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  1. Yes, she had loving parents but they did die really early which means that she had to grow up earlier than others and was on her own. So she had to deal with Fantazia very early, while she wanted to dance ballet. So she had a lot on her shoulders. Let us not forget that there must have been jealousy, fight among the different directors, moreover LYS was quite young. The aunt only started managing Fantazia the moment LYS got hurt. Notice that for three years her closest family never visited her. That's why I said that her world was quite cold. As for her behavior after the accident, she feels guilty and she is missing Mr. Jo, her surrogate father. When she smiled, she actually wanted to grant him his wish (to shine as an angel) but no one around knew the meaning behind her smile and thought, she was crazy. She even went to his funeral, although she was herself not healthy. People should have acknowledged her gesture but preferred gossiping about LYS.
  2. Well, there is a huge difference between Gu Jun Pyo and Lee Yeon Seo, despite their rude and cold behavior. Right from the start, the beholder knows about LYS's tragedies (loss of her parents, loss of her sight) therefore we can understand why she acts like that. No viewer can really hate LYS, while it was not really the same for GJP. In the beginning, we know nothing about GJP and only see a rude and spoiled man. Furthermore, I would like to add that the writer often uses other characters acting as rude, cold and hypocrite. We have the aunt, the jerks from the park, the workers from Fantasia and the people who attended Mr. Jo's funeral which makes LYS's coldness soften. The gossips, the smile of the aunt while hugging LYS and the harsh comments behind LYS's back illustrate how cold LYS's world has always been from the start. LYS became cold due to her tragedies but she was already surrounded by this harsh and cold world. I am quite sure that LYS must have heard comments about herself from the staff too, talking behind her back, while thinking that since she was blind, she couldn't do much.
  3. @Ni Wen @thistle @Dramanoona @sassylove @2handsintertwined In one of my former posts, I had written that the writer had embedded the story of the ballet Swan Lake in the K-drama. First, LYS was still called Odette. Another parallel with the ballet is that due to the terrible accident, LYS's temper had changed so much that she was no longer seen as an angel, rather as a spoiled, ill-mannered and cold-hearted woman. The huge change in her personality could be perceived as the curse in the ballet. Odette is cursed to turn into a swan indicating that she is no longer a human but an animal. Therefore in the drama, LYS's lack of empathy and coldness embody perfectly her "inhumanity". She is definitely too rough with her emotions. What caught my attention is that the new director wants to present a new ballet: Giselle. After reading the summary of this ballet, I started thinking about possible parallels between Giselle and Angel's last mission: Love. I also came to realize that the writer is already giving us clues about the evolution of this K-drama. The male lead disguises his true identity from Giselle. He is a prince and she doesn't know it. Here, KD is an angel but he is hiding his true identity from her. So this real identity will be the reason for the heartbreak of LYS. Secondly, the male lead in the ballet is forced to dance until his death, only thanks to Giselle's true love, the male lead is saved. So in my opinion, LYS will come to love KD so deeply that she will do anything for him. While in the ballet, Giselle and the prince are separated by death, I have the impression that in the K-drama, the opposite will happen. KD might become a real human, since LYS personifying Giselle is not dead but belong to the living world.
  4. @briseis Great analysis and I would like to add another observation. cr. to @briseis What caught my attention in the fall of KD in the past (childhood memories) is that the way the fall happened. It looks to me like something "natural". They are outside and when KD is in the water, he is on his own. From my point of view, it looks like a real tragedy, something happened and as humans, they have no control over such things. I would describe the incident in the past like a natural tragedy. However, LYS decided to change it (first picture). It was as if she was defying fate and deity. Therefore her gesture to rescue KD could be perceived as such: LYS might have not been a real angel back then but she acted like one. Now, if we compare these scenes to LYS's own tragedies, we can notice the contrast. First I would like to analyse the accident where she became blind. Notice that the light above her head explodes so that thousand of glass shards are falling down. The falling of shards reminds me of the rain. Now, the cullet looks a lot like a rain drop, but it is an "artificial" rain drop. Then, if we pay attention to the third incident, we see again another artificial rain. First, the chandelier looks as if it was made of thousand of rain drops. Secondly, before the chandelier fell, a window was broken and on the floor, LYS saw the glass shards mixed with rain drops which made her paralyzed. The fact that the culprit broke a window and let the rain enter the house, makes me think that the betrayer wanted to create an incident that looked more "natural". As conclusion, the use of glass in order to hurt LYS is an indication that these "tragedies" are not natural but planned by a human. They are "artificial" tragedies, controlled by humans, but these latter try to copy "natural, real" tragedies. @thistle
  5. @Ni Wen @Dramanoona @immorethant I have been thinking about the rat in the mansion and especially about the appearance of his angel's wings. What if the appearance of the wings is connected to the attempted murder? Notice that the time gap between the appearance of the wings and the fall of the chandelier is quite long. In my opinion, they appeared the moment the culprit started loosening the screw of the chandelier. During that time, KD tried to hide from LYS. Let us not forget that KD is moving from the yard to his room, avoiding LYS, giving him some free time. This made me think that the rat might have known that LYS was busy focusing on her new secretary and helper. @Ni Wen Yes, I like your idea very much. She saved him in the past as she was an angel and now he is doing the same. I have been thinking about the reason why LYS was able to hear him. I guess, this might be connected to the kiss. He did touch her in that moment, although she didn't feel anything. As for the new director, I have the impression that he was the one working for the driver Jo. Remember that Mr. Jo told LYS that she was in the middle of a battlefield and they were almost there. He added that they only needed just a little more time. As new director, JKW has the means and the ability to observe the enemies and see what is happening at Fantasia. They needed an insider who knew how such a thing is working.
