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  1. Hello All, Been a while since I posted anything on the forum. Just binged watched all 8 episodes yesterday and I am hooked! Not sure if this is been discussed yet, but I have a feeling that the stalker is actually focused on LJH and not YHJ. He or she is close to LJH and is aware of his history and the incident with JSY. - The only common factor between the 3 is YTE. - He is also the person who knows about the identity of SY's stalker and current whereabouts and his "outfit" - He has an app which helps him locate LJH The 2 theories possibilities based on this theory are: 1) He is doing this with good intentions to help both LJH and YHJ recover from trauma 2) He is targeting LJH specifically due to his complicated history with his father What do you guys think?
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