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  1. seeing how here jongsuk has his hair on the sides of his face, in the clip i mentioned you can see his hair moves while he's (probably) getting angry, so i assume it's him.
  2. if someone shared it, i automatically assume it's okay to share. OP posted it so she must have permission to do so. we didn't get any update until now but if she shared this one, it must be okay? that's my reasoning. if that's not the case, i think someone will ask those re-posters to remove it.
  3. are jongsuk and kim raewon the ones in the first row wearing white? the caption says jongsuk is beside kim raewon, their uniform is white so it makes sense? though i can't quite see well. ETA: there's also a video of them filming, but i have no idea how to share it here.
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