  6. There is someone working for the aunt that is close to LYS. The person knew that she was mentally unstable (trauma) hence he recreated a similar situation (broken glas) which triggered fear in LYS so that she would become paralyzed and remain close to the lamp. I have the impression that the new director KJW is actually investigating this company due to the board in his office.
  7. Your comment made me laugh. To me, the mystery is not really solved because we don't know who ordered the hit on YS (the car accident). I just wrote a theory based on clues but nothing has been confirmed. Besides, it would be interesting to see if the aunt's husband is more involved. Sure, we can assume that YS's tragedies were created by humans... Furthermore this drama has caught my attention because the script and cinematography are rich. The writer and director use metaphors and the ballet making it possible to analyze deeper. Notice the contrast in the following scene: - YS dances in front of a huge window in the sun with no one looking at her (except the angel but she is not aware of his presence), while NN is dancing in front of the audience in a dark room. NN shines under an artificial light, so her fame seems to be artificial. This contrast (sun-artificial light; public - no one; in a bright and open area - the stage, closed room) underlines the difference between the two personalities: - YS never danced in order to be famous, she loved dancing... she was naturally talented - NN seems to dance in order to feel confident, she is definitely seeking fame, she had to work really hard in order to remain close to YS. I even think that NN without her family wouldn't have been able to become the "shadow" of YS and later the new star.
  8. I have just finished watching the first episode (1-2) and I really enjoyed it. First, I like that the ballet "swan lake" has even been embedded/incorporated in the drama: The story of the ballet is actually happening for real, yet the characters have no idea about it. The sweet and innocent Odette YS became the black swan after her tragic "accident", while Nina who was first Odile, the black swan, became the Odette. However, at the ceremony, YS is still called "Odette". I guess, the artistic director could be perceived as the prince: here seduction, deception will play a huge part. In my opinion, YS was targeted and the result of her blindness was not an accident. To me, the conversation between Ru Na and Ni Na in the car gives us a clue that Ru Na could have been involved in the incident. First Ru Na told her sister NN that tragedy is just something random, people can not control fate: "Something tragic just happened to it. That's what tragedy is like for everyone". Furthermore with her words, she is also diminishing the terrible impact of the accident. While NN said that she had killed the cat, the sister denied it by saying that it was not intentional. But fact is that NN did kill the cat and since she was the one driving, she is partially to blame for that. The fact that RN is telling her that she is not responsible for the cat's death underlines her manipulative side. She is actually deforming reality in order to make it look harmless. Then RN mentions "tragedy" and I kept thinking about YS's fate. For her, it was a tragedy... but in reality, it was not a tragedy as someone had planned to hurt her. The sister could have been the one who decided to ruin YS's health in order to give NN the opportunity to shine. After the first episode, NN oozes "innocence" and "lack of confidence". However, I am expecting that NN will change and might turn into a black swan again, especially if she witnesses YS's return. It would be interesting to see that the aunt and cousins are both involved in YS's tragedies, but they are unaware of it, like the aunt planned the accident of YS's parents, while the daughter RN decided to help her sister who was suffering from being YS's shadow. @thistle Great that you are there!
  9. But there is more to it. We heard in the last episode that it was the grandfather who got rid of the paintings. I am now wondering if DM's mother was the one who abandoned him, as she had been asked by the grandfather. We heard that LS got hurt in an accident. Maybe while she was in a coma, the grandfather decided to get rid of her son as she was a single mother. I can imagine that RG's mother had an argument with her father because of her son and her career. He didn't want her to pursue her career as painter and be a single mother as well hence she moved to that rooftop apartment. She had no much money, while she came from a higher social background. This would explain why DM's mother stopped EG's mother from abandoning her son because she had done it before and knew that the mother would regret it her whole life as she regretted.
