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  1. [Video] 2019.06.16 tvN Releases a Video of Jang Ki Yong


    Out of the blue, we got a mukbang clip on Jang Ki Yong inhaling all the prawns... LOLLL. *Stomach growling* - he's making me hungry.


    Park Mo Geun is a lovely character. Cheeky and young, but mature and cool-headed. His character must have been well-loved and well-received in SK to have tvN releasing a cut of his scenes & cheeky dialogues.





  2. 1 hour ago, bebebisous33 said:

    I suspect that Giseon will help Tagon to get rid of Asa Ron so that he can become the new leader of the White Mountain Tribe. Asa Ron won't be no longer needed, since Tagon has become Gods' messenger.

    Tagon will use Eunseom's brother and say that he is the reincarnation of Aramun Haesulla. A possibility is that Yangcha was raised/protected by Giseon, the latter thought to use him as Aramun Haesulla hoping to get more power through Tagon's help. 


    Hi all. Just completed the 4th episode and had the same thought as bebebisous33 about Tagon's plan. But I think I am also starting to see his grand scheme in a bigger picture. It's become clear Tagon is hitting 3 birds with one stone (or even 4).


    1) By manipulating Asa Ron to declare him spiritual, he'll be able to take on the high seat of Asa clan with support from the people (since they already complained the current Asa clan is not the real descendants).


    2) At the same time overthrow his father who reported him. He could even kill his father in the tower in the next episode and accuse Eunseom as the killer.


    3) Once Tagon take out both Asa Ron and Sanung to be the leader of both clans, he'll marry Taealha for Hae's tribe and absorb their technology. Though his plan won't work out because he'll fall for Tanya.


    4) Unification - At this point I've started to liken Tagon as the First Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. China used to be in different states, and people with different cultures. Qin Shi Huang went to war and unified all the states to become one nation, China. He burnt books to unify languages, thoughts & writings. In doing something similar to Qin Shi Huang, Tagon will be the first ruler of all land, the one who sits on the bear throne. To unify all people, he'll need to gain the trust of people, so I think he kept an Igutu to show the people he has been kind to the half-born and that his father was the cruel one that eradicated all Neanthals.


    I really wonder how Eunseom will be able to go up against Tagon. It'll have to have some sort of time-jump because both Tanya and Eunseom are way to naive at the moment to outsmart a Master in conniving schemes like Tagon. Yes Eunseom learns quick, but he'll need a teacher first. I'm starting to think perhaps Mubaek will be the one.

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  3. @Ramenqueen19 They were at a hotel. I think Morgan turns his place into his workplace because he's broke. In ep2 you can see a bed in the back when he walks away from his work mate.


    @evok I agree the search engine manipulation incident is definitely not new. Before Burning Sun there have been accusation on SNS of manipulation of the ranking involving an entertainment agency. Similarly the politicians/powerfuls in dramas also talk about swaying people's attention away from them by releasing Celebs' scandals as cover up. With the large scale of corruption in SK, there had to be a bit of truth in the drama.


    @ellelyana88 LOL at your last comment. tvN has slowed the one night stand down for us. I think it's brillantly filmed/edited. It's smart because it gives us more room for imaginations and still PG-rated. :D 


    @nat_phoenix88 Oh no!! I want to see a rematch of Tekken later :P but maybe in the vicinity of their home so they can play side by side, kiss and make-up/out B)



    Other than all the progress of the story, character development and of course romance, I'm also hoping to see some girl bonding between Ta Mi and Cha Hyun. At the moment Cha Hyun misunderstood Ta Mi as being the one who fabricated the search words, but when she finds out it was Ga Gyung she'll surely soften up and I look forward to them becoming comrades & friends. I was at first curious about Ga Gyung but after reading her character description (with the help of translation app), I found it disappointedly typical now. :neutral:


    For romance, I like that Morgan starts off with Ta Mi on equal grounds. Even though he's younger, but he's mature and confident (I think) thus if in a relationship with Ta Mi, there won't be an inferiority complex, and they may actually inspire/support each other.

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  4. Dramabeans first episode recap is out http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/06/search-query-www-episode-1/


    I'll just attach Lollypip's thoughts below & highlight the parts I like:



    Oh, I love this. Mo-gun is adorable, and very insightful, and I just love how he throws the oh-so-poised Ta-mi right off her game merely by existing in her general vicinity. I’ve been dying to recap a show with Jang Ki-yong again ever since he caught my attention in My Ajusshi… the way he made a horrific character somehow relatable and even sympathetic was nothing short of masterful. So I’m very excited to be covering this show, especially since it’s such a different character. So far, I’m enjoying the show much more than I even expected, and it’s all due to the characters.


    I think I fell head-over-heels for Ta-mi when she flayed the new hire, Bong-ki, with the comment about his sexuality — it said so much about her. She’s cold, but she’s brutally honest, and she pulls no punches even when her comments might be hurtful. That’s not the greatest quality and won’t make her many friends, but it’s admirable to be so unafraid of what people think of her, especially in the workplace. I love that she fights for doing the right thing within her company, and that she feels badly for what she did in the hearing, because it shows that she does have a conscience. She also has a softer side which she showed to Mo-gun, and it’s that side that I’m excited to see more of.


