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  1. Was a little disappointed in ep 6 of HTF although I love Hyojoo’s style.. the editing seems weird(?) and it really affected the ratings of it. (Worst to date) I love how cool she is when LSG said about her being old when younger. Lmao anyways, Han Hyo Joo’s Childhood Friends Share What She Was Like When She Was Younger By S.Cho | Soompi Han Hyo Joo’s hometown friends have shared what the actress was like as a student! On the August 16 episode of tvN’s “Hometown Flex,” hosts Lee Seung Gi and Cha Tae Hyuntravelled around the city of Chungju
  2. Woo~ looks like she’s donating all her Seoul Bumpkin appearance fees to charity! https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/469/0000524023
  3. They love to hate her lol her age and height trended for a while too
  4. She’s still trending tho.. all of us are just Hyo-deprived SG was saying that he couldn’t remember HyoJoo as a good singer.. maybe his memories remained at the 2009 sbs awards ceremony love the part where both SG and Hyojoo were reminiscing their childhood while walking around in Yullyang neighbourhood cuz they really looked like they’re on a date
  5. HTF released another teaser as well~ http://naver.me/5EfMk2Tr All got their hopes high that the ahjussi will walk towards them when he finally asked for Hyojoo’s signature (high five ahjussi! I will definitely do that too ) cr: Hometown Flex IG
  6. It’s finally D-day! more stills from Hometown Flex cr: Hometown Flex IG
  7. I’m also curious about her styling. I’m just hoping that her makeup is not something like SYJ’s in Pirates1.. anyway new stills from Hometown Flex~ cr: Hometown Flex IG
  8. Can we safely say that we can look forward to Hyo Joo’s update every now or then this 2 weeks? More stills from Hometown Flex Cr: Hometown Flex IG love it when she ties up her hair
  9. Loving all the storm updates from the IG page of Hometown Flex! The first few photos really looked like some stills from a drama And seems like Kim Kang Hoon is another guest for one of the Cheongju episode as well! As well as some teasers uploaded on YT~ credits: tvN YT
  10. Teaser looks so fun! Thanks for posting the video @kembie! Meanwhile pls help to increase the views via Naver too.. http://naver.me/GgxmwIGR cant wait for Sunday
  11. Soompi is back! Not sure if it only happens to me, the contents in the posts can’t be shown except when I choose a different theme... anyway here are some fan-taken photos for Hometown Flex. Behold Seungjoo fans! Credits to Naver cafe and IG
  12. Not sure how true is this but I think Hyo Joo will appear on eps 5 & 6 for Hometown Flex. It will tentatively be shown on 9th & 16th of Aug. Take this with a pinch of salt cuz I saw this info in Korean Wiki...
  13. Thank you @eLizza for the information! So nice to hear that Japanese fans have never forgotten about her and Dong Yi. I heard Dong Yi still get broadcasted occasionally throughout these years. Just hope that the Covid situation can be under control soon so at least her Jap movie premiere will be confirmed to be next year and we will get to watch it sooner or later afterwards.. I wonder if she has already started to shoot for Hometown Flex?
  14. Han Hyo Joo To Reunite With Former Co-Star Lee Seung Gi On Variety Show “Hometown Flex” By L.Kim | Soompi Han Hyo Joo will be making a guest appearance on Lee Seung Gi’s variety show! On June 16, tvN’s variety show “Hometown Flex” shared, “Han Hyo Joo will appear as a guest in the Cheongju episode.” “Hometown Flex” is a variety program that follows Lee Seung Gi and Cha Tae Hyun around various cities in Korea as they meet up with celebrities who grew up there to help introduce them to the area. Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Gi acted together in the 2
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