  10. No, I doubt that LS abandoned her son, rather that he must have gone lost. From my point of view, RG witnessed something terrible to the point that he got amnesia. I also don't think that DM's mother meant to abandon him. She just stated the obvious: she wasn't his mother which was true and since she was under pressure, she left him behind as she had rushed somewhere. No, I have not written any analysis about these paintings so far. I can only say that the painter wanted to show how colorful soap bubbles are. If you pay attention to the soap bubbles, you will notice that they also function as mirrors. There are some reflections in those... but a transformed reflection. This created world full of colors is linked to happiness and cheerfulness, yet the opposite happened. Moreover, soap bubbles are often used by children hence we can say that these paintings reflect innocence and childhood. This explains why CSA has associated these to happy memories. On the other hand, it was as if the painter had lost herself in this colorful world full of soap bubbles making her forget the reality. She had a son by her side. No wonder, if LS quit painting and decided to get rid of these paintings. She never wanted to lose herself in the paintings.
  11. I had the impression that DM's mother could have been working at a facility (a sort of kingergarten) taking care of children. We saw her looking at children in a flashback. Moreover, all of them were wearing knitted pullovers made by her. When Ryan says that HYT is his real name and claims that he was born in 1987, we can not be sure for a fact, if this is true. His identity could be false and he has been misled by the authority. Don't forget that RG has no memories from his past indicating that he is suffering from a trauma. Let just say that Ryan could have suffered from amnesia after witnessing a terrible accident which led him to a trauma and the police mistook him for HYT. @Lalalaby was right to point out that CSA was born in 1997 hence he can not have met DM and RG before. Yet, he connects the paintings to good memories and happiness, while we know that his mother LS sold them because she felt guilty. We still don't know for sure if CSA and RG are half-brothers or real brothers. Therefore I had this idea: Maybe CSA was adopted and met his mother through the orphanage, when she looked for her own lost child. Moreover, she might have painted there too. What the gallery did at the orphanage during this week, could have happened in the past with CSA. The thing is that LS seems to be a single mother. CSA has never mentioned his father either. Furthermore, he was happy to give toys to the orphanage. So CSA could be an adopted son... as if LS was trying to redeem herself for losing her son RG.
  12. I also think that the woman pushing RG away is DM's mother. In my opinion, DM's mother was rushing because of an accident. LS didn't abandon RG, she was too busy with her paintings and neglected her children which explains why she decided to sell all her paintings and she stopped painting because she blamed herself for the tragedy. Since CSA seems to know all the paintings of his mother, this means, he saw her paintings as a child too. From my point of view, CSA is one of the 4 children playing: SDM, RG, EG and CSA. SDM might have been holding CSA's hand back then... and her fangirling could be connected to her unconsciousness: deep down, her brain recognized the child from her childhood. Moreover, I have the impression that Heo Yoon Tae might not be his real name. Notice that DM looked for HYT's name in the missing children list and nothing happened. What if Heo yoon Tae is the real name of his brother, CSA? Many think that CSA is RG's half-brother but what if he is his real brother? My theory is that CSA was one of the children from SDM's memories. In my opinion, SDM could have been hurt in an accident, just like CSA... therefore DM's mother pushed RG away. Furthermore RG doesn't really remember his past, he has even forgotten his mother's face. So he definitely had a trauma. Maybe he witnessed the car accident and felt guilty.
  13. Yes, Seo had feelings for SY... it was really visible, when he took care of her in her drunk state. I have also the impression that Seo has no idea that YC killed her. The serial killer is killing people who insulted him in his eyes. SY was killed because she didn't show real respect to the doctor. Seo knew the identity of the killer... that's why he didn't want SY to be on her own alone as he knew that the killer was around, killing many women. In my opinion, Seo has misjudged the serial killer: YC can not stand being mistreated/looked down/questioned, while he thought that YC did it out of need. I have also the impression that YC might have known something about Seo so that they came to an "agreement".
  14. @lightbringer06 I might be wrong but I had the impression that J is not Hee Jin, rather the serial killer YC. HJ was held captive and might have found YC's cellphone. I had imagined that that when HJ called the prosecutor Seo and she asked for his help, she had found the cellphone of YC and called Seo as she knew him, as a prosecutor. My theory is that HJ had been placed by Seo so that CM would stop following SY. His plan was to get rid of his rival. He never thought that HJ would break off the engagement so suddenly hence YC kidnapped her. Right now, YC might have even misled her thinking that CM's mother is the one behind the kidnapping. Seo might have been afraid that the truth would be unveiled. So YC kidnapped HJ as a request of Seo... The doctor deceived her, when he mentioned her real name. Since Seo is a prosecutor, he might have discovered her true identity. Anyway, we shouldn't forget that during the night, SY got killed, the serial killer was killed as well. So YC couldn't show up at the place, Hee Jin was held captive. From my point of view, Seo introduced HJ to SY indirectly so that the latter would present HJ to CM. To conclude, there must be a deal between Seo and YC: Seo has to cover up the identity of the serial killer, while YC helped him to deal with his rival CM. I also think that both persons could have experienced abyss once. That's just an idea.
