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  1. 704 and @sushilicious ~ bright girl's success was such a fun drama because she turns down his proposal and cue separation angst but it comes from a pretty hilarious reason....
  2. there are rom-coms with strong female leads who are not dainty... one of my fav kdramas was such a riot because she didn't behave anything like a typical female lead -- her dream was literally to save a prince. yup, she saves. not he. ahhahahahh.... this was jang hyuk and jang nara's first drama. loved how she pushes him off the car in the end. hahahaha.. this was the opening for the drama "bright girl's success"; taging also @kokodus .... 700
  3. @Sejabin ~ am too lazy to watch but post the YT clips you find of the interesting scenes! 628
  4. 620 ok @Sejabin ~ am curious now, what is this drama "her private life" about? why are there so many scenes? and what was that photo suggestion all about?????
  5. haven't even caught up from last week. not sure but found it kind of hard to just sit through and watch. guess I lost interest. so what was plot twist galore? 598
  6. 554 looks like he will now fade away far from entertainment... wonder why some of those in entertainment lead such destructive lives....
  7. kekeke.. feels like this is kim nam gil thread! @kokodus ~ for some reason, thought of you yesterday while I was at the gym. do you exercise? it is a good way to destress as you prepare for the exams. had a med student last year who used to be in our class till she got into MD. 548
  8. it is so funny that we learn of obscure illness from dramas of all places. like if you didn't watch dramas, would you know that face blindness exists?... the teaser does look interesting....hope am in the mood to watch. when it is airing? 972
  9. i might be one of those few who never followed the series nope, I never watched it either and I don't think we are the only one. one of the channels had a series of funny ads where they tried to get people to watch game of thrones before new season. the ads were funny but not even curious to check out the series... 940
  10. makes sense -- if all she has is her job and nothing else in life, then she would cling on to it more to make sure she was secure? and if she thinks the system can't be fixed, then why bother right? wait, which book is this you are referring to? EDIT: googled poirot finale and was shocked. waaaaah. you are right, thats a bad ending. have no idea why but I won't be surprised if moon ends up being a spy! hahahaha.. maybe it is because we don't see why he is motivated to help the audit team when there is so much of risk involved. with secretary jang, she expresses real anger when she talks about all the wrong. bo geol can be a goofball but he is earnest and actually cares. also, he has the fallback of his mother's restaurant if he loses his job. but moon is so quiet that there is no sense of righteous anger or sadness. he doesn't really express how he feels. so little hard to tell if it is just idealism that motivates him to work in the audit office when there is so much risk.....
  11. didn't have the patience for bad guy or shark and so dropped both. but queen seon deok is actually a really cool sageuk if you have the time and patience to get through it. found it such a hoot because it is a drama where the vilains are super dynamic and are all sorts of grey. in fact, the drama is known for two characters -- mishil and bidam (played by kim nam gil) and neither are the heroes. but their tactics and choices are fascinating to watch. bidam was his break out role for good reason. 878
  12. live up to your name was the first drama where his character didn't die sort of! hahahahha... actually, like @triplem said, we had many bets and we were rolling in laughter when we realized that he was time jumping by basically dying. so the joke was that since he had time jumped so much, maybe he has now got it out of his system and will now actually live? so, the previous 3 dramas before live up to your name, his character died -- queen seon deok, bad guy, shark... think there were also some movies where his character died. not sure but that was the general impression that it became a bit of a joke in the thread. 868
  13. Seo is so uncool, I love him. hahahah. love how the character is drawn -- yea, he is a goofball but we have to hand it to him, he has an uncanny ability to find info in haystacks. so he does have some talent. hahahah.... kekek... did you notice that chairman kang also wears a brown coat and hat? am not sure what is with this show and raincoat type PPL?! is it in fashion? this old fashioned coat? and as for the bag, feel like I remember reading some news long ago about a finance/economics minister in some country who had been using the same bag for years and people thought he was so coolly frugal to not indulge in a name brand. was it korea? wish I could remember but noh's bag reminds me of that kind of frugality -- if it aint broke, then why buy something new? plus it adds to the dad jokes kind of air no? hahahaha... maybe the kiddos in his team will gift him something new.
  14. kekeke.. in a way, it is expected no? she was yook's team where she was happy to some of the dirty work as a way to get ahead. now, that she has no mentor, she needed to jump on some ship to make it happen. also, when you work in an environment with factions, it is very difficult to be like noh who refuses to choose. have any of you ever worked in such environments with lots of factions? it is also a great example of how people get so caught up in corporate politics as an attempt to save their job that it becomes easier to do more and more wrongs but then it comes out and everyone is like "woah?!" but we will have to see how far she goes to prove her loyalty to kang and whether that will cost her. lee warned her that accepting gifts from kang would be costly as he knew from personal experience. hope she had the sense to at least photocopy that D1 plan? so noh is bit of an idealist where he genuinely wants to see reform but there is also the element of family. because his wife is sick, it almost brings sharply into focus what's important for him. and at times like that, there is no energy for the kind of nitpicking politics that happens in office and so we see him even turn down lee. noh does understand people and so was astute enough to ask "is it power or reform you really want?" -- with lee, it is actually a combination of both... their petty catfights are pretty hilarious.... and how funny was that Moon IT guy also has a side gig as a musician? and seo geol crying "omma!" during the concert.. hahahahha...
  15. kekeke... with older dramas, you have to close your eyes to stuff like clothes and just focus on the story. this drama in terms of story still holds up! and am laughing on your mom's comment on the bepannah guy. he does have a strong jaw but he works hard to show off his abs in drama! putting on weight? so no abs? @triplem would cry if all aunties gave that advice, LOL..... honestly, my whole deal was "please give him a haircut!" LOL... 602
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