for KPY's death... for each death, there is a member from JSH. Even if this theory is wrong, this pattern caught my attention: for each member, there is a dead person... It was as if the mastermind was sending a signal to the chairman of JQ Group. Your son will pay for your crimes and involvement. In my opinion, Choi Chi Deok is the next target... as he received the foot from JSH. Remember that SH received the hand and after that, she got a message asking her to accept Hong's idea. Maybe the killer will contact CCD. On the other hand, it was as if CCD was warned at the same time. CCD needs to take him seriously and follow his order. I have the impression that the "butcher" will ask CCD to do something, like f. ex. confess his crimes because at some point, JQ might get rid of him because he represents a thread. Notice that JTS was not able to do anything to CCD, JQ via In Dong Koo had already prepared everything to cover up. From my point of view, the opponent of JQ is well aware of JQ's devious plans and accomplices hence he is playing dirty (the mutilations) in order to reveal the conspiracy.
  4. I had this theory: The person behind the mutilations forced SH to run for the election as he knew that she wouldn't do it, if her family and Hong asked her to follow her father's footsteps. But he knew that she loved her husband hence using her husband as a thread, the mastermind used it in order to push her to accept Hong's offer. So on the surface, it looked like Hong had succeeded, while in reality he had already been played by the butcher. But the moment she wins the election, the mastermind sends the foot so that SH can no longer hope for JSH's return. Furthermore, she has no reason to follow Hong's orders any more. While JYM, the chairman of JQ, and Hong thought that KSH was just a weak person who could be used as a puppet for their plan hence they asked her to become an assemblywoman, they underestimated KSH's strength. Her speech in the last episode showed her love for her father but also her strong sense of responsibility. She wants her father's name to remain untarnished, she is determined to follow the citizens' opinion and interests which means that she won't be defending JQ's interests. KSH will realize that the bill she is supposed to support doesn't benefit the citizens but only JQ... hence she won't agree to pass the bill. There is definitely a third party... the question is: why did he take JSH if their goal was the same as it looks like it on the surface? By killing the chairman's son, KSH is no longer connected to JQ and her "father-in-law". In other words, the mastermind is someone who knows KSH very well but also is well aware of JQ's plan. From my point of view, KSC's death is definitely linked to JQ and In Dong Koo. The latter has no idea about JSH's disappearance. Now, I am wondering why JYM is perceiving his right-hand man as an enemy.
  5. The Prime Minister Hong is the high official close to Edward Park. And we know now why Jessica had the airplane crashed... her company wanted to buy Dynamics. Now, the NSI has been infiltrated by the good guys. Working from the inside is much better because they can give the info to Kang via Vagabond. I somehow knew that Kang had predicted what Min would do. In my opinion, GHR's friend must have switched the plate so that Kang could fake his death. Min now believes that his enemy is dead hence Kang is off the grid and can work in the shadow. I was surprised that Edward Park said that he was a patriot. I am still wondering who killed Michael in the first place because this has not been answered.
  6. Your observation is so point on and this made me realize why this couple NGT and YJ is not working at all. We know for sure that NGT is desperately looking for respect. His wife has always been correcting him and doesn't let him make decision alone hence he felt that he was not respected. But for him, respect has a different meaning than YJ's respect. Since he has been raised to be patriarchal and misogynistic, he associates respect to being treated as superior, as the one in charge of the family which never happened with his wife. This explains why NGT has been harassing DB all this time... it revealed his patriarchal mentality. As a man, he is allowed to do anything: touch a woman, ask for peanuts for free aso. On the other hand, YJ has a different mentality: she is a strong woman and as such, she perceives herself as independent and equal to the man. For her, you get respect if you are well-mannered and intelligent. YJ lost the respect for her husband the moment she saw that he is more stupid than naive. Furthermore, we know that NGT desires so much to become a governor. IT is his way to compensate his frustration at home... but just like with his wife, if he became a governor, he would abuse his position. With this position, he would reveal his patriarchal and old-fashioned mentality. You are right: NGT's mother is to blame for her son's flaws. Because of this analysis, I wished that HYJ filed for a divorce and ends up as governor. NGT needs to realize that he is responsible for his own situation. In reality, he never treated his wife well as he only wanted to be superior to her. Besides, with a divorce, it would teach his mother a lesson. The latter has been using her son's marriage in order to boost her social status.
