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  1. But he thought, ES had killed her husband and imagined that KHR was driven by her sadness and pain. Yet after so many years, he discovered that KHR was determined to harass ES, although the latter had finished her sentence. This made him question the validity of her claim. I do think, she is laundering money through the paintings, especially if you consider that ES's husband was the real heir.
  2. Really at the end, the footsteps sounded like the one of a woman walking... It really looks like she killed her son. She knew the address, since she gave it to secretary Yoon. Maybe she did it in a fit of anger and blamed JES for it. If she had not ran away, if she had behaved like a good wife, if she ... hence she is desperate to justify her wrongdoing by accusing the daughter-in-law.
  3. My impression is that the chairman's right-hand is the culprit behind the death of JES's ex-husband. With him removed, he can benefit from the chairman's support. That's why blaming JES was the best solution for him
  4. I don't think, the chairman had her son killed. IT was someone who knew Eun Soo and was close to her violent husband. Since she was unconscious, when the police arrived... something must have happened, after she protected herself with the knife. It is definitely possible that her husband choke her so that she fainted. Thinking that he had killed her, he must have called someone close to him for help. The latter chose to get rid of both. I am quite sure that the husband must have told this person that Eun Soo was pregnant and her child represented a thread. She could become the future heir. It
  5. Yes, we know for sure that the chairman's brother is linked to the prosecution office as SDJ used to work for the father. So since he visited the chairman, they must think, he was the one leaking the info about LYB's condition which is not entirely false. However, I suspect that his disappearance and even murder will have terrible consequences for Choi Bit and Woo in the long run. Because this will reveal the dirty corruption on both sides. Remember that during their investigation about Song's suicide, they noticed that the prosecution didn't press charges against the captain and even the sent
  6. Right from the start, I perceived Choi Bit as very ambitious and manipulative. The way she used the press in order to improve the police's image disturbed me a lot. She never cared for truth or justice. What motivates her the most is power and her gestures at her new desk proved it. She is using the fight between police and prosecution for her own career. This has nothing to do with helping the police officers on the field.The way she gained the support from that assemblyman is disgusting. What she fails to realize is that now, she helped the chairman, they are both dependent on each each. If
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