    Mo-gun is also a pretty amazing character so far — it was great how he sized up Ta-mi so quickly just based on how she wins and loses a video game. As an avid gamer myself (seriously, if I’m not recapping, I’m gaming), it’s really true that you can learn a lot about a person based on how they win or lose, and it’s significant that Mo-gun noticed that Ta-mi only connects with people she’s lost to, as if they’ve gained her respect then. I find Mo-gun’s profession fascinating, and I can’t wait to learn more about what he does. In fact, one of the best aspects of the show is how the characters’ professions aren’t just a gimmick to push them together or background noise for the love story. Ta-mi and Mo-gun seem to be very personally entwined with their careers, which lends their characters a lot of depth and interest. I look forward to learning more about what they do, because it will tell us a lot about who they are.


    I feel like I’ve gotten the bait-and-switch a lot lately with shows that were supposed to be light and breezy, but ended up much more serious… and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not always a good thing, either. Even though Search Query: WWW seems to be going that same way, with this first episode much darker than the promos indicated, I’m not mad about it. If I had to choose one word to describe this show on first impressions, it would be “lovely.” The cinematography is gorgeous, with soft filters and beautiful lighting, and every detail seems lovingly chosen to set the perfect mood for each scene. When Mo-gun was playing the music for Ta-mi, I was moved by the fact that literally everything in the scene was soft and warm, from the lighting to the rain outside, to their dialogue and even their voices as they spoke to each other. Only thirty minutes into the show, and I could already sense how their romance will feel as it progresses. The only thing I’m still unsure about is how exactly keyword manipulation works and why a search engine would do it, but honestly, I don’t even care — I’ already willing to follow wherever this drama leads.

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  5. Love love love episode 2 as much as the 1st. Acting from the women are powerful and everybody else is all on point. In addition, I love all the little cute facial expressions Im Soo Jung and Jang Ki Yong made in there.


    One of the highlights of this drama is I really enjoy the lines: Bae Ta Mi's lines when she's in battle (be it against the assemblyman or Director Song or Scarlett) and her exchange with Morgan at the parking lot. Morgan's cheekiness and cheeky lines was a fun watch too. The writer is Kim Eun Sook's assistant before so clearly she inherited a bit of KES's style. But (for now), I much enjoy this writer's style (it has more clarity) than KES's infamous (but confusing) word play.


    Park Morgan is a cutie pie and at the moment I like having him around to dissolve the tension created by the three women in the drama. His cheekiness really cracks me up below... he definitely contemplate whether or not to take his blazer off in front of the guys, and then decides to do it anyway ... LOL. Show off!


    And acting all cool in front of Bae Ta Mi, but you can totally see from his face that his heart was shot by the cupid's arrow. Hehehehehehe :D


    I'm liking his character a lot more than in Kill It. I hope he's not playing a supporting role too but if he is then that's ok as well since he's the newbie in the production, it's already beneficial he gets to work with these women.


    GIF source: deok_kku and inhighsummer

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  6. New stills from episode 2.

    I wasn't sure if I'll like the show when I saw the long trailer, and wonder how it'll pan out, but first episode is a huge surprise. I like the editing, direction and cinematography already. The story was fast paced and the main characters were gripping almost immediately. Bae Ta Mi and Park Morgan's first encounter and what happened after that was totally unexpected (I didn't read up too much about it since I want to be surprised), and I'm loving how he's already able to flutter her heart and makes her lose her cool in front of him.


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  7. [Video] 2019.05.31 A Short Clip of Search:WWW Cast Interacting with Fans On Mobile

    They were asked to type the words on the board and see if they could type faster than the audiences, I think.


    [Press Con] 2019.05.31 Jang Ki Yong Promises Free Hugs If Ratings Go Over 10%






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  8. [Magazine/News] 2019.05.31 High Cut Vol 242 /

    Jang Ki Yong And Im Soo Jung On Why They’re Excited To Work Together In New Drama “Search: WWW”



    Jang Ki Yong and Im Soo Jung showed off their chemistry in a gorgeous pictorial and talked about their teamwork.


    On May 31, High Cut magazine released photos of the two star of tvN’s upcoming drama “Search: WWW.”

    “When I first received and read the script, I thought that it was a female character I hadn’t really seen before in Korean dramas,” said Im Soo Jung in an accompanying interview. “I felt like it was quite rare.”


    About the drama being centered around portal sites and realtime trending searches, she commented, “In some way, I had been the target of those keywords as someone whose job is an actor. Acting as a character who controls and discusses that made me feel some kind of thrill because it felt as if I had earned an industry secret.”


    On working with Jang Ki Yong, she said, “Ki Yong matches really well with his character Park Mo Gun in ‘Search: WWW.’ Compared to other actors his age, Ki Yong has a calm, mature side to him in real life. We have good teamwork while acting, so I’m curious as to how our chemistry will be perceived by viewers. I know that Ki Yong has many fans, and I think that he’ll have even more fans after the drama ends.”



    “Out of Im Soo Jung’s projects, I liked ‘Finding Mr. Destiny,‘” stated Jang Ki Yong. “Not only that, but I also watched ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You‘ and ‘I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK.’ It feels really fascinating and exciting that we get to work together on the same project, so I want to do an even better job.”


    He continued, “[My character] doesn’t really have a cold or scary side. I can say that he’s the brightest character out of the ones I’ve portrayed so far. New charms seep out of him every time, and I also look forward to what he’ll do every time the script comes out.”






    “Search: WWW” premieres on June 5 at 9:30 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki. Check out the preview below!


    source: Soompi & High Cut

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