  7. @katakwasabi I have to disagree with you. In my opinion, KTW views GHR as colleague because if not, he wouldn't have offered his egg. He lied about his allergy. Secondly, he ensured that GHR would mourn and gave her some space. He knew that GHR didn't want to show how the death of her colleagues had affected her.
  8. Well, KTW's thinking is really weird. He cares for GHR, yet he doesn't want to help her in the end: following the order is more important than helping a friend/colleague. The character is not well written.
  9. Thanks for the compliment. You were not too harsh concerning KJR. He was a jerk back then and he is still one which even DB recognizes. Actually, her life with him was terrible. I compare her to a concubine who is not allowed to leave the harem. We were shown DB in KJR's flat living alone in front of the TV. In other words, she had been cut off from the world and had no friend at all. It looks as if she had been buried alive. Because our famous baseball player has a celebrity status and earns well, he believes that he can do whatever he wants. He looks down on YS as the latter is just a police officer. KJR has another flaw: he is always running away from any responsibility. He didn't want to have a child, when he saw the pregnancy tests. Now that he has found that DB is still single and had a child with him, he thinks that he can have a better life with her than with Jessica therefore he doesn't fear Jessica's thread (a possible divorce). In the episode 1 and 2, we saw him having his daughter around him, hence he looked like he was a good father but right now his daughter has disappeared. She has been taken care of by a nanny. He shows concern for his son and is neglecting his daughter. In other words, he acted like a responsible father because he had to, since his wife showed no motherly love for the baby. Since he has met DB, his focus has shifted to his son and DB. I even wonder if in case of a divorce, he would really care for his daughter. Besides, he asks DB to wait for him, just like in the past... so he has not learnt his lesson. Then he doesn't promise her that he will marry her. He just wants to take care of her and his son financially so far. Here again, he wants to keep her and KPG hidden (just like in the past). The only difference is now she has become a mistress. Finally, I would like to add that DB was right to leave KJR the way she did. She didn't announce to him that she wanted to break up with him, she just left his home "without any warning". Since KJR had been abusing her emotionally and mentally, she knew that the moment she expressed this, he wouldn't accept the break up and would do anything to stop her. Furthermore, I even suspect that he would have blamed her for some reason. KJR is not the type to reflect on himself. Right after meeting her, he blamed her... he didn't even want to know why she did it. He only thought of his pain and never imagined that he had hurt DB much more.
