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  1. [News] 2019.01.29 Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Confirmed For Drama By “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” Writer And PD



    Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In will be uniting for a new drama!


    It was reported on January 29 that Han Ji Min will be the female lead. In response to the reports, MBC confirmed, “Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In are confirmed to appear in ‘Spring Night’ (literal title).”


    The drama is set to premiere in May via MBC.


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    Original Article:


    Jung Hae In has selected his next project!


    Earlier in the month, it was revealed that Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin are in talks to reunite for a new drama.


    On January 29, it was confirmed that Jung Hae In has accepted the role for “Spring Night” (literal title). The drama is also his reunion with PD (producing director) Ahn Pan Seok and writer Kim Eun from “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.”


    Jung Hae In will be taking on the role of pharmacist Yoo Ji Ho in “Spring Night.”


    The actor commented, “I wanted to greet viewers quickly after ‘Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.’ The director gave me a good offer, and after reading the script, I really wanted to do it. I think I will be able to show different emotional expressions in ‘Spring Night’ from the other characters I have played, so I wanted to take on the challenge.”


    Jung Hae In recently completed filming for his upcoming movie “Yoo Yeol’s Music Album” (working title) and will now begin preparations for “Spring Night.”


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  2. [Variety] 2019.01.25 Coffee Friends Episode 4 - Cut Clips


    Looks like Sejong's guest appearance has become permanent because there is no way Yoon Yeon Seok and Son Ho Jun would let him go because the 'business' is too busy. This week's episode we see the addition of TVXQ's Yun Ho joins the cast.


    Sejong was very considerate to teach Yun Ho some minor tricks in the wash room and how to peel potato skins etc. Even Ho Jun and Ji Woo praise Sejong for being cute, lol.
















  3. [News] 2019.01.23 Hae In Awarded for iQiyi Entertainment Award




    Host asked him if he knew which scene made viewers felt their hearts pounding hard. For Hae In, he said it was the scene when Son Ye Jin's character held his hand under the table. But turns out it was the koala hug (as per video).








    [Instagram] 2019.01.24 Jung Hae In in Los Angeles - IG Update



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  4. [Variety] 2019.01.18 Coffee Friends Episode 3's Cut Clips - Yang Se Jong



    The little white plates are running low so Sejong decided to wash some dishes on the other side of the sink. Sejong also had a temporary "mengbong" moment and then begins with his chanting again to cheer himself up. Hmm, I think this boy is better suited to concentrate on doing one thing rather than many. In other words, he's probably not good with multitasking.



    Four Noona came to the cafe and Choi Ji Woo calls Yoo Yeon Seok out to say hello. One Noona tells Yeon Seok she was his fan since Reply 1984...wait, 1994! She was embarrassed and apologised she got the year wrong. In order make her feel less embarrassed, Yeon Seok said he's born in 1984.




    The 4 Noona were gave a very generous donation because they were happy with the meal and experience. The casts were very thankful, even Jo Jae Hyun also came out to say hello and he was introduced as the newest maknae but the oldest, born 1974. Yeon Seok then tells Son Ho Jun in disbelief that Jae Hyun is 18 years older than the real maknae, Sejong.




    Ho Jun making Americano. It has been a while but I notice Koreans really love Iced Americano!



    The kids give Jae Hyun temporary rest from washing dishes.



    Before Sejong goes back to dishwashing, he shows Jae Hyun what he has been doing when he helps Yeon Seok with all other preparations. But Sejong forgot one step, which is warming up the iron skillet with boiling water.



    Jae Hyun shows off his magic trick and the little kid seems stunned by it.



    Finally it has reached the end of the day, the casts count the total donation they receive on the second day. They seem to be doing really well. And they decided to increase their sales (donation) by introducing new menu.



    The next time they film again (2nd time), Yeon Seok introduced two new food dishes. Uh-oh, I shouldn't be watching this with an empty stomach! Now I want that cheesy toast. The others tried to trick Yeon Seok they hadn't eaten any food and want Yeon Seok to make them food...








    The cafe got really busy, Sejong runs back & forth to the tents. LOL. Yeon Seok gets so busy that he gets confused, Sejong helps him sort out the order. Yeon Seok joins Sejong in talking to himself, lol.


  5. [Variety Show] 2019.01.11 Coffee Friends Episode 1's Cut Clips - Yang Se Jong


    This episode I find it doesn't have many Sejong, but there is one small section where it got so busy that Sejong has to temporary be a waiter.




    Taking a break


    End of first day


    Another Meeting - All of them agreed they need another helper - Sejong promoted & gets a maknae


    Second day - Heavy rain


    Arrival of new helper


    Everybody is in love with the Yoo Yeon Seok's stew


    Corny Yoo Yeon Seok goosebump-inducing joke: "Do you know why do you like it sweet? Because you both are in honeymoon period". Yang Se Jong: "LOL!"



    Episode 3 Preview


  6. [News] 2019.01.10 Good People's Charity Promotion - Good Read




    Yang Se Jong participated in a charity event whereby his face is featured on the limited edition book he recommends to read. The money raised will be used to help others that need help. Sejong's recommendation is a book written by Italian writer Alessandro Baricco named "Questa storia" (Eng: This Story).








    More at https://happybean.naver.com/goodAction/462

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  7. @Ni Wen Aww thanks for remembering & tagging me :) especially when I wasn't exactly very active in here. I couldn't watch the award show live due to bad internet :wacko: but happy to learn from SNS that 3017 were big winners that night.


    Anywhos... it's late but still would like to wish you all who visit here, a Happy New Year 2019~! May we meet again in another thread this year & spazz together ~ ♥

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