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  1. Hi, anyone knows if Park Hyung Sik and HHJ have confirmed to take the role in "Happiness" yet? Only Daily Sports mentioned they confirmed but other sources like Soompi just said they were in talk and no further updates. I thought they were supposed to start filming this month?
  2. Yes! It’s a happy day to see so many updates from them. I feel like I couldn’t catch up at one point, haha. And finally can see HJ photos with cake. She looks gorgeous! And yes they both have this sort of black and white photoshoots. Matched!
  3. I only heard about the release date for Japan (Mar 5) and Taiwan (Mar 19), not knowing about the release date in Korea though, wonder why??
  4. Cr: jongsuk0206 IG story I can't help thinking of JongJoo by seeing this update. Do you think what I think?
  5. Oh my bad, I mistook Jung Woo Sung as Jo In Sung. They look so alike to me. I thought HJ was presenting with Jo In Sung at first glance and that reminds me of Moving.
  6. Wow! Good day today… seeing her in this kind of formal event. It's been a while... Btw, are they already promoting "Moving"? lol
  7. Yes I also want to see her in a variety show! I always enjoy it.
  8. Yea..it will be a long time before we could watch Moving. But it’s good that we have The sun does not move and Pirates 2 coming up to feed us first. If there is spinoff, I hope they will change the high schooler to an elementary kid. It’s hard for me to imagine HJ being a mom with a high schooler. I have to admit I’m not quite ready to see her playing a role as an ajumma yet, lol.
  9. Like her personality, just being herself without caring too much about her appearance when she was playing the game in the variety show. If I remember correctly, the GIF is a shot from her second visit in the show Running Man back then. It was fun to watch.
  10. Wow, didn't know the buildings are that close. Thanks for looking it up! @frozentundra And thanks for sharing the interview video. I enjoy watching it too, I'm sure JS fans are very excited and happy to see that. He mentioned in the interview that he tends to admire those people who are bright and get along with others well. To me HJ is a bright person with great people skills. May I have a delulu mind here that JS is admiring HJ too then? You bring up an interesting note that HJ has fencing skill too… one more similarity in them..like it
  11. The recent report said that JS purchased a property in Nine one Hannam (for his home?), which is located across the Hannam The Hill. Is HJ residing in Hannam The Hill? Does it mean they are living close to each other? On the other hand, I have to admit that I'm a bit sad to learn that JS sold 89 Mansion, the cafe where it left the footprints of their affection (at least I thought so). Regardless of their current status, I wish they would have a happy ending in their life. And I feel that HJ has already had positive influence on JS's life, he has tried many new things after W (cor
  12. I'm so glad I run into this forum. I'm relatively a new fan of HJ (frankly, I have never had a favorite actress or celebrity I desire to follow before). Yet, I find her a very charming person after watching her past variety shows and interviews, and of course "W" too. I'm also happy to see some fellows from another forum here as well. Thanks for all the updates and posts here, as I can learn more about HJ. Cheers!
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