  10. @bedifferent @40somethingahjumma Actually, KJR has not even reflected yet why his relationship with DB failed. This explains why KJR is acting like in the past, telling her what she should do. There are many reasons why DB had to break up with him. Like I mentioned in my former post, KJR was self-centered and selfish. Furthermore, he had internalized certain values: an orphan with a low school degree is perceived as a stigma. That's why he pitied her in reality and confused love with pity. But the last episode made me realize something else. Remember that Jessica blackmailed KJR emotionally. If he didn't agree to pay for her study in Milan, then she would file for a divorce. We heard from DB that KJR did the same with DB. He often threatened her to break up, when DB was unhappy or would disagree with him. As you can observe, KJR and Jessica have or had a similar behavior. Why? The reason is simple: they know that the partner is more invested in the relationship than themselves. KJR knew that DB loved him much more than he loved her, hence he could use her feelings in order to force her to be "obedient". As a result, DB started living like a concubine (a woman without any right and status, entirely dependent on her "man") and her personality even changed. She became meek and weak that's why KJR didn't feel the same for DB any longer. Therefore he invested more and more in his career. He overlooked the warmth provided by DB and the real impact of DB in his life. This explains why DB didn't express herself in front of others, when she was bullied in Ongsan. She rather whispered or mumbled. KJR's attitude was the cause for her shyness. Notice that the moment DB showed more and more strength, KJR was reminded more and more of the past and became more and more clingy. He rediscovered the DB from the past, when he was attracted to her. This is the other reason why KJR is acting like in the past. He still thinks, because DB used to listen to him, she would do the same here. But here is the trick: DB doesn't love KJR any longer, he has no power over her, unlike in the past. The moment DB left him without a word, KJR felt really hurt. Her departure had left a hole in his heart. Since in his eyes, he had "loved" DB so much but she chose to break up with him, he decided to choose the exact opposite as a wife in order to avoid of being hurt like in the past. Jessica's personality contrasts so much with DB's. She is selfish, doesn't want children and is not listening to him at all. However, in this relationship, KJR had a similar position with DB. He was the one who was more invested in the relationship than Jessica. But by meeting DB and his son, KJR's situation in his marriage has changed. He is no longer dependent on his wife. That's why Jessica will be really angry. She never thought that KJR would even "abandon" her. Now, if we compare KJR and YS, we can clearly see the contrast between the two men. YS has the opposite approach. He always lets DB make the decision. She is not forced to do anything, he makes his stand and shows his respect towards her. That's why DB is blooming more and more. His behavior has the opposite effect, DB becomes stronger and stronger. YS saw her true personality right from the start, although she was shy and quite distant in the beginning. Even in the last episode, YS didn't release his anger towards DB, he knew that KJR was the one to blame. However, he clearly revealed that her action had affected him and he expressed that she should treat him differently. She also realized her mistake. His words made her realize that she was no longer alone, she had a boyfriend by her side therefore she needed to be considerate towards him. All this time, YS treats her with respect. He might be angry and hurt but he still restrains himself. In the long run, DB is learning to invest herself more in her relationship with YS. That's why she is able to confess her feelings for him.
  11. Sorry but the excuse to use bullying as a way to make the soldier stronger is definitely wrong. The result has the opposite effect which was shown in the story. Second Lieutnant Lee couldn't achieve great results with his team. The more he allowed the bully, the more the situation worsened. He tried to apply what his father told him. The father was harsh towards him and he did the same to his team... Lee never got the results he wanted, just like his father.
  12. Well, I didn't express myself very clearly. In my opinion, DO, Jin and Haru come from the same manhwa or met before in a different manhwa. It really looks like Jin is jealous of Haru. Don't you find it strange that Jin became close to her the moment she became self-aware? From my point of view, Jin had even become DO's confident, until Haru appeared. There is a reason why Jin is so determined not to change anything. I am quite sure that he knows that DO comes from a different manhwa that's why he is expecting her death. A possibility: Because with her death, she can be reborn and appear in a different manhwa where he can follow her and even become closer to her. But if Haru intervenes and changes the story, he might even be able to save her from dying...
  13. I have the impression that Jinminchae is related to Haru’s scar. He and Haru come both from the manga Flower. I also think that DO comes from a different manga. She only started seeing the hole the moment she became self-aware. In my opinion, the hole at the library and outside shows that this manga world is connected to another manga world.
  14. Now, we know why DB left KJR without telling him that she was pregnant. Actually, I understand her reason for the break up. KJR was just selfish and self-centered, kept DB hidden in his flat like a concubine. He was indeed ashamed of her, acted as if he had no girlfriend hence he never allowed her to meet his colleagues and friends. He never cared for her as such, he just enjoyed that she was taking care of him so well. In the episode 10, his behavior really annoyed me. He does perceive DB as someone pitiful, he doesn't even want her to become happy. Now, the viewer saw that DB put the bracelet into a box, indicating that HM will be the one who steals the bracelet from DB.
