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  1. Can’t wait to see more of action Hyo Some pics of her stunt training
  2. oops.. repeated post.. anyway some slight difference with the previous drama still.. loved that she's the first cast to be introduced/ promoted. Treadstone fighting! can't wait for October to come
  4. It’s been long since we last saw her face...
  5. Watch: Upcoming U.S. Series “Treadstone” Shares Intense First Teaser Featuring Han Hyo Joo J.Lim | Soompi Upcoming U.S. series “Treadstone” has shared their first teaser, featuring Han Hyo Joo! The series opened their official Twitter account and posted a video with the caption, “The next generation of assassins has been activated. From the world of Jason Bourne comes the series ‘Treadstone,’ this fall on USA Network.” The short teaser clip gives glimpses of the main cast members, including Han Hyo Joo. “Treadstone” will be a spin-off drama of the “Bourne” film series, and is the name of the secret organization that appears in the films. The drama will follow the story of a secret project by the CIA that trains operatives who cannot be traced. “Heroes” writer Tim Kring will be writing the show, and the project will be helmed by Ramin Bahrani as the executive producer. Han Hyo Joo will play the role of So Yun, who has to make a difficult decision to protect her family after uncovering a previously hidden truth about herself. The actress is said to have been selected for the role after undergoing an audition and impressing with her acting skills. “Treadstone” is set to air this fall on the USA Network. Source (1)
  6. Some news at last. Can’t believe it’s been a year since we last saw her in public events
  7. finally BH is doin something. Anw I hope those knetz don’t delete their comments so we can screenshot and send them to the PR team from BH. And damn those 33 ppl.
  8. I would be so proud too.. Anyway really hoping they could find ways to broadcast it to fans like us.... *surviving in HyoJoo’s drought*
  9. Tbh I’m really excited for Treadstone. Not sure how much I can trust IMDb, saw some info that Hyojoo has got 2 stunt women to cover her when others only have 1(?).. can I expect lots of action from her... Anyway what are the chances of us (outside of US) to be able to stream this? With this being a cable drama?
  10. Our dear ninja is (was) in Istanbul.... not sure if it’s for filming or not..... She has trained us well to be able to survive even with her lack of news. Lol
  11. so apparently there’s a still released of Hyo Joo for Treadstone.... and she updated her IG too~ can’t wait!!
  12. that was the 1st thing i searched when i saw the photo.. that name stands out in the desserts. hahah name of the cafe is Hauer Cukrászda és Kávéház loved the interior
  13. although i’m already seeing some non-translated comments.... anyway also loved that she got her thru audition..
  14. More details on her role in Treadstone ‘Bourne’ Drama Series ‘Treadstone’ Rounds Out Cast: Omar Metwally, Tracy Ifeachor, More Deadline USA Network has rounded out the cast for its straight-to series drama Treadstone, an offshoot from Universal’s Bournefranchise. The Affair star Omar Metwally, Tracy Ifeachor (Quantico), Hyo Joo Han (W: Two Worlds), Gabrielle Scharnitzky (The Game) and Emilia Schüle (Berlin Station) join previously announced Jeremy Irvine and Brian J. Smith as series regulars in the drama from Heroes creator Tim Kring and Universal Cable Productions. Written by Kring, Treadstone explores the origin story and present-day actions of a CIA black ops program known as Operation Treadstone — a covert program that uses behavior-modification protocol to turn recruits into nearly superhuman assassins. The first season follows sleeper agents across the globe as they’re mysteriously “awakened” to resume their deadly missions. Metwally will play Mr. Edwards, a CIA agent who was ostracized by his colleagues after making a decision that left a fellow operative dead. His willingness to make the hard choice positions him as the most qualified agent for a stealth mission. Ifeachor will portray Tara Coleman, an investigative journalist who has turned her back on her career after getting too close to a dangerous truth. Now she must put the past behind her to get to the bottom of an international conspiracy. Han is SoYun, a wife and mother who must make difficult choices that compromise her quiet family life in North Korea after she starts to learn about her own secret past. Scharnitzky will play Petra, a no-nonsense Russian patriot who has committed her life to her country but has deep-seated knowledge of Russian tactics that come into play when she is betrayed. Schüle will portray a Russian KGB agent who will stop at nothing to promote the agenda of her motherland. Kring executive produces with Ramin Bahrani, who will direct the pilot. Ben Smith and Jeffrey Weiner executive produce on behalf of Captivate and Dan Friedkin and Bradley Thomas will executive produce for Imperative Entertainment (All the Money in the World); and Justin Levy (Beyond) will executive produce. Metwally has starred for the past three seasons on The Affair and will appear in season 5 set to air later this year. He also has recurred for the past two seasons on USA’s Mr. Robot. Metwally is repped by MGMT Entertainment, Innovative, and attorney Bruce Gellman. Ifeachor recently ended her run as the co-lead in John Strand’s political Off-Broadway play The Originalist. She will soon appear in indie feature Confetti, alongside Amy Irving and Zhu Zhu. Ifeachor is repped by APA, NB Management, VanderKloot Law, and The Artist Partnership. Han received both the APAN Star Award and MBC Drama Award for Best Actress for her role in W: Two Worlds. She most recently appeared opposite Kang Dong Won in features Golden Slumber and Kim Jee Woon’s Wolf Brigade. Han is repped by BH Entertainment and attorney Scott E. Whitehead. Scharnitzky’s credits include BBC’s The Game and Bonekickers opposite Hugh Bonneville and Julie Graham. She will also appear in the upcoming series Devilsopposite Patrick Dempsey. She is repped by Crawford Talents. Schüle, the German voice of Astrid in How To Train Your Dragon, will appear in the upcoming films Traumfabrik and Narziss und Goldmund, as well as the upcoming TV movie Die Vergesslichkeit der Eichhörnchen. Schüle is repped by Spielkind and Olivia Bell Management.
  15. I saw Jeremy’s ig post last night before he took it off.. couldn’t believe what i’ve seen. hah it was well worth the wait for news. bring it on girl! your dream has came true!
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