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  1. Oh I sorry if i use a bad word, i not English my vocabulaire is still short so i used the word i know "worst" , i should have said not her best drama for me. Yes the chemistry between Kim Dan and Yeon Su is amazing this one of the main reasons i keep watching this drama. I will try not post a bad review i don't want to bother people who like this drama. sorry
  2. to be honest i' totally agree with what you are saying the story is a mess and the worst drama of shin hye sun for me. I even thought to drop her drama but i can't, i really like watch SHS in my screen . her acting is to good, too good for this drama... I feel sorry for my girl she doesn't deserved that. I really hope shin hye sun will choice a good project next time with a good writer and not just the one we give her first. I will try to spend a good time will i watching this drama (because there are some things I like) without blamed the writer even if it hard...
  3. Hi i watch this drama too and I really like ! Shin Hye Sun nevers fail I like her so much and L is good too. I love the twist, it was unexpected. I wait for the next week and I hope the raiting will increased. I see in a navers page in the comment that there have been a program in kbs1 in the same time and it worked well and last Thursday too there was a program I think this why the raiting always decreases Thursday. Let’ hope good raiting next week.
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