  15. @nrllee Yes, I agree that SH seems to be the real target. First, let us not forget that SH spent 4 years in Germany with her husband. So she was far away... what if this stay in Germany had something to do with SH in the first place? First, we assumed that JSH went there and SH had just to follow him. But what if it was the opposite? JSH and KSC wanted her out of the country. Secondly, as soon as they got back, SH was sent to her father. It was as if her father's role was to protect his daughter. If so, then JSH knew that by his side, SH would get exposed to danger. Notice that once both are removed, SH is left without protection. Her mother and her father-in-law are doing nothing for her. Furthermore, after their disappearance, she was approached by two people: - the politician who worked for JQ Group - the kidnapper, the one who cut JSH's hand
  16. @wildcherry I really liked your analysis about Ms. Han. It gave a really new perception of her. She became a judge in order to get the ultimate power only to realize that power from a huge corporation is even stronger. So her harsh sentence could be seen in a different light too. On the surface, it looked like she cared for the environment and people, while in reality she wanted to demonstrate her power. She gave a harsher sentence that was asked by the prosecution office. This would explain why MWP misjudged her in the end. He thought, her verdict reflected her righteousness, while it only revealed her love for power display and her coldness.
  17. The chairman of JQ Group reproached his right-hand man In Dong Koo to be the cause of all this. This means that the latter had developed a strategy which the chairman approved but since his son has been hurt, in his eyes IDK is to blame. This makes me think that the chairman of JQ might have approved KSC's death, maybe in order to stop his son from investigating further. The woman had already been killed (faked suicide) but instead of destroying the alliance, JSH announced to his father-in-law, he will investigate in order to find where all went wrong. As conclusion, the death of the woman had the opposite effect therefore they planned the same thing for the assemblyman so that JSH would stop. If JTS hadn't found the traces on the road, he would have come to the conclusion that KSC had committed suicide. What also caught my attention were the words In Dong Koo told to Kim Pil Yeon: "Where is JSH hiding?" So the right-hand man believes that JSH has not been kidnapped but disappeared on his own volition. He heard that the hand belonged to JSH, yet IDK still thinks that JSH is not a victim and is trying to stop JQ with faking his "disappearance". Since we saw JSH running in the woods barefoot, it means that he was still close to Sonju. He definitely met someone else there. Strangely, the person who hurt and even killed JSH seems to have the same goal than JQ Group: KSH has to become an assemblywoman but I suspect for a different reason. Like I had written before, there is a third party no one is aware of at this moment.
  18. The female detective is really annoying. In the second episode, her comments were so stupid and even rude. I wished, the writer would changer her personality.
  19. @imgreatgal @triplem @nrllee In my opinion, someone tried to destroy the relationship between KSC and his son-in-law, make them turn against each other. The husband said that he would investigate where the things went wrong so the suicide of the woman was not the starting point. Besides, the conflict with the project had already occurred. In other words, the death of that woman was just the trigger for the argument which led KSH's husband to question everything. That's why I am saying that someone was interested in meddling in their alliance. Don't forget that his daughter married the chaebol for her father's career. It can not be just the work of the friend who seems to love KSH. I suspect, the company is related to their quarrel. Furthermore, I would like to point out that both victims might have been killed by two different persons.
  20. But their loyalty is based on that principal that what they are doing is not that evil.... like murdering someone. They have no idea that they are actually covering up for the murderer. Her employees are not aware that she is involved in MWP's death. They were not present, when she ensured that Mo would get a heart attack. So far, she has presented the case from 15 years ago as something that would damage MC Group. In their eyes, she might be harsh and brutal but they don't suspect her that she killed someone. They got unsettled, when Ms. Han asked to increase the pressure onto JYI indicating that they didn't like the idea.