  15. Okay. Thanks for the observation. @stroppyse Another possibility could be that the doctor had already come back from death like with abyss once. That's why his face is no longer changing. First, he knew what was going on. He didn't seem upset. He knew how he could live. In my opinion, the prosecutor Seo seems to have loved Se Yeon and maybe that's the reason why he tried to comfort her, when she thought about CM's wedding. On the other hand, it also looks like he was making sure that SY would find no clue about the serial killer.
  16. Based on koreandrama.org we have two episodes left next week. They have changed the number of episodes, 34 episodes instead of 32. Park is linked to the media that's why her ex-husband was able to manipulate the media and turn this woman into a cold-blooded "murderer". The hungtinton disease will play a big part in it. Remember that he tried to kill LJH so that the disease wouldn't be mentioned in front of the board meeting. LJH is not dead yet. Besides, they were about to get Ko's confession.
  17. In my opinion, she is dead, since we saw the soul flying above the heir before he took the appearance of this "handsome" person. The prosecutor Seo Ji Wook is definitely working for the serial murderer. He has been covering up his tracks. The doctor Oh Young Chul's face hasn't changed because of the blood on his hand. I noticed that the abyss showed a different color, when Cha Min revived him: red like blood. On the other hand, the abyss ball shone bright/yellow in front of him and Go Se Yeon indicating that these persons' soul is pure. This could explain why the serial killer didn't change his face that much. Besides, I believe that Se Yeon might not be the one who introduced Hee Jin to Cha Min. I have the impression that Hee Jin is connected to the prosecutor Seo Ji Wook. I also believe that Cha Min is representing someone he might have met in his past. Both persons are connected to the deceased.
  18. LJJ is trying to get the amusement park that belonged to Mrs Oh's father. So in my opinion, her husband with LJJ's help framed her for abetting the murder so that she would be sent to prison. Once convicted, her ex-husband could sign a deal with LJJ so that he would take over the amusement park. I doubt that LJJ is interested in the amusement park but in the location. Maybe they have already planned to build that VIP center there. Why? the husband is linked to Taekwang construction company.
  19. @gm4queen In my opinion, NYJ's purpose was never to help MYR and her children. Don't forget that the chairman wanted to change the way the company was ruled. Therefore NYJ's true goal has been to take away Taekwang Group from this terrible family. NYJ chose to help Mrs Oh and he has been even matchmaking her with prosecutor Jung. Oh keeps mentioning that she will become the wife's minister... therefore I believe that Oh will play a major part in taking down this family. Don't forget that he handed her over the ownership of Ha Eun Hospital.
  20. Honestly, Mo really got on my nerves because she is as selfish and cruel as LJJ in the end. Does she know what NYJ went through? For her, only her family and the company matter. She never cared for the others. LJH is responsible for the death of three persons. Then LJJ is also responsible for the chemical incident and although LJJ covered it up, his father knew about it, just like his wife. Yet they let him cover it up. Did Mo feel grief for the bereaved families? Did she try to help them? Nothing at all. NYJ's reproach is correct. The mistress and her kids had an impact on LJJ... they never tried to include him. The relationship in this family was terrible. They were all selfish and ruthless. To conclude, LJJ became a monster because of the way he was raised and because of his father. I hope, this family loses the company in the end. Maybe Mrs Oh's case could be the evidence for LJJ's downfall. He is definitely connected to her arrest and sentence.
  21. This week, it was really quick to get the subtitled version!!
  22. @misspiggie I think exactly like you. I doubt that NYJ hasn't planned Seon's betrayal. In fact, I believe, he is expecting it. He knows his personality very well. Moreover, he knew that in order to catch him for real, he needed to use a bait. Remember that from the start, Seon's major flaw has been his greed. Notice that once he has achieved his original goal, he reveals to his wife, he wants more. His hunger for power and wealth is limitless. They couldn't catch him for murder but they will at some point. Notice that he was the one who instigates LJJ to commit murder (his father).
  23. I have just read the recaps. The ending is disappointing. In my eyes, they ruined the character SM.
  24. @mrsj3n Seon is definitely working for NYJ. There is no doubt about it. Right now, NYJ is the one winning. First, Seon made it clear to LJJ that he knows that doctor Ko has been working for him. This means, NYJ and the pharmacist know that the doctor is the murderer of the Assemblyman. Notice that when LJH had his seizure, the doctor Ko no longer paid attention to him. In my opinion, LJH was faking it and became a witness.
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