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  1. They can still have a close senior junior relationship since she goes to his cafe. He is in service where he has the freedom to go out in the evenings and meet people or be at home unlike active duty. Just that he cannot be in any business. So they could have met at a party, or through friends or any such social occassion and became close. I am more concerned on who leaked the news. This informer knows a lot so must be someone close to him
  2. Hi chingus long time no see. I lurk here occasionally. I thought I would hibernate till he returns back to dramaland. Guess Sukkie is way too powerful that even in his service period , we get so many news on him and he is trending whole day on Naver Anyway if he is dating great, he is in the age to date anyone freely, if he is not dating that is great as well . Its his life. But the blatant disrespect of privacy by media and some informer is annoying and reminds me of 2014 again. Lets hope he is not too stressed about it
  3. Updates from the Fanmeet It looks so good The MC is hilarious and Jong Suk had so much fun All cr to respective owners.
  4. It was so sad to see him cry at the airport. But I am glad he is finally free from the ordeal and can be back home. Aman has already announced they will take legal action. The Indonesian media is making it seem like his fault but in reality it is clear that either yes24 or another 3rd party is behind this. This is not the first overseas FM he has done so why would he suddenly do something illegal like not get work permit. That makes no sense. Feel bad for the Indo fans. Indonesian fans even said often such tax frauds happen where the organiser shows less number of tickets sold to pay less. I just hope filming wont be too delayed. And his other FMs are there as well. Such trouble. Hope this gets sorted out soon.
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