  21. Yes, that was this scene. For KJW, reliability is important because it requires trust too. KJW has to trust GHR in order to rely on her. But his problem is that he didn't actually trust her ability, although he said the opposite. The proof is that he told her that she couldn't force the NSI director to change the order (episode 5). And even if she succeeded once, in his eyes, this didn't prove her abilities. He just saw it as a one time thing. Maybe his behavior is linked to the friend's death, deep down he fears that she might die as he doesn't want to lose someone close to his heart. As for my theory (for the greater good, sacrifice is necessary), I came to this idea because I observed that more and more people at the NSI are forced to take sides indicating that their loyalty is no longer bound to their country but to their superior. Even Shadow is forced to intervene more and more which means that at some point, he will stand in the light, he won't be a shadow any longer. So far, his identity has not been confirmed and the good guys don't even know about his existence: the Shadow, the puppet master. Strangely, I can not help myself thinking about the downfall of the Roman republic. Back then, corruption had infiltrated so much the government so that the latter neglected its commoners/normal citizens. These were suffering from poverty and unemployment due to the expansion of Roman Empire: increase of slaves, importation of cheap cereals from the new provinces aso. At some point, Marius introduced a reform of the army in order to improve the life of many impoverished peasants. The Civilian army was turned into a professional army which changed the nature of the relationship between the consul (military commander) and his soldiers. From now on, the soldiers didn't fight for Roman republic but for their consul... Their salary and reward were linked to their consul, at the end the consuls started fighting against each other. And here I can see some parallels between the Roman army and the NSI. NSI is divided, the agents are forced to choose a side, they don't care if their actions are right or wrong. At the same time, their actions are legitimated "for the sake of the country" while in reality, it is for the benefit of certain people, in this case the president and his Chief secretary Yun.
  22. @Lawyerh Wave back to you chingu! Me too, the ending scene was really well done. Honestly, I do think that KSH's husband loved her and the separation had a different reason. His reaction to her question (if he had a woman) was quite telling. Furthermore, he mentioned the death of that woman in the house where his wife lived and in front of his father-in-law therefore they had a different connection.
  23. @katakwasabi The conversation about trust with GHR was in the episode 8. Maybe I didn't express myself very well. KTW might argue with his superiors but in the end, he will follow the orders. So "stick to the rules" is his motto. Sending the recorded conversation to an assemblyman from the opposition indicates that he still believes in the actual system, hence he needs to get the support from the opposition. He somehow believes that his superior was forced by the government but there is more to it. He hasn't realized the deepness of corruption in the NSI and the government. In reality, I am even suspecting that this plane crash could have been orchestrated in order to get rid of the toxic elements at the NSI and the government. Let us not forget that we have two incidents involving the NSI that showed how hypocritical and ruthless the superiors at the NSI and the governement were: the loss of KTW's friend: the operation command violated a small rule. the case with the defectors from North Korea. These were promised something from the SK governement, yet in the end they were abandoned. This makes me wonder if in reality the true cause of his friend's death has been covered up. The command took the blame for it. As for the defectors, Kang was the one who got blamed. He is seen by the rogue soldiers as a traitor. But what if in reality, they had planned all along to trick the defectors in order to turn them into soldiers who would do the dirty work without being officials. Notice the pattern: the MO is always to present a scapegoat. Now, KJW and his wife will be the ones blamed for the plane crash (to get money through life insurance).
  24. @bedifferent @nrllee After reading your reviews about the first episode, I decided to watch the first episode. I really liked it... The characters are quite interesting and the mystery intriguing. What caught my attention is that JQ is using her father's death to push her to become an assemblywoman so that the project will come true. Since KSH looks so fragile and even "meek", they see in her the perfect puppet. However, I believe that the CEO has no idea about the true consequences of this project. The disagreement between the assemblyman KSC and his son-in-law started with the woman's death. The son-in-law didn't believe in her suicide and wanted to investigate her death. I am even suspecting that he never wanted to become the CEO for that project and had also been manipulated. I guess, the persons behind this thought that they could force the assemblyman to give in as the CEO was his son-in-law. I don't think that her husband killed her father. In fact, there is a third party involved in this. Her friend Jin Young Min knew about the disappearance of KSH's husband. JYM and the father's right man look really